Letter to the Editor from Recalled Supervisor Leonard Moty: ‘Wake up, Shasta County!’

Shasta County government is being destroyed from within by District 4 Supervisor Patrick Jones, District 5 Supervisor Les Baugh, and their sidekick. And if the non-voting moderate majority doesn’t wake up soon, it will be too late, and they’ll deserve what they get.

These three supervisors have beaten down the top managers of the county with threats, harassment, personal attacks, and yes even blackmail.

First, HHSA Director Donnell Ewert, then Dr. Ramstrom, Public Works Director Pat Minturn, and now CEO Matt Pontes. Next, County Counsel Rubin Cruse and Assistant CEO Eric Magrini. Mid-level managers are already searching for jobs elsewhere. Few qualified people would even consider working for these narcissistic supervisors.

Jones, Baugh, and Garman hope to replace these officials with handpicked puppets to do their bidding. As an example, just look at the “Liberty” slate of candidates.

None of them have any prior experience as elected officials in any capacity. And they have little knowledge of how to run the departments they hope to lead. They will be nothing more than “yes” puppets for Jones and Baugh, just like Garman.

Matt Pontes is a highly skilled, extremely knowledgeable, very energetic leader who was brought here to move our county forward. We were lucky to get him. His reputation is outstanding throughout the state amongst the counties and other governmental agencies. He could’ve done so much for us. Now some other county will enjoy those benefits.

Wake up Shasta County, before it’s too late!

Leonard Moty
Former Shasta County District 2 Supervisor

Guest Speaker

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