First Steps Toward Anti-Racism

Minneapolis is burning.

Anger is rising.

When Jefferson said, “ I prefer dangerous freedom to peaceful slavery,” he didn’t intend the enslaved to take it to heart. But several hundred years later, people of color continue to move forward toward a more dangerous freedom, often at immense personal cost. In reality, it’s those of us who participate in systems of oppression, some built so deeply into our society that many of us don’t even acknowledge they exist, who should be doing this dangerous work.

It’s whites who should be doing the grunt work of pushing freedom forward.

“In a racist society, it’s not enough to be non-racist, we must be anti-racist, Angela Davis says.

Ibram X. Kendi, an award-winning historian and author writes: “No one becomes ‘not racist.’ We can only strive to be ‘anti-racist’ on a daily basis, to continually rededicate ourselves to the lifelong task of overcoming our country’s racist heritage.”

“The beauty of anti-racism is that you don’t have to pretend to be free of racism to be an anti-racist,” writes Ijeoma Oluo. “Anti-racism is the commitment to fight racism wherever you find it, including in yourself. And it’s the only way forward.”

It’s in this spirit that I share 8 imperfect steps toward becoming more anti-racist.

  1. Identify more of your own biases. Few of us like to think we’re racist, but evidence often shows otherwise. Harvard University’s Project Implicit helps users identify their implicit, or not plainly expressed, biases. Take their test titled “Race”, which indicates that most Americans have a preference for white faces over black faces.
  1. Confront America’s history. We like to think America is all about freedom, but our country was founded on tyranny, specifically the oppression of indigenous people and black Africans. This is not just an unfortunate truth, it is a foundational fact of America’s story that must be confronted and engaged with. I have not yet read Jill Lepore’s, These Truths, but it comes highly recommended. In addition to learning more about America’s history of oppression and enslavement, email your local government or write a letter to the editor to push for Columbus Day to be replaced by Indigenous People’s Day as has happened in other cities.
  1. Read about race from the perspectives of black authors. I was profoundly changed by Michael Eric Dyson’s “Tears We Cannot Stop: a Sermon to White America.” A great list of additional anti-racist books can be found here.
  1. Gather your family and watch 13th, a documentary that analyzes the criminalization of African Americans. Watch slowly and pause often. It will break your heart.
  1. Learn from black voices and center black faces. When you scroll through Instagram or Bacebook, how long does it take you to see a face that is not white? How many people of color do you follow? What voices are you listening to? This resource list includes organizations to follow on social media. Personally I highly recommend Rachel Cargyle.
  1. Push for increased accountability for local police. Call and email the Redding Police Department and contact each of your local City Council members to ask why the Redding Police do not yet wear body cameras. Lack of finances cannot be the real answer: we afford what we value. Maybe Bethel Church would like to sponsor the project?
  1. Join a local movement for justice. Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) is “a national network of groups and individuals organizing white people to undermine white supremacy for racial justice.” Rural SURJ of NorCal can be found here.
  1. Stand up to your president. Trump tweeted this week, “When the looting starts, the shooting starts.” Americans nationwide gasped as they read the President’s words. Twitter said the tweet “glorified violence”. The same phrase was previously used by Miami Police Chief Walter Headley, during the civil rights era and is thought to have intensified race riots. This is not normal and it’s not okay. It’s time to Stand Up.

*Some of the above ideas were gleaned from this incredible resource list: 75 Things White People Can Do For Justice.

Take one step. Take all the steps. Suggest other steps we could take in the comments. Tell me what’s wrong with the ones I’ve chosen. This list is in no way comprehensive or complete. The ideas are not original. This isn’t necessarily the best place to start. But in the work of pursuing dangerous freedom, silence is complicity and inaction is apathy. Let’s move forward toward a more dangerous freedom for all people. One step at a time.

Even better if we do it together.

Annelise Pierce
Annelise Pierce is fascinated by the intersection of people and policy. She has a special interest in criminal justice, poverty, mental health and education. Her long and storied writing career began at age 11 when she won the Louisa May Alcott Foundation's Gothic Romance short story competition. (Spoiler alert - both hero and heroine die.) Annelise welcomes your (civil) interactions at
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  1. Avatar Patrecia Barrett says:

    In keeping with the suggestions above, the importance of voting out the current rabidly racist president can’t be stressed enough. His blatantly racist rhetoric and open incitements to violence have led to a huge surge in violent crimes against the Black community by his white supremacist supporters. Hate crimes increased by a whopping 17 percent in Trump’s first year alone, and continue to rise, to reach what are now record levels.

