4/30/24 BOS: Brief Meeting, Satan as Election Influencer, Conflicting Pleas to Retain/Replace Assistant ROV

The regularly scheduled Tuesday meeting of the Shasta County Board of Supervisors was called to order at 9:01 a.m. Supervisor Mary Rickert was absent due to medical leave. The video and agenda are available here. Timestamps are in parentheses.


(.03) The invocation was conducted by Pastor Dayton Phillips, Hope Baptist Church. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Supervisor Kevin Crye.


Members of the public may comment on any item on the Regular Calendar before or during the Board’s consideration of the item. Members of the public may also address matters scheduled for public hearings at the time such public hearings are opened for comment. Those wishing to participate in public comment for Regular Calendar items must submit a speaker request card to the Clerk of the Board before public comment on the item begins. Each speaker is allocated three minutes to speak. All speaker request cards submitted after public comment for each Regular Calendar item begins will not be heard by the Board.

Board Matters

(6:25) R1 Take the following actions: (1) Receive a legislative update and consider action on specific legislation related to Shasta County’s legislative platform; (2) approve a letter of opposition to Senate Bill 961, as amended, which proposes specified vehicles to be equipped with a passive intelligent speed assistance system which would visually and audibly signal the driver if the speed of the vehicle is more than 5 miles per hour over the speed limit; and (3) receive Supervisors’ reports on countywide issues.
No Additional General Fund Impact
Simple Majority Vote

Shasta County CEO David Rickert.

(7:04) CEO Dave Rickert: “First, we have an update on state issues. California state budget highlights higher than expected tax refund volume has weakened mildly promising outlook of revenue according to Jason Sisney from the speaker’s chief of staff. As of this writing, the Franchise Tax Board is reporting that the state’s net personal income tax collections are barely keeping track with the administration’s April monthly estimate while net corporate tax collections continue to be several $100 million below monthly estimates. Sisney indicates that this data collected suggests that April revenues may come in in several $100 million below monthly estimates. The administration will update its revenue forecast when it releases its may revision to the governor’s 2024-25 budget. We are closely monitoring this activity for any impact on county programs and funding.

Moving on to county issues, we have a new Shasta County public warning system alert. Shasta County is transitioning to a new emergency alert and public warning system, Shasta Alert. Our previous alerting system, Code Red, will no longer be used after May 1, 2024. If you have previously signed up for Code Red and would like to continue to receive alerts, you might just register for  Shasta Alert. Shasta is significant upgrade and introduces a range of enhanced features to ensure effective communication during both emergency and non emergency situations. This new public warning system is available for all residents of Shasta County.

Moving on to the jail update. The CEOs office is preparing a presentation for May 21 which will be a night meeting with options to fund the jail expansion to include capital and operational costs. As a reminder, we are still waiting for a notice of completion but are exploring other avenues to expedite our utilization of the old courthouse.

And moving on the reason we have a amended letter to Senate Bill 961 is instead of the automobile according to legislation, limiting the speed of the vehicle will now beep and audibly signal you whenever you exceed the speed limit by five miles an hour, we still find that intrusive to personal rights and liberties and may cause additional hazards to drivers. So we’re requesting that the board consider this amended letter and this concludes my report.”

District 5 Supervisor Chris Kelstrom(9:44) Supervisor Chris Kelstrom, District 5: “On Wednesday, I attended a Show and Shine with Supervisor Jones and then we went on to the DRC Reporting Center Tour. and then that night I had a meeting in Shingletown at the community meeting. Sheriff Johnson was there and Captain Fernandez, Tim Mapes, a couple other. So they were addressing crime in the community. So those guys took a lot of heat.  I was asked them if they needed me up there to speak and they said no. So I sat in the crowd and  it was very informative meeting.

Thursday I went to the public works luncheon. I think everybody else went to the Sheriff’s Awards luncheon, but I went to the public works luncheon and Director Bartholomew was there and our former director Al Cathey, it was great to see Al and hadn’t seen him in a while. Friday we had the child abuse awareness flag raising on the courthouse steps. I attended that with Supervisor Crye and then I watched the Kool April Nights cruise that night with Supervisor Jones. And then Saturday morning I judged at the Kool April Nights car show at the Civic Auditorium. And that night, it wasn’t work related. It was actually just a good time out at the Harmon Ranch. He had some live music out there. I saw a lot of of good folks out there that night. And then Monday I met with a constituent that has a school project on hold due to a fire code issue. So, we’re working through that. Hopefully we can find a solution for them and that concludes my report.”

