Crye’s Lies: 10 Reasons to Recall Shasta County Supervisor Kevin Crye

At District 1 Supervisor Kevin Crye’s first town hall meeting Crye dodges retired Public Defender Jeff Gorder’s questions about Crye’s meeting with MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell.

Perhaps you’ve heard Jeffrey Gorder speak at many Shasta County Board of Supervisors meetings where he’s confidently implemented truth to contradict District 1 Supervisor Kevin Crye’s myriad lies.

Jeff Gorder of Shasta Citizens for Stable Governance. Photo by Mike Chapman for A News Cafe.

Or maybe you attended Crye’s District 1 exclusive town-hall meeting where Gorder attempted to ask Crye pointed questions about the new supervisor’s trip to Minnesota on the county dime to visit the debunked, discredited MAGA MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell.

Jeff Gorder speaks during a Shasta County Board of Supervisors meeting. Photo by Mike Chapman for A News Cafe.

I say “attempted” because Crye quickly dismissed Gorder during the town-hall meeting, and another retired attorney with similar questions, and others who’d obviously gotten under Crye’s extremely thin skin.

In each instance, Crye instructed them to sit down, and allowed them just one question.

Crye allowed Jeff Gorder mere seconds to speak at Crye’s town hall meeting, while letting the few who spoke favorably of Crye to ramble on for many minutes.

Truly, it wouldn’t have mattered whether Crye had allowed Gorder and others ask even 100 questions. Crye is a slippery dude who’s mastered the art of avoidance. He seems incapable of giving a straight answer, unless it’s an opportunity to elevate himself or put others down.

Gorder earned his law degree from Santa Clara University in 1984. He and his wife moved to Redding from the Bay Area in 1990, soon after which Gorder went to work for an attorney who had a contract with the County to provide public defender services. Gorder was in private practice until 2005. He became the department head in 2009 and worked in that capacity until he retired in 2018.

We might credit Gorder’s long legal career for his ability to spot rule-breakers, fibbers and con artists a mile away. It’s no wonder Gorder had Crye’s number from Day 1: Gorder sees Crye: a grifter with an elevated ego who has arguably done more damage to Shasta County in his five months in office than all the previous supervisors combined.

Crye may have stopped Gorder and others from speaking their minds during Crye’s town hall meeting, but Crye can’t prevent Gorder from using his three-minutes at the Board of Supervisors public-comment lectern to recite the growing list of Supervisor Kevin Crye’s numerous lies.

Week after week, Gorder shares Crye’s lies from the lecturn inside the board chambers. The longer Crye is in office, the longer Gorder’s list grows. And that’s why Gorder is one of the leaders of a group of diverse citizens who are passionate in their intentions to recall Crye.

Initially I’d planned to weave Gorder’s list into my working story in progress, “Crye’s Tricks, Lies and Videotapes,” but Gorder’s impressive collection of Crye’s lies is more than 1,200 words long. This list deserves ample space to present the facts so any District 1 voters who’ve fallen prey to Crye’s blatant lies can see the truth, and run, not walk, to the nearest recall-Kevin Crye petition.

With that in mind, today’s post contains Gorder’s list of Kevin Crye’s lies, as well as Gorder’s explanations that dissect Crye’s lies to reveal the truth.

Gorder’s list: Crye’s Lies
  1. Mr. Crye promised to be a fiscal conservative. That was a lie.
    – instead, he voted to waste millions of taxpayer dollars by dismantling our reliable, trustworthy and cost-effective voting system in favor a hare-brained hand-count scheme peddled by a discredited slipper and pillow salesman.

Supervisor Kevin Crye spent Shasta County money to fly to Minnesota to meet MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell.

– he wasted $1,400 in taxpayer dollars flying back to Minnesota for a private audience with that pillow salesman to discuss who knows what when that unnecessary meeting could have been Zoomed or done by phone.

What might be in it for Kevin Crye, according to Phil Fountain.

2. Mr. Crye said that he had “secured the money” from The Pillow Guy to ensure that County taxpayers wouldn’t be on the hook for the millions in additional costs for the hand-count scheme. He said “we will not use Shasta County money to go down this direction.” That was a lie.

– We just added 7 FTE positions in both Elections and Personnel to the tune of $600 K per year. Mr. Lindell will not pay for that; County taxpayers will.- We just paid $950K for Hart machines when staying with Dominion would have cost only $500K over the next two years. Mike Lindell will not pay for that; county taxpayers will.

– the Deputy CEO estimated approx. $4 million in additional costs will be expended county-wide for the hand-count system over just the next two years. Mr. Lindell will not pay for that. County taxpayers will.

– In fact, Mr. Lindell’s escrow account is as empty as Mr. Crye’s promises.

3. Mr. Crye said he would prioritize public safety. That was a lie.
– instead, he prioritized an unnecessary dismantling and restructuring of our trusted voting system, and voted to throw away millions of dollars that could have been used to put more deputies on the street, or fund more PSOs to get the third floor of the jail opened more quickly

4. Mr. Crye said he’d be transparent. That was a lie.
– He never told us who he met with during his audience with the Pillow Guy, despite being asked on numerous occasions. He said he’d given everything he was required to which was a three-sentence email which he wrote before flying out, saying he’d be discussing “legislative practices, various state policy and law, and hand-counting and mechanical voting systems.”