    There are also indications that white supremacists are coming from out of state to commit destruction and mayhem at the various protests around the country, in an apparent attempt to de-legitimize the protests, and to discredit Black people in general. In fact, Trump himself has invited his supporters to crash these demonstrations.

  2. Avatar bruce vojtecky says:

    I assume this article is about decreasing Racism in Redding, if not just disregard my post.
    The first thing Redding needs to do is integrate the schools, I don’t mean the students but the staff. I worked over twenty years in Redding public schools. The few Blacks I worked with were Classified employees. I do not recall one Black teacher, I’m sure there must be at least one but I never saw them. The few Black coaches were off campus coaches, meaning they worked in another profession outside the school system and coached as a second career. If the students, of all ethnics, never see a Black teacher
    how are they to relate to Black history let alone problems?

    • Avatar Annelise Pierce says:

      Bruce: excellent suggestion. This will take much work to accomplish and is a very worthy goal. In the meantime I think we must work to create a culture that is welcoming of people of color and that is safe for them to not only live but lead. We are so far from that here.

    • Avatar Doug Cook says:

      Unfortunately Bruce, Redding is not a very diverse city. Only 1.4% of the population in Redding are black…so I wouldn’t blame the schools for lack of black teachers, I don’t imagine there are many blacks applying for teacher jobs. When I was hiring, it wasn’t very often I interviewed someone who was black. Just because of the low number living in Redding. Thank goodness for Bethel for bringing more diversity into our city.

      I do agree with you that living with and interacting with a more racially mixed population helps quell racism. I go back to my belief that we are going at race relations the wrong way. When I was younger, in the 70’s , we weren’t celebrating diversity…how different the races are, we celebrated unity…how similar we are. We need to get back to that. I grew up in a racially mixed neighborhood where in our school, there wasn’t a separation of students by race, we all learned and played together. It was us with a mindset that we were the same, rather than focus on our differences.

      Look at schools today, suddenly we have no problem with segregated dorms, or segregated graduations. Or telling students that there are too many white people in here.
      That is just an abhorrent statement, no matter what color they are. I remember in just about every classroom, was a poster of a black hand and a white hand clasped together in a handshake. Probably something you don’t see today.

      • Avatar Michael Kuker says:

        “Unfortunately Bruce, Redding is not a very diverse city”

        Yes, and I wonder why that is.

        • Avatar Michael Kuker says:

          Since it seems to be a mystery why Redding is not very diverse, let me give you a brief bulleted list:

          * Genocide of local indigenous population
          * Expulsion of the Chinese from Redding and other communities, followed by the arson of Chinatown. (People of Chinese descent were actively kept out of Redding for about thirty years afterwards.)
          * Ghettoizing the once-integrated local African-American community into primarily one neighborhood and then demolishing that neighborhood in the 1970s for a bypass that ended up being built elsewhere.
          * Racial covenants, discriminatory hiring practices, whites-only establishments and organizations
          * Cross burnings

          The Golden Eagle Hotel wouldn’t even serve an African-American soldier a drink during WWII.

          I’m sure there’s quite a bit I’ve left out, but this is just off the top of my head in a few minutes

          • Avatar Annelise Pierce says:

            Michael: thank you for this list that, as you said, is just the beginning. Thank you for knowing these facts and for caring enough to share them. More of us should know them and share them. Personally I feel there is prevalent continued discrimination against people of color in this area. I’ve heard of black friends threatened by those identifying as State of Jefferson. I’ve had a black friend cited for: walking, swimming, biking. I’ve had black friends had the N word screamed at them from cars as they walked down the road. My children attended foothill and would tell me daily stories about the racist jokes and conversations they heard. I could continue.

      • Avatar Annelise Pierce says:

        Doug: why do you think Redding is not very diverse? Why do we only have a 1.4% black population? I agree with you that diverse populations are healthier populations. How could we work on increasing diversity in Redding? Thanks for being here.

        • Avatar Doug Cook says:

          Not sure why that is, Annelise. My guess is that more rural communities are proportionately less diverse, but I don’t know that for sure. it could also be as simple as the poor job opportunities in this town.

        • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

          Weed, in Siskiyou County, is 7% black—a small percentage higher than California’s black population. Weed resident Charlie Byrd, Sheriff of Siskiyou County for close to two decades, was black.

          It’s not just that Redding is in a more rural part of the state. I suspect that most African-Americans who spend time living in Redding/Shasta County decide that they don’t want to live here.