District 4 Supervisor Patrick Jones

(11:10) Supervisor Patrick Jones, District 4:  “I attended the At Home ad hoc meeting with yourself, Chair Crye. The main thing that we were going over for the ad hoc committee for At Home this time was our homeless management Information system  and how that’s working. United Way right now is taking that on, trying to improve efficiencies and get more people to respond to that. The homeless management  information system only works if all the agencies are going to participate in that system and that will allow to have the correct data  to move forward. Attended the Shasta County Sheriff’s Volunteer appreciation  luncheon with CEO Rickert and Chair Crye, I believe you were there as well. And for the Shasta County Sheriff volunteers, they have over 350 volunteers that help the county out immensely from the Asphalt Cowboys to reserve officers, clerical support, chaplains, explorers, a search and rescue, dive team, Western flying posse, jeep team, canine team, mountain bike team,  mounted posse,  rescue dirt riders and snowmobilers.  So a lot of people were honored. I wanted to mention  two specific people.  Richard Tully, retiring  volunteering with the Shasta County volunteers after 41 years of service. And then Kathy Pierce, 18 years of service, were a couple of the standouts there.

Attended the  Shasta Regional Transportation Agency,  along with Supervisor Kelstrom and Chair Crye. On this particular regular calendar, we received the executive director’s report like we typically always do  members at conferences.  We conducted a transit funding workshop for 24-25 unmet transit needs.  Lots of different things. This agency is responsible for tens of millions of dollars of transportation  funds that come to this area and we allocate those funds  up to the will of the board. Did attend a Show and Shine at Paint Mart with Supervisor Kelstrom. That was a lot of fun. This last week, there were dozens of Show and Shine. So I was able to get to a couple of them.

Then up in Castella, that’s CSA-6 and that’s a community advisory board for Castella. And they’re a small water board, but they’re running fairly efficiently. At each of the CSAs  we conduct a variety of administrative business. We go through the minutes,  future meetings, the financial status of each of the CSAs. In this particular case, CSA-3, they’re on track, but they may need a future rate increase. If revenues continue to stay where they’re at, that’ll be up  to them.  And of course, systems operation work orders labor results. And always the big thing is the  water usage or the leakage that occurs on any of these systems is important to each of the CSAs. Attended the DRC Reporting Center open house with Supervisor Kelstrom,  always informative as to what they do and they have been working hard. Their graduation this year should see a large number of graduates, and also attended the Friday night cruise here in Redding which I try to do every year. Supervisor Kelstrom was there.  I think there was probably over 1000 cars this year. Tremendous turnout and  a lot of fun, great, great to see all the cars and then attended with Supervisor Chair Crye  day resource center meeting over at the Good News Rescue Mission. This is a series of meetings to  talk to people that are experiencing homelessness or about to experience homelessness as to what they might want to see at a resource center.  That is right now, escrow is closed on a particular building at that location. And they’re getting feedback from the public as to what that would look like. They had  architects rendering of what it would look like.There were some minor concerns with what that would look like and I’ll weigh in that as well, but they’re simply taking  all the feedback now and then we’ll incorporate that into  ultimately what they’re going to accomplish at that location. And then,  and as always every week, an election integrity meeting, and again, these are happening all over California, they’re happening in Shasta County. And so I’m happy to take part in those as I do almost every week. That ends my report, chair.”

District 2 Supervisor Tim Garman

(15:55) Supervisor Tim Garman, District 2: “First thing I want to tell you guys is beware of rattlesnakes. I mentioned this month, a month ago, I had one of my constituents reach out and they had two rattlesnakes in their back porch a couple of weeks ago. So be careful of rattlesnakes as you’re out and about clearing your grasses and cleaning up your properties. April 24 I attended the DRC Reporting Center Open House and, and if you guys are familiar with that program, that is an amazing program at the Courts of Probation work together to get these people coming out with mostly drug problems. They get them into this reporting center and that program is very successful and you go in there and you guys were all there, I believe. And you see the success stories, these young men and women come back and they’re working with the new people that are coming into the program and that’s how we get success. It’s a great program.

