11/18/22 Election Update: Crye, Kelstrom, lead in Dist. 1 & 5 races; 1144 Remaining Unprocessed Ballots

With just 1144 unprocessed ballots remaining, the latest Shasta County election results were posted this afternoon, and the previous leaders in key races as of Wednesday’s report have maintained their winning margins against their opponents.

In Shasta County’s District 1 and District 5 races, respectively, Kevin Crye has an 83-vote lead over Erin Resner, while Chris Kelstrom still retained his substantial lead with 405 votes more than his competitor Baron Browning; one vote less than Kelstrom’s 406-vote Wednesday lead.

According to the 11/18/22 election results, District 1 Supervisor candidate Kevin Crye has maintained his lead over opponent Erin Resner.

Crye has 50.39 percent/5,380 votes to Resner’s 49.61 percent/5,297 votes.

On Wednesday, Crye’s results were 50.24 percent/5,267 votes to Resner’s 49.76 percent/5,217 votes, with Crye leading by 50 votes, resulting in a 33-vote gain for Crye ahead of Resner between Wednesday and this afternoon.

According to the 11/18/22 election results, District 5 candidate Chris Kelstrom has maintained his lead over opponent Baron Browning.

Kelstrom has 51.72 percent/6,091 votes to Browning’s 48.28 percent/5,686 votes.

Between Wednesday and this afternoon, Kelstrom picked up on additional vote, with a total 406-vote lead over Browning.

Redding City Council race

The Wednesday-to-Friday election results held steady in the Redding City Council race for candidates who held the lead in Wednesday’s report to retain their lead this afternoon.

According to the Friday-afternoon results, Redding City Council incumbent Michael Dacquisto remained in the lead with 17.60 percent/13,431 votes, Tenessa Audette held her second-place lead with 13.58 percent/10,366 votes, and Jack Munns again took third place with 12 percent/9,157 votes.

Latest numbers

Shasta County Elections Department General Election image

A Friday afternoon press release from Cathy Darling Allen, Shasta County Registrar of Voters/County Clerk, released the official estimated election update at 4:28 p.m.

Cathy Darling Allen, Shasta County Clerk and Registrar of Voters wishes to inform the public and the media about the estimated number of unprocessed ballots. This report is an estimated count of unprocessed ballots that we have in our office. It is just that, an estimate. We are still processing these ballots, including verifying the signature and the eligibility of the voter. Voters who have received a challenge letter have until November 28, 2022, to turn in paperwork and cure their ballot. Ballots cured by or before November 28 will still be counted.

Fourth Estimated Unprocessed Ballot Report

VBM: 597
Provisional: 528
CVR Provisional: 0

Other: 19
(Includes unprocessed ballots that are damaged, need to be remade, or require further review)

Total Unprocessed: 1144

Darling Allen urges voters who’ve been contacted by her office to please
respond as soon as possible. The deadline to correct vote by mail ballot envelopes that are missing signatures or that have a signature matching issue is next Monday, November 28.

Darling Allen thanked voters for their understanding as she and her staff continue to process all eligible ballots for this election.

Click here for the complete election update. Stay tuned for those updated numbers.


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