Voters Speak: Crye Must Represent All Constituents


Roughly a quarter of the voters in Shasta County District One voted to recall Supervisor Kevin Crye. Only a few voters more opted to keep him in office. We thank the dedicated election professionals who worked tirelessly to ensure an accurate vote count.

The Committee to Recall Kevin Crye undertook this recall because of the chaos and waste brought on by Crye’s decisions. Crye would do well to take seriously the thousands of his own constituents who don’t agree with what he’s doing or how he’s doing it.

His swing vote to dismantle our voting system without a replacement cost money, time and trust, so did his consultation with a con man for election advice. His original selection for county CEO and subsequent department heads showed a lack of leadership and a penchant for cronyism. His elimination of development impact fees will likely leave the county well short of needed funds for future county facilities. His support to allow guns in our public meeting places shows a distinct lack of concern for safety and his actions are now bringing lawsuits against the county.

Thousands of local volunteers, donors and supporters united in this effort to save Shasta County. All of them live in District 1, pay taxes and have a right to equal representation on the board. We will continue to monitor Crye’s suggestions and decisions.

The board has new members who will be sworn in this coming January. We look forward to working with both the new and incumbent members on the board of supervisors to bring stability and reason to Shasta County. We encourage all supervisors to represent all of the people of Shasta County and we will remain vigilant in seeing to it that that is done.

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