April 25  I was out of town the day that the sheriff luncheon and the public work safety luncheon happen. So I missed those. Supervisor-elect Alan Long did attend the Sheriff volunteer luncheon for me. So thank you Supervisor-elect Long. April 26 I attended the child abuse flag raising ceremony right out here in the old courthouse. Staggering numbers and child abuse, you guys.  It’s just why Shasta County is so bad. It is beyond me, but it’s a problem all the way, all the way around. April 26 I attended the  emergency food and shelter program board meeting where we had the difficult task of awarding grant money to the different people who have asked for it in the community. And that’s, you don’t have the funds you would like to have to be able to dish out to all those people. But we did the best we could and glad to see that the committee will be getting some help with that.  April 27 my son and I cleaned up a one mile stretch of road in Happy Valley during the annual cleanup day. Proud to take part in that on. Backing up to April 26, I met with Paul Hellman at resource management and we discussed numerous topics.

But the one topic that I really wanted to talk about was last week we talked, we had a resolution. We signed about the illegal immigrants coming into California. The borders are a mess. We all know the borders are wrecked. But what I wanted to talk to Mr Hellman about was the problem we have with Shasta County that we can actually do something about is our illegal marijuana grows and all the  illegal activity that goes on with that. So I went and talked with Mr. Hellman saying, what can we do? You know, we need to get the water supplies cut off. We need to start finding people in more appropriate manners to try to deter them, to go to other places. So we had a long conversation about that and I’m gonna kind of skip around yesterday. I had a long conversation with the sheriff as well and we talked about the same thing. So I’m pleased to announce that,  Counsel Joe and CEO Mr. Rickert, you guys should be getting a call from the sheriff to set up an appointment to form a committee with you two or somebody from your office, resource management and myself, we’re going to try to create some sort of a plan. We can take more legal action on these marijuana raids because if we want to make a difference in our county, we have to stop when they go out there destroying for a grow, they can knock over all the plants but they can’t take the water source away. So the next season the growers are back. It’s a cycle that if we can’t figure out a way to get on top of it, it’s never going to change. That’show we can make a difference in our county. So that committee should be forming soon. And looking forward to where that goes.

I met with Cathy Darling Allen yesterday had a nice meeting with her and she’s gonna be missed dearly by the community here. And Cathy, I wish you well with where life takes you from here. And let’s see, make sure I didn’t miss anything. Yesterday, we also cleaned up another section of the road in Happy Valley. And with that, that will conclude my report.”

District 1 Supervisor Kevin Crye

(20:02) Supervisor Kevin Crye, District 1:  “Last week I attended Pathways to Hope. They have a new director and their board chair asked me to come back and visit. I hadn’t done that since January of 2023. I’m not on that board, but they’ve installed a boxing gym and they’ve partnered with PAL, which is Police Athletic League. It’s no small feat for an organization to be a PAL organization. So very, very excited about what they’re doing there. They cater to a lot of kids, in the Enterprise Elementary school district, Rother, Parsons. And if you don’t go to any youth charities,  I would really recommend you checking that one out. It’s pretty moving what they’re doing and who they’re doing it for.

I attended the the DRC as well.Won’t go into too much detail with that. I attended  the Sheriff Volunteer Award luncheon with Supervisor Jones, as he mentioned the day center listening session that was at the Good News Rescue Mission last week. The next meeting is today and I’m gonna give you the address and everything. This is the last one I believe they’re going to hold. This will be their third. It’s at the Shasta Community Health Center and that’s 1035 Placer Street, Diestelhorst rooms 2 and 3.  And that is for anyone with lived experience and homelessness or addiction.  You’re being invited out to come out and speak. But then also if you’re really vested, I shouldn’t say really vested if you’re interested in getting involved in the community,  with what that  Day Center is going to look like. And if you have a vision for it, I would recommend you go out and, and share that because they will  you time to share.   I think that’s, I think it’s just important. I attended the SRTA.

