The Shasta County Recall is a Death Cult

…masks. Then, after spying Chamberlain, Zapata completely lost all composure, exploding in a coarse, vulgar, misogynistic tirade that undoubtedly scared the crap out of the more civilized members of the Continue Reading


Red, White & Blueprint Episode 5: Attack on Public Workers Built on Foundation of Lies

…I can do that, if I can get away with that, I can do this, before you know it, we’re in full blown Third World Communism.” And if you think… Continue Reading


Sean Feucht’s New Brand of Bethel Church-Inspired Radical Militant Christianity on Display in Portland

For more than a year, Sean Feucht, a right-wing political evangelical Christian activist, a worship leader at Bethel Church, and a musician and songwriter for the Bethel Music label, has… Continue Reading