North State Breakdown – Episode 17 – Shasta County UPEC General Strike

The North State Breakdown investigates the Union UPEC Strike as well as the Shasta County General fund and how it is being handled by the current Shasta County Board of Supervisors.

Click here to contribute to the GoFundMe fundraiser set aside by the Shasta County General Unit for organizing activities. This includes a stipend paid to members who picket on the strike line to help offset the loss in wages that comes with striking.

Benjamin Nowain

Benjamin Nowain is an Analyst at Shasta County Health and Human Services. He grew up in Palo Cedro, and has a penchant for storytelling. He loves technology and film, which he studied at City College of San Francisco. He founded Redding VR, a Virtual Reality Arcade in downtown Redding. His hobbies include filmmaking and gaming. He is married to Jenny-O’Connell-Nowain and has two children, Chloe and Ari. ### If you appreciate Benjamin Nowain’s investigative reporting, videos and commentary, please consider a contribution to A News Cafe.

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