Yesterday, I had a budget meeting with analyst  Britain, as well as CEO Rickert. I’m looking forward to the June meetings. I think that’s gonna be a good time.

Yesterday, I also attended the Sheriff’s Office promotion ceremony. Four individuals were promoted, one of them, Gene Randall to the undersheriff. So that was awesome. I attended Kool April Nights,  passed out a couple of awards on Saturday and then,  yesterday I attended the at home meeting and I’m going to finish with this with the At Home meeting because as many of you know, I was, I was pretty outspoken against it  kind of at first when Supervisor Garman brought it back from CSA but then I admittedly was wrong in terms of  how well we were able to work together  early on. And I say early on because I feel like the At Home committee when it was first launched and to my knowledge, we are the only county that does it as CSA put it forward, there are, are other counties doing consortiums or groups. But the way CSA put it out, I believe Shasta County is the first and I believe the only to do it that way.

But I have to admit I’ve been a little bit dismayed with how it’s gone from there. So I’m gonna, I’ve got a little bit of a timeline here. I’m gonna run through. I’ve actually asked  Laura Burch to present at our next meeting, May 7 to give us an update about the COC and be able to dispel facts from myths. So Shasta County was a lead agency for the COC for over seven years and  the City of Redding and the county split the cost for a consultant who ran the COC. The COC consists of seven counties in our region, all of which have a financial interest in being part of this continuum. Millions of dollars  flow through  from the state through the COC to providers, both county and nonprofits for homeless related activities and services.

In June of last year, Shasta County decided to pull out of being the administrative lead for the seven county continuum of care due to the costs associated with subsidizing the other counties. And that was something this board majority,  maybe all of us  supported costs each year increased and were being subsidized in part by the general fund. That’s our general fund, that’s all of your general fund. We were relentlessly villainized  for this decision, print media, news media, even the city council, some members created a narrative that was far from accurate. It was politicized. People living on the streets in gutters under stoops were used as political pawns in this whole process. Shasta County took on significant liability with no responsibility to liability to other counties. As some of, you know, we are in one small lawsuit,  very small, going back to something another county did. And that’s just the process. The City of Redding came in, took over the COC with basically a hero’s welcome to administer the COC like they’re saving the day and they’ve submitted a budget that will now ensure contributions from other counties. So we weren’t really, we weren’t getting contributions from other counties.  We were, you know, scoffed at on and on. So the city already comes in now that they’ve submitted a budget. They want money from other counties. We were never required to administer the COC. Any county or city in the seven county region could be the administrator or all counties could employ a consultant to do so. At one time, the United Way requested to administer the COC and that was shot down. Shasta County participates in the local COC as members. We didn’t abandon participation in the COC. We were just not administering it. Our seat on the executive board was taken by a community member. Now, keep in mind we should have Laura Burch or somebody else from the county sitting on that. But  we don’t get that opportunity.

Now, who makes the decision about funding interests and projects of homelessness, funding in our community? This person is tied to City of Redding. She’s a former mayor, former city council person who sits on that committee and, and scoffs at any chance of us trying to be back involved. So as we talk about at home in the collaboration, there’s very, very little from the COC and  the City of Redding has submitted and here’s the thing that just fries me, the City of Redding has submitted their one year budget at a cost of $977,000 twice what we were contributing, what we were contributing their billing $977,000. And the city manager scoffed at the county for dropping out as a lead agency saying it doesn’t cost that much. Well, guess what facts actually matter and the truth will set us free. So instead of us spending $400,000 the City of Redding now is taking it and charging 977,000, this was used as a political  football. And yesterday’s at home meeting, Fried Me. I was very outspoken.  I had one pretty intense conversation with a council member from another city because  we collectively as a group with At Home, say this is what we’re going to do as a group and then we’re going to go back to our boards and our councils and be unified in doing that. But then this individual does his own thing, which is fine, but then don’t sit on the board and why are we doing it? Because it’s just a big show. So I’ve asked Laura Burch to come in and I would encourage all media to be here, cover the entire thing and share what’s really happening with tax dollars. That concludes my report.”