      • Avatar Patrecia Barrett says:

        Doug Cook,

        Being highly knowledgeable on the subject I take strong exception to your claim that Bethel Mega-Church has brought “diversity” to Redding. The small number of Black students (mainly from other countries) who have been enticed to come here to become victims of Bethel’s lucrative supernatural school scam hardly constitute “diversity” – especially when you consider that fundamentalist Bethel is one of the leading promoters of local racism.

        For example, they have frequently shown contempt for – and tried to minimize – the suffering of Black people by making false comparisons, such as that abortion (performed almost entirely in the earlier stages of pregnancy) is exactly the same as the lynchings of countless actual, feeling, aware human beings.

        They also frequently exploit the names of civil rights icons like Dr. Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks to promote their racist, sexist, homophobic agenda. In one recent case Bethel’s second-in-command Kris Vallotton praised someone who plastered the internet with heavily doctored – and highly deceptive – videos involving Planned Parenthood (which led to mass shootings and a vast amount of violence in general at women’s clinics everywhere) as “the Rosa Parks of the 21st century”.

        Beni Johnson (the wife of Bethel leader Bill Johnson, and a so-called “pastor” in her own right) contemptiously dismissed a recent incident in which a white woman in Central Park tried to have a Black birdwatcher (who had politely asked her to leash her dog, per park rules) arrested based on false accusations that he was “threatening” her. Beni Johnson claimed the woman’s treatment of the Black person was not important, and that the only thing that mattered was how she treated her dog!

        Finally, Bethel leaders are such rabid supporters of the most racist president we’ve seen in more than a century that they have actually threatened their followers with Death by God if they don’t support him as well.

      • Avatar The Old Pretender says:

        “Thank goodness for Bethel for bringing more diversity into our city.”


    • Avatar Beverly Stafford says:

      Back when school districts had money, we’d have a speaker on the first day teachers came back from summer vacation. One year, the speaker was black. He looked out over the audience and quipped, “I’m the only chocolate chip in the cookie.”

  3. Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

    Yesterday a conservative FB friend responded to my post on the murder of George Floyd. His response was that he’d be damned if anyone was going to say he had “white privilege,” because he’d worked hard for everything he has.

    I hadn’t mentioned “white privilege” in my initial post, but the following is how I responded.


    As for your defensive take on the word “privilege,” it has nothing to do with how hard you think you’ve worked. It’s not about you and your individual virtues in any sense. It has to do with your ability to walk down the street without fear that the police might kill you in a confrontation over next to nothing or nothing at all, owing to the color of your skin.

    Nobody is *blaming* you for that privilege…you’re just being asked to recognize that in today’s America, not everyone has that same privilege. You’re not being asked to feel guilty about it, either—just to recognize the disparity exists, and not condemn or interfere with people who are trying to fix it.

    It takes nothing away from you to admit: “Not everyone in this country enjoys the same *foundational* dignity and freedom from fear that I enjoy because I’m white.” It takes away nothing except your need to believe that you earned that privilege, even though you were born into it.

    • Avatar Annelise Pierce says:

      Steve, thank you for naming this and speaking to this. It is not liberal guilt as some so often say, to acknowledge how we start the race towards the “American dream” from different starting points. It is not liberal guilt to know better, to do better, and to work to name injustice and push forward those who have always deserved an equal chance.

    • Avatar Miguel says:

      Great explanation (although it seems incredible that it should need one). But the very fact that there is such resentment and push-back gives evidence that .. nope, actually it really does. As you so accurately described, the “privileged” are being asked to give up absolutely NOTHING .. except being willfully obtuse to the reality we live in.

    • Avatar John McNeil says:

      Quick, someone tell Justine Ruszczyk, Daniel Shaver, Dennis Tuttle, and Rhogena Nicholas that as whites they needn’t fear death from police screw-up. Or how about Tim Torchia and Matthew Robinson?

      When police erroneously kill white people we assume bad cops or poor training rather than automatically assign a racial motivation based on a superficial glance at the skin color.

      • Avatar Annelise Pierce says:

        John: Do you think white Americans are as likely to die during police encounters as black Americans? Do you think white Americans are as likely to be incarcerated as black Americans? Do you think white Americans receive shorter or longer sentences on average than black Americans? Have you looked at these statistics? Does this matter to you?

