Supervisors Set New Ejection Record Tuesday; Hear 3 Hours of Public Comments Then End Meeting With Plenty of Verbal Fireworks

…ordered the board chambers vacated for a 10-minute recess. This week, Jones announced immediately after the invocation and flag salute his newly revised rules of audience decorum, including a reduction… Continue Reading


Zogg Fire Settlement Issues Reignite Shasta County Board Discussion Yet Again, Reopens Victims’ Trauma Wounds

…that I didn’t care about this issue” Garman said, drawing gasps from the audience and an admonition from Jones for proper decorum after uttering a barn yard epithet. In a… Continue Reading


3 Shasta Supes Forego Decorum, Reject Code-of-Conduct Item; 2 of Those Supes Attended Event Where A News Café Publisher Was Assaulted

…witnessed a real decline in civility and decorum among members of this board,” stated District 3 Supervisor Mary Rickert, who has served on the board since January 2017. Dist. 3… Continue Reading