During the Public Comment Open Time period, the public may address the Board on any matter not listed on the agenda that is within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Board of Supervisors. Each speaker is allocated three minutes to speak. Those wishing to participate in Public Comment – Open Time must submit a speaker request card to the Clerk of the Board before the meeting begins. All speaker request cards submitted after the meeting begins will be heard by the Board once all items on the agenda have been considered. Any public comment not heard prior to the 12:00 p.m. recess will be heard after the Board reconvenes from Closed Session and all agenda items have been considered.

There were two public commenters.

(30:26) Dawn Duckett: “Supervisor Crye, in terms of your Friday morning coffees, for those of us that aren’t able to make those coffees, it would be appreciated to just have a simple  recap of maybe the county issues that were discussed or ideas being brought forward as a result of those meetings. And also  I just wanted to caution you, Supervisor Crye -”

(30:51) Supervisor Crye: “Can you clarify what you’re asking about Friday?”

(30:56) Dawn Duckett: “And that’s another thing about the interruptions while we’re speaking, being interrupted,  you know, suspends  our stream of consciousness and it sort of steps on our first amendment right to speak. I also wanted to caution you, Supervisor Crye, on bringing up in your board reports and you and on your radio show, active current criminal cases that are being investigated by the DA’s office.  I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that your heart’s in the right place, but well- meaning citizens and public officials inserting themselves into active cases could just open the county up to a ton of liability. It could hurt the victims. The county could be sued by the defendant in the case saying that the jury pool had been –  So I just would caution you to, you know, keep that out of your board reports just as a liability issue. Thank you.”

(32:29) Supervisor Crye: “I will say, I was gonna leave it out but I’m gonna do it anyway because I think it’s important cause anytime I’m asked by a constituent especially in district 1, I try to make events even though if they’re personal. Kim Moore who’s sitting, sitting seated in the back,  she was baptized Sunday. She asked me to go. So I went and watched her get baptized before I  took off. So, congratulations Kim.”

(32:55) The motion on SB961 passed by unanimous vote.

(33:15) Open comment began. There were twelve public commenters on a variety of subjects, primarily immigration and the elections department.

(56:34) Jeff Gorder:  “Supervisor Crye, when I heard you first claim that the people behind the recall were anti-god, I thought you were just being a cynical demagogue in order to win support from the ignorant. But when the final recall vote came in and the yes on recall vote totaled 4666, I was stunned. My mind was immediately taken back to Dr. Laura Hobbs’s presentation of Mary Richards’s license plate which had the number 666 on it. I remember that Dr Hobbs had investigated and discovered what seemed to be clear evidence of some satanic involvement with  Mary Rickert’s license plate number. And here I was seeing the recall vote at 4666. It was hard to believe that this was just a coincidence. It seemed that Satan might have been involved on our side and God allowed him to give us 4666 votes to show his involvement to the public.

Given this uncertainty about the possibility of satanic involvement in the recall, I think this board should appoint Dr Dr Hobbs to lead an ad hoc committee to investigate the role of Satan in the last election, as well as the extent of satanic involvement in Shasta County as a whole. Dr. Hobbs, as apparent from her investigation into Mary Rickert’s license plate, is skilled in this field and would be the perfect choice for this role. I know she’s busy with her suit against the county, but with her background, she should be able to take on this added responsibility without any undue burden. It would be important for her to have access to a wide variety of items such as phone numbers, driver’s license numbers, vin numbers, addresses social security numbers, et cetera to see what the extent of 666 is in Shasta County.

You have protected us from Japanese mosquitoes spreading vaccines with the appointment of Jon Knight to the mosquito vector control board. You have protected us from asylum seekers and noncitizen migrants. Now I’m asking you to protect us from the extent of satanic influence in Shasta County. Thank you very much.”