        • Avatar Doug Cook says:

          Annelise, there was a study by a Harvard professor a few years back that showed that blacks are not killed at a higher rate than whites. One statistic that is frequently left out of the equation is African American males commit half of the violent crimes in America. And they only comprise 16% of the population. That is the problem that is often ignored. A problem that is ignored by black activists. The statistic on longer sentences is more of a class distinction, not a racial. Poor whites get screwed in the court system too. There is an interesting series on Netflix right now about Jeffrey Epstein and how he skated through prosecution with a light sentence a decade ago. It wasn’t because he was white,bit was because he was rich and connected.

          • Avatar Doug Cook says:

            “…that showed that blacks are not killed at a higher rate than whites”. I should clarify that the study was talking about police shootings.

          • Avatar Patrecia Barrett says:

            Doug Cook,

            The above is one of your more racists comments (one among many). I did some research into white vs. black crime, and this is what I found:

            1. Police shoot and kill unarmed black and white people at the same rates, but whites comprise a six times greater percentage of the population than blacks, which means that unarmed black people are killed by police at much higher rates.

            2. Police may kill twice as many white people in general as black people, but blacks only make up 13 percent of the population, so (once again) there is a huge disparity.

            3. According to virtually every legitimate piece of research, black people are stopped, searched, arrested, and convicted at much higher rates than white people, and typically receive longer sentences for the same crimes. Many of those convictions are based on nothing more substantial than the eye-witness accounts of white people.

            4. When DNA testing first became available, a considerable number of black people on death row for murder/homicide were exonerated and released. Unforutnately DNA evidence is only available in about ten percent of capitol cases, so who knows how many others are railroaded on the basis of their skin color?

        • Avatar John McNeil says:

          Once stopped, a white suspect is actually slightly more likely to wind up dead than a black suspect, but blacks are stopped a lot more often:

          There are definite disparities in sentencing guidelines for similar crimes (e.g. crack vs cocaine) and in actual sentencing for the same crimes (whites are more likely to get probation or lighter sentences), but these disparities are out of the hands of police and instead fall on the legislature, prosecutors, judges, and parole boards.

  4. Avatar Anita Brady says:

    Another thing you can do it FACE your white privilege. When you get called on it, don’t do the knee-jerk reaction of claiming it isn’t true– “WOW, I’ve had hard times but…” Use some time for introspection and realize that just by the lack of melanin in your skin, YOU GOT PRIVILEGE. Own up and change your outlook!

    I am especially tired of white women bowing to the patriarchy (here me Trump white women voters). What we have today in our country has been driven by misogyny for hundreds of years. Trump has mastered it as an art. HOW’S THAT WORKING FOR YOU? For your daughters, and your granddaughters? For too long, white women of America have sat back, fawned over their “men” and enabled their worse traits. STOP IT, stop it now.

    • Avatar Annelise Pierce says:

      Anita: Yes, so much misunderstanding around white privilege. It does not mean you haven’t faced terrible things in your life. It doesn’t mean you haven’t had to overcome significant barriers. It just means that your skin color, even if it was one of your barriers, hasn’t been your central one. I agree that white women must own their privilege, hold other white women and white men accountable, and raise their children to stand up to racism in every form. I do this so imperfectly now but I am determined to keep working towards a more just society.

  5. Avatar CHRISTIAN Gardinier says:

    Thank you Annelise. And thanks for ideas. Please, I hope to hear from local groups that can provide information and resources needed to grow understand and change. Also, thank you ANC, our leader in local information – communication source! The media IS NOT the enemy of the people! It is the people!

    When we see so many people shot in the back, when we see so many people lynched (I can’t breath….), when we see white supremacist Dylann Roof handled with kid gloves, law enforcement and county DA’s trying to protect Gregory and Travis McMichael and Patrick Crusius, over and over and over… We become desperate.

    Violence against people of color, and yes to a lesser degree, lower class white people, is part of everyday life in America. Understand, like everything in a society, part of this is political.

    Trump, the supposedly “leader” of America, uses emotional dog whistles almost daily to fan the flames, “knock the crap out of them…. I’ll pay the legal fees,” or ” Any difficulty and we will assume control but, when the looting starts, the shooting starts.” Is this white nationalism all he has left, after failing to protect out county with his in denial Covid-19 response, resulting in crashing our economy to depression level unemployment? I don’t think that’s going to get you elected Mr. Trump. And personally, I don’t find his tweet, “The only good Democrat is a dead Democrat…” peaceful or something becoming of anyone, let alone a so – called – president. We have to put the name on it and speak the truth to destructive power.

