Petition to Establish a Student Member on the SUHSD School Board

In California Education Code it is established that students can petition
for a student board member(s) on their respective school boards with the submission of 500
pupil signatures or 10% of the total student population of the district.

“As we enter our senior year, we feel it is important that students have representation on the
SUHSD School board. Especially during this time where the future of our education is
uncertain,” said Camille Brown and Leah Perez, students at Shasta High School.

Local Student Representation

Having student representatives is a privilege that California Students have. While all school
districts have the capability to have this member, many districts fail to include students on their
school boards. In the area, Shasta Union High School district is the only local high school
district that doesn’t have a position for students on their school board. Both Gateway Unified
School District and Anderson Union High School district have student members on their board.

What is most important about the presence of students on school boards is the unique
perspective that they bring to the table. The ways in which students observe their education is
vastly different than that of teachers, parents, and most importantly school board members.
Schools exist to serve students but decisions are being made about their education without their
input leading to a variation in understanding, appreciation, and investment in the education
system between students and their adult counterparts.

Current Petition Status

In compliance with ED Code, the minimum number of signatures needed is 430 (10% of the
student body). Currently the petition has 325 signatures. Since University Preparatory School
has their own school board, their students are not eligible to sign the SUHSD petition. Students
who attend Shasta, Foothill, Enterprise, North State Independence, and Pioneer High Schools
are eligible.

Link to Petition:

Press Release

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