(1:03:20) Kim Moore:  “So we’ve had the same handful of gaslighters come up here this morning and talk about promoting Joanna [Francescut]. And I’d like to remind the board and ask anybody else to who thinks that she’s a good appointment to please review her time spoken here before the board on April 9. I believe it was blatant insubordination. The most rude behavior. Shasta County is the reddest county in the State of California and our constituents, our residents deserve representation by an ROV that we can trust. And since 2004, we’ve had an ROV that has not been trustworthy. She was appointed out of the welfare office to become the ROV at the same time that electronic machines were implemented and to use the same employee who was under her and fully supported her to carry it on is absolutely against everything that Shasta County voters have been asking the board of supervisors to do.  Kevin, I wanna thank you. You brought great healing to me. One of the reasons I started coming in and talking to the board was because I had been reporting gross abuse and misuse, and just bad things happening in the county program at The Woodlands. People didn’t wanna hear me, they didn’t wanna respond, they didn’t wanna listen, they didn’t want to make changes. I felt like I was on an island alone fighting for what was right. Fighting to stop the death of people,  the hurt and the pain that I was seeing happen to MHSA tenants by you appearing for my baptism. I don’t even know how you did that. You have so much on your plate and for you to take that amount of time for me to come. I didn’t even think you would be able to make it because of everything that’s on your plate. That simple act brought so much healing. It gives me hope and faith that with your leadership, we can root out and change what’s happening in some of the MHSA programs and for other tenants at The Woodlands and I just encourage you just, I’m so grateful to you. I felt lost here without you.”


The following Consent Calendar items are expected to be routine and non-controversial. They may be acted upon by the Board at one time without discussion. Any Board member or staff member may request that an item be removed from the Consent Calendar for discussion and consideration. Members of the public will be provided with a single opportunity to comment on one or more items on the Consent Calendar before the Board’s consideration of the Consent Calendar. Those wishing to participate in public comment for the Consent Calendar items must submit a speaker request card to the Clerk of the Board before public comment for the Consent Calendar begins. Each speaker is allocated three minutes to speak. All speaker request cards submitted after public comment for the Consent Calendar begins will not be heard by the Board.

Items C2 and C3 were pulled from the calendar. There were three public speakers.

(1:07:49) Mike James: “From what I understand you’ve pulled C2 and C3. So does that mean they are both going to be brought back or are you guys gonna go ahead and put in place Patty Plumb and Jacob Krumenacker? Are those going to be brought back for further discussion?”

(1:08:20) Supervisor Crye: “Are you asking me? Because -”

(1:08:22)  Mike James:  “I am. That’s the question.”

(1:08:25) Ok. So C2 has been pulled indefinitely. I don’t know when it will come back or if it will come back. C3, Supervisor Jones just said he pulled it and it will be on the next agenda.

(1:08:33) Mike James: “Ok. Because on the news this morning it says that she’s already been appointed.

(1:08:37) Supervisor Crye: “Well, that’s reliable.”

(1:08:38) Mike James: “I’m just going on what I’ve heard. So I’m just clarifying and I’m asking questions.”

(1:08:44) Supervisor Crye:  “All I have is what, what I have here. So I don’t know.”

(1:09:10) Leslie Sawyer: “I don’t think we should approve giving any further finances to the District Attorney’s office until she gets to where she’s processing cases in a timely manner.  You bringing forward cases that aren’t being talked about and aren’t being done. I have more on that during my public comment, but that’s the only way things are getting done in this county. I spent hours at the courthouse this week filling out information on different files happening and different cases happening. And there are cases that happened last year that have no case number. No, anything, they have not even been started by our District Attorney’s office. So I would say vote no on any additional funding period for them. In fact, I would increase the amount to the public defender’s office, which normally that would not be something I stand for. But since so many of our criminals are waiting on their hearing and waiting on their processing and their, you know, speedy trial that they’re entitled to by our, you know, our laws and our constitution maybe increase the public defender’s office since they’re having to deal with the backlog that our district attorney is failing to address.”

(1:11:34) Delores Lucero: “On C3 for Patty Plumb, I do believe that would be a conflict for her to beappointed because she’s been involved with all of you in campaigning and also raising money and helping you guys all. So for you guys to think about appointing her, I’m sure we could take care of that because she, you should not be appointed. And C2, I did a background check on the C2, Jacob, I got all the documents and I make sure a lot of people received them because you can’t have someone whose criminal case is pending in front of the District Attorney. So I will, I’m constantly watching this and I’m providing documents to whoever it needs to go, but we’re all doing a lot of work in the background. So for those who think that just because you don’t see enough people here that they’re not doing something, we are working in the back scene. So we’re watching.”