    As shown by Annelise, the Internet mime “we must be antiracist” going around by Davis, nails it! I think many white people refuse to acknowledge that we live in a racist society because they don’t want to deal with their implicit internal bias, discrimination and of fear of people of color… and then we have the extreme explicit folks who say, “if it’s going to take a blood bath, let’s get it over with…”

    I also remember a quote sometimes attributed to Malcolm X saying that to some degree, we are all racists, no mater what color. We have to acknowledge that this them vs. us tribalism is a social construct built into our society, and that we are parts of that society, so it’s a part of us. If in denial of any problem or if there is a pathological – anti social problem, personally or at societal levels, as evidenced by a growing white nationalist structural make up of our society, well, something is going to happen, like yet another lynching, that will trigger emotion like the understood but very misguided – I will no longer run – destruction we have seen in the last few days. The sooner we acknowledge and start to understand our personal flawed internal being the sooner we can heal our society.

    “Can we see in each other a common humanity, a shared dignity, and recognize how our different experiences have shaped us?” Obama. Let change our tribe to one of common humanity, a shared dignity. But, understand, there can be no peace without justice. We need to change out justice system and that means register and vote.

    • Avatar Annelise Pierce says:

      Thank you Christian, particularly for your recitation of Malcolm X words. As you said, tribalism is built into our society, and we are a part of our society. Powerful words. Thank you.

  6. Barbara Rice Barbara Rice says:

    Some white people have a fear of being labeled racist or holding racist thoughts so they cry out, “I’m not racist! I don’t see color! I have a black friend!” And while that might be well-intentioned and they may actually believe they aren’t racist, racism is so much more than overt hostility. Racism can be covert and not obvious to white people because they have never experienced it – so they say it doesn’t exist or that POC are “playing the race card.”

    As Gina Crosley-Corcoran explained in her essay, Explaining White Privilege to a Broke White Person:

    ” This is not said to make white people feel guilty about their privilege. It’s not your fault you were born with white skin and experience these privileges. BUT, whether you realize it or not, you DO benefit from it, and it IS your fault if you don’t maintain awareness of that fact. ”

    Peggy McIntosh’s excellent essay, White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack, lists numerous examples of systemic racism that are invisible to white people but nevertheless exist in the lives of POC.

    I still struggle with learned prejudices. I’m working through it and I have people around me who teach me their experiences living as a person of color in a white-dominated world. Sometimes it’s hard to hear but that’s the key: LISTEN to what they’re saying and stop assuming that white people know best.

    • Avatar Annelise says:

      Barbara: excellent resource. I have done the unpacking the backpack exercise with several groups. I learn each time. Thank you.

    • Avatar Doug Cook says:

      The white privilege assertion, to me does nothing but great harm to blacks. White privilege claims is a political ploy to ensure that blacks continue to view America as racist. It is a way for the left to retain political power and to treat the black community as victims.

      The Brookings Institute did a study a number of years ago where they came up with 3 simple rules poor teens should follow to join the middle class…finish high school, get a full-time job and wait until age 21 to get married and have children.
      “…Our research shows that of American adults who followed these three simple rules, only about 2?percent are in poverty and nearly 75?percent have joined the middle class (defined as earning around $55,000 or more per year). ”

      The bigger privilege than white privilege is the Two-Parent privilege.

      • Avatar Ed Marek says:

        “…The bigger privilege than white privilege is the Two-Parent privilege.”

        Who would have thunk a comment by Mr. Cook would remind you of all that President Obama overcame to become the great man he is, and the great President he was.

        Can you even imagine how much better all our lives would be today if anyone with the integrity and ability even close to that shown by Obama, were President?

      • Avatar Chad Magnuson says:

        An in deference to acknowledging white privilege, or thinking white privilege Does not create harm to people of color, is one of the biggest Misconceptions that further racial divides.

        Whites claiming they grew up with black people, or know a black person reinforces white privilege. A recent example of white privilege was displayed in Michigan when right wing men stormed the capital carrying semi automatic weapons, yet no was was confronted by the authorities. Imagine if these protesters were black.

        White privilege is a form of racism that exists and fuels racism.
        White privilege is part of our culture. Until it is recognized and eliminated it fuels racism.

        • Avatar Doug Cook says:

          The Michigan protest was peaceful, why would they be confronted by authorities? Michigan is an open carry state, they were not violating any law. They were not looting and rioting. So once again, Chad…right wing protests are unacceptable, while rioting and looting is tolerated and excused by guilty white liberals.

