New Year, New Virtual Education Programs!

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With laptop in hand, Tyler Compton, a Whiskeytown education ranger, awaits your virtual field trip! NPS Photo.


For the first time in park history, Whiskeytown National Recreation Area is pleased to announce a series of virtual education programs. These programs are free and open to educators, students, lifelong learners, and other organized groups. Specific curriculum-based program topics include park geology, endangered species, fire ecology, California Gold Rush history, and more.

“In light of the pandemic, new challenges pose new opportunities,” noted park superintendent Josh Hoines in a statement. “We strive to connect visitors and students to the park, and by way of the online education programs, we can continue to connect with the local community during these unique times.”

Whiskeytown’s live, personal programs are being hosted via an online platform through the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration. If interested in scheduling a program, please plan ahead, as the park asks for at least two weeks advanced notice.

For more information on the program options or to schedule a program, visit:

-from press release
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