Not long after his Minnesota junket, colleagues of Mike Lindell started showing up in Shasta County like snake-oil salesmen at a Lindell-sponsored Truth Summit.

Clint Curtis, Linda Rantz and Alexander Haberbush all came to Shasta County to spread the hand-count gospel and attempt to discredit Cathy Darling Allen. Haberbush first lied about being here on “behalf of the Board” and “on behalf of a client whose name he couldn’t reveal.” Then, after the other four Board members stated they’d never heard of him, Haberbush admitted it was only Mr. Crye who summoned him, and he was not here on behalf of any client. One doesn’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to infer that Mr. Crye brought them all here, but he certainly hasn’t been transparent about it.

-Also, Mr. Crye hasn’t been transparent about his “team of experts” that he has assembled to attempt to discredit Cathy Allen’s preliminary estimates of the costs and personnel needed to carry out the Board’s hand-count scheme.

Rejected Shasta County CEO candidate Chriss Street looks over papers before speaking at a Shasta County Board of Supervisors meeting.

Turns out that Chriss Street, the CEO candidate who had his employment offer rescinded after his background check came through, is Crye’s foremost expert. How is it possible that Crye is relying on Mr. Street as his expert?

– Finally, at Mr. Crye’s Town Hall on March 16, he actually planted a friend in the audience to ask a question which he apparently thought would present him in a favorable light.

Susan Taylor, planted by Crye in the audience during his town hall meeting, pretends as if the two are strangers as she tells Crye the story of taking a homeless teen into her home. Photo by Doni Chamberlain

He pretended not to know her but it turns out it was the woman he appointed to interview CEO candidates. I suspect that there was at least one other plant in that audience as well. So much for transparency.

5. Mr. Crye promised that he would ensure that the County didn’t get sued. That was a lie.
– when Mr. Jones’ unlawful 2nd Amendment Resolution was proposed, Mr. Crye was more concerned about his personal liability than County liability. He stated that “he had to consult his private attorney to see what his personal liability would be if he voted “yes” on the proposed Resolution,” even though County Counsel Cruse had already stated that the Resolution as proposed by Jones was unlawful and would open up the County to litigation.

– Mr. Crye also opened up the County to lawsuits when he terminated the Dominion contract without any replacement plan. That’s what sent him scrambling to find Mike Lindell and get Mr. Lindell to agree to fund a legal defense fund in case Shasta County got sued. Mr. Crye was more than willing to open up the County to lawsuits from voting rights or disability rights organizations because he was confident that Mr. Lindell, not the County, would fund the defense against those suits.

6. Mr. Crye promised that he would be a unifier and a healer. That was a lie.

– When selecting the CEO candidate, which he said would be one of his top priorities, he chose the guy who was 2nd in charge of “New California State,” an organization dedicated to splitting Shasta County from California.

Chriss Street, Supervisor Kevin Crye’s top CEO pick, failed to receive a job offer following a background check that convinced all five supervisors to reject Street as a CEO candidate. Photo source: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg News

That was hardly a move designed to heal and unify the divisions in the County. Chriss Street was about as divisive and extremist a candidate as one could find, and it’s a miracle that
he even made it into the oral interviews.

7. Mr. Crye claimed that the recall is backed solely by liberal Democrats. That is a lie.

The recall is a non-partisan effort backed by Republicans, Democrats, Independents, No-Party-Preference, etc. Thus far, about 45% of the signatories of the Petition to Recall are non-Democrats.

8. Mr. Crye claimed that the recall was launched because the proponents are opposed to his faith, family, country and sense of duty. That is about as reprehensible a lie as he has made thus far.

Dist. 1 Supervisor Kevin Crye

– the recall is based on the fact that he misrepresented what he would do if he was elected, and on his poor judgment and reckless decisions. For example, he decided to get rid of our reliable, trustworthy and cost-effective voting machines without a replacement plan in place. Now, he’s trying to implement a hand-count scheme that will cost millions more to run, be more error-prone, and take a lot more time to tally the results.

Shasta County Clerk/Registrar of Voters Cathy Darling Allen.

Rather than rely on our ROV who has 20 years of expertise running elections, he sought the advice of My Pillow Guy and his associates. Now he’s relying on the advice of the discredited CEO candidate Chriss Street for expertise on what the hand-count system will cost when Mr.
Street has as much knowledge about this as Pillow Guy does.

9. Mr. Crye claimed that the recall election will cost from $1 – $1.5 million. That is a lie, a lie that he made without even consulting with Cathy Allen’s office.

The election to recall Leonard Moty cost only $750K, not even close to the figure cited by Mr. Crye.

10. Mr. Crye claimed that recall supporters want him out so they can ask the Governor to appoint a liberal Democrat to replace him. That is a lie.

Lie-based anti-recall-Kevin Crye flyer

– recall supporters want a true fiscal conservative and a fact-based decision-maker to be Mr. Crye’s replacement. We have asked the Governor not to appoint Mr. Crye’s replacement but to let the voters of District 1 decide.

Photo source: kevincryerecall.com

Click here for more information about the effort to Recall District 1 Supervisor Kevin Crye. 

A smiling Dist. 4 Supervisor Chair Patrick Jones looks on as Tim Hill serves Dist. 1 Supervisor Kevin Crye with intent-to-recall papers. Photo by Mike Chapman for A News Cafe.

Click here for more information about the drive-through signature event Sat. June 24 from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m.

Click here to become a volunteer canvasser of District 1 neighborhoods. 


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