          White privilege is an excuse for black victimhood.. As you know, I spent the majority of my adult life in the military. People of color are treated exactly the same as anyone else, we all wear the same uniform, we all have the same opportunities. We lived and worked together peacefully.

          You also know that I volunteered with a foundation that worked with and mentored minority teens. Our biggest challenge with these kids was to rid them of that mentality of being victims, that they can’t achieve success because of the white man. It was nonsense then, and it is nonsense now. Education was their ticket out of poverty. I was contacted awhile ago from a kid I taught how to fly through the foundation, a kid that was going down the wrong road, that blamed everyone for his plight. What is he doing now? He is married with 3 kids, working as an air traffic controller in So Cal, Making north of $100k a year. All it took was dedication, a little pushing, a focus on education and not blaming whitey.

          • Avatar CHRISTIAN Gardinier says:

            Thank goodness we have Doug to show the idiocy of alt-right thinking. Of course rioting and violence is never acceptable. Also in Minnesota, you do have a right to carry a weapon. But if you enter the state capitol you are supposed to let them know who you are and what weapon you are bringing in.

            Bringing weapons dressed in camo into a state capitol along with your mega hats in your Confederate flags toscare the crap out of people, had nothing to do with Covid 19; it had everything to do about white power and privilege. And that was their intention.

            Doug, you know damn well, if those camo AK-47 and other assault weapon carrying protesters were black there would have been an awful lot of problems.

            Once again the white militia members seem to have some privilege and the white police force in Minnesota bent over and took it. The police officers took insults, screaming, and anti-civil social behavior from some of the ” protesters, while President Clorox cheered them on from the sidelines. But of course that’s okay with Doug and the alt-right, they were white people, it just needed to happen because the poor white nationalist felt their rights were being violated.

            But again, thank you Doug, for giving the public a chance to see the dirty underbelly of white nationalism’s thinking.

          • Avatar Patrecia Barrett says:

            Doug Cook,

            Of course you’re ignoring the fact that white supremacist groups are showing up at these protests, intent on discrediting Black protestors. There is no evidence that the young white men committing violence and destruction are Antifa, as opposed white supremacists pretending to be protestors (for obvious reasons).

            And Black people may have a greater chance for equal opportunities in the military than anywhere else in society, but at what potential cost?

            I also have to wonder whether your stories about your mentoring activities fall into the same category as your stories about all the supposedly highly educated supernatural Bethel students who you claim decided to work in a restaurant instead of in their field of study, and spend thousands of dollars a year to attend a worthless unaccredited scam school.

          • Avatar Ed Marek says:

            Mr. Cook, in his comment above, finds the root cause of all of America’s racial and social discord.

            Everyone is not doing exactly what old white men are telling them to do…

          • Avatar Doug Cook says:

            Thankyou for that brilliant analysis Patrecia…so it isn’t Floyd protesters looting and rioting…it is white supremacists pretending to be protester, just to make them look bad…oh good gawd.

            And yes Patrecia, poor minority kids have great opportunities in the military. They learn discipline, they have to work with and interact with different races, they can learn a trade, they receive excellent benefits, including education benefits. at what cost? 4-6 years of their life serving their country. Not a bad trade off.

          • Avatar Patrecia Barrett says:

            Doug Cook,

            I didn’t say that none of the rioting and destruction is being done by Black protestors. However, a considerable number of whites (particularly young white men) are engaging in those activities, while there is no evidence that those men are Antifa. White supremacist groups have provably been showing up at various protests incognito, and those people have a greater motivation to destroy than Antifa.

            In addition, in joining the military a young man loses control of his life completely, and could very well wind up in combat in some Middle-Eastern country etc. Why should anyone be required to risk life and limb just to access racial equality?

            And as someone who spent six years in the Army, I know that many of the jobs military personnel are trained for don’t translate into civilian careers. I worked as a court reporter during most of my two stints – experience that was absolutely worthless in civilian life given that the Army had its own unique protocols, and used equipment and methods that were grossly outdated.

          • Avatar Doug Cook says:

            Patrecia, being in the Air Force for 20+ years…the Air Force is more of a technical branch of the military. We don’t have infantry soldiers. we have technicians. kids that are trained to fix and maintain aircraft. Airmen have a better opportunity to learn a trad then say an Army soldier. But what the military does best is to instill discipline, teaching a work ethic and building pride. Generally you will come out of the military a better man or woman than before going in.

            The military has changed quite a bit since you have been in.

          • Avatar Annelise Pierce says:

            Doug: re: the USAF and military treating everyone the same. