Community Organizer Announces Run for County Supervisor District 2

Susanne Baremore, a nearly-lifelong resident of Shasta county will be formally announcing her campaign for Shasta County Supervisor District 2 in front of the County Board Chambers at 12 noon on November 13, 2023. Her campaign intends to promote stable governance and a return to boardsmanship which works successfully for all the citizens of Shasta county.

“I have watched with complete dismay as the county board has succumbed to disinformation and conspiracy instead of lending itself to a brand of leadership and governance which actually serves the broadest possible constituency in this county,” Baremore said, adding, “We all deserve leaders who will strive to find solutions which actually remedy the problems we face. I have the background and experience to promote this kind of leadership.”

With experience in community advocacy, employment in county and municipal government, experience as a business owner, and work as an advocate for rural northern California, Baremore plans to bring a brand of leadership, community advocacy, fact-based policy to the county as well as to Sacramento and Washington DC. “We cannot pretend that all the solutions lie here in Shasta County. Some problems need to be solved at the state and federal level,” Baremore explained.

The launch event is intended to provide the community the opportunity to learn about Baremore’s campaign and to meet her directly in person. The public is welcome to this event. According to Baremore, “It is time for the Shasta County Board of Supervisors to get back to business.”


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