Board of Supervisors Issue Statement Regarding Hobbs v. County of Shasta Court Case

Regarding Hobbs v. County of Shasta (24CV-0204675), the Board, in Closed Session, voted 3-2 with Supervisors Garman and Rickert voting no, in favor of making the following statement:

“The Registrar of Voters made an error by not using the California Secretary of State’s randomized alphabet; as a result, the order names were listed on the ballot was not correct. California law specifies this requirement to randomly place names on the ballot to not afford any advantage to a specific candidate; instead, the name placement is essentially a lottery process.

The Board majority believes this may have affected the election outcome and may have harmed those placed on the ballot.

Nonetheless, the court is the trier of fact and will ultimately make the determination in this case.”

Press Release

-from press release

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