Redding’s Flimsy Code Enforcement Leaves Citizens to Fend for Themselves

Editor’s note: Shelly Shively wrote this piece to present during the Redding City Council meeting’s public comment period Tuesday evening.  I’m an Airbnb host who lives in one of Redding’s oldest, most quaint neighborhoods. I pay 12 percent of my… Continue Reading


From Prague to Pizza, David to the Duomo: Art Journal Chronicles European Vacation

A News Cafe.com’s Doni Chamberlain has written about  the recent European adventure that she and I took during Thanksgiving. This is my second trip with Doni to the Czech Republic, where Doni’s son and daughter-in-law live in Ostrava. This was… Continue Reading


By Design: Cull the Christmas Past to Make Room for Christmas Future

Here we are. Another January. Another new year. While packing away all the Christmas decorations, and hauling the tree to the curb, I noticed the neighborhood trash bins stuffed beyond overflowing with crushed boxes and colorful – mostly red and… Continue Reading