Creek Clean-up Opens Trail, Unearths Historical Artifacts

It has been an eventful month since the chainsaws and chippers of the 4th Annual Community Creek Clean-up became silent along the South Sacramento River Trail.  The unprecedented volunteer labor before, during and after this event have returned to Redding… Continue Reading


Claude Caldwell and Why Redding Remembers

Although a century and a continent separated them, Henry David Thoreau and Claude H. Caldwell shared two vital attributes. Each was gone much too early, in his forties. Both are known by local sites which generations admire and gratefully acknowledge.… Continue Reading

Hearts Will Love Heart Rate Hill

Tuesday the Rotary Club of Redding Board of Directors pledged a significant sum to advance the cause of trail use in our area: Heart Rate Hill Overlook at the new Keswick Link which joins the South Sacramento River Trail to… Continue Reading