Letter to the Editor: Say No to White Nationalist BOS Agenda Item R-3

As the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr said, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”

But, I also think the great doctor understood that the ark will not bend on its own; it is our responsibility to do our part.

R-3, before the Shasta County Board Of Supervisors on April 23, is Crye’s nod to white nationalism that his friends like Mark Kent, the militia, and their political leader, “they’re poisoning the blood of America” Trump, spew at BOS meetings.

Kent, who states he is “proud to be a white nationalist,” is a partner and funder of Crye, and they’re often are each other’s radio shows found on hard right Carl Bott’s “Join The Revolution” (wink-wink) radio station, where militia and Mountaintop Media affiliates spew anti-immigration and anti-asylum rhetoric as a thinly veiled white nationalist feature called the Great Replacement Theory. Trump, who’s actually had Neo-Nazis to Mar-A-Largo for dinner, likes to say, “The U.S. has become a dumping ground for everybody else’s problems.” But in this case, Crye, who has been invited to Mar-A-Largo, is talking about Shasta County.

While R-3 is a false flag using Trump’s, “They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists,” rhetoric to rally the J.C.K. Cartel MAGA base, it is also a demonstration by Crye that he, like Jones before him, has the power to stamp all Shasta County in the vision of Trumpian MAGA, to be noticed by politicians like his friend Kari Lake and news outlets like Fox, OAN and News Max .

R-3 is also a legal mess. In fact, the County Counsel has not signed off on it because if ever enacted, R-3 could violate numerous California Social Service funding protocols, putting emergency services funding for citizens of all colors that need at risk. But that fits Crye’s social-political philosophy as Crye also told me that providing social services is not the job of government and should be left to the church.

I am proud to speak out on R-3 as this hard-right extremist stance is neither patriotic nor Christian (Matthew 25:35-37) and I don’t think it’s the stance of most people of our country or country. We can let the MAGA force roll the people without a protest, or take a stand to stop it.

Christian Gardinier



Guest Speaker

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