Lassen National Park – 100 Years of Changing Landscape

The Cascade Mountains stretch from southern British Columbia, Canada, all the way into northern California. Part of the famed Ring of Fire – a string of volcanoes and mountains running throughout the Pacific Ocean – the southern Cascades contain hundreds… Continue Reading


Shasta College’s Speaker Series Brings Inspiration to Education

Shasta College will launch its new Community Speaker Series on Wednesday. This joint effort between the Shasta College Foundation and the McConnell Foundation is designed to inspire, educate and challenge participants with fresh ideas / perspectives on education, our community… Continue Reading


Solar-powered Canals – Are They the Future in California?

Governor Brown’s recently announced plan to have California derive 50 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020 has opened the door for bold ideas to help achieve this. Carl Weidert, a retired, self-employed biologist who lives in Shingletown,… Continue Reading


Our Landfill – More than Just Trash

It’s tough to write about something you’ve never seen. When I decided to write about landfills, I realized I’d never been to one. So I arranged to visit Shasta County’s West Central Landfill, which lies about 9 miles west on… Continue Reading


Chico Company Creates Mens Stylish Hemp Clothing

Men’s fashion, especially men’s shirts, has evolved more slowly than the eclectic, often frenetic world of women’s fashion. Chico-based company Parallel Revolution is leading the way with changes men can feel good about. Jake Wade and Andrew Schrage co-founded the… Continue Reading


Making Sense of California’s Water Restrictions

With summer’s blistering ever-present heat, northstate residents are facing serious water issues. Since the California State Water Resources Control Board implemented its new drought emergency water conservation measures on July 29th, many cities have implemented water use restrictions. The City implemented Stage… Continue Reading