All remaining items on the Consent Calender were passed by unanimous vote.

(1:13:04) Public comment on R2. There were three public commenters.

(1:13:22) Dawn Duckett: “I realize the board can’t comment on closed session items particular to any case. What was printed on the agenda was fairly cryptic. There was no case name.  I did look it up. I won’t say the case name here in case that’s confidential. But my question is really about the process, probably for counsel to answer. And I’m just curious as to why a felony case would make its way to a closed session board agenda. And by what process does a felony criminal case end up on a closed session of a board agenda? And the the public is really curious about that. I, you know, in my years of looking at board agendas,  I can’t recall ever seeing a felony case in closed session. So, and I’m sure there’s some process and any enlightenment would certainly be appreciated.”

County Administrative Office

C1 Approve the following budget amendments which: (1) Increase revenue by $1,330,668 and appropriations by $1,208,684 in the Sheriff Budget (BU 235); (2) increase revenue and appropriations by $52,783 in the Public Defender Admin Budget (BU 207); and (3) increase revenue by $160,023 and appropriations by $149,689 in the District Attorney Budget (BU 227).
General Fund Impact
4/5 Vote

Clerk of the Board

C2 Appoint Jacob Krumenacker to the Board of Building Appeals to serve the remainder of a two-year term to December 31, 2024.
No Additional General Fund Impact
Simple Majority Vote

C3 Appoint Patty Plumb to the Shasta County Elections Commission to serve the remainder of a term to January 6, 2025.
No Additional General Fund Impact
Simple Majority Vote

C4 Approve the minutes of the meetings held on March 26, March 28, April 2, and April 9, 2024, as submitted.
No Additional General Fund Impact
Simple Majority Vote

C5 Adopt a proclamation which designates April 30, 2024, as “Therapy Animal Day” in Shasta County (Sponsored by Supervisor Jones).
No Additional General Fund Impact
Simple Majority Vote

Health and Human Services Agency-Economic Mobility

C6 Adopt a resolution which repeals Resolution 2022-094 and designates authority to submit the Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) application for funding to provide Homeless Prevention and Rapid Rehousing assistance to homeless individuals and families in Shasta County and to sign related documentation.
No General Fund Impact
Simple Majority Vote

Resource Management

C7 Adopt a resolution which: (1) Ratifies the CalRecycle Regional grant application for Waste Tire Cleanup Grant Program (Program) funds; (2) finds that the Program is not subject to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) pursuant to State CEQA Guidelines section 15060(c)(2); (3) designates authority to accept Program funds and execute all grant-related documents; and (4) authorizes expenditures for the operation and completion of the Program through October 29, 2026.
No Additional General Fund Impact
Simple Majority Vote

C8 Adopt a resolution which: (1) Ratifies the CalRecycle Regional grant application for the Farm and Ranch Solid Waste Cleanup and Abatement Grant Program (Program) funds; (2) finds that the Program is not subject to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) pursuant to State CEQA Guidelines Section 15060(c)(2); (3) designates authority to accept Program funds and execute all grant-related documents; and (4) authorizes expenditures for the operation and completion of the Program through April 1, 2026.
No Additional General Fund Impact

Simple Majority Vote

(1:15:51) Board adjourned to Closed Session.

(1:16:18) Board returned from closed session.

(1:16:31) County Counsel Larmour: The board of supervisors voted 3 to 1 with Mr. Garman dissenting to waive attorney client privilege to an investigation report related to the district attorney subject to a subpoena. No further action.

(1:16:47) Board returned to open comment. There were two commenters.

(1:23:19) Meeting adjourned.

Barbara Rice

Barbara Rice is anewscafe.com's administrative assistant. She grew up in Igo listening to the devil's music, hearing tales of WWII, and reading James Thurber and Mad Magazine while dreaming of travel to exotic lands. She graduated from Shasta High School, Shasta College, and San Francisco State University. After too many blistering Sacramento Valley summers, she's traded it all for the ocean breezes of Humboldt County. She's been told she's a bad influence and that makes her very happy. She tweets, travels, and spoils cats. There's a dance in the old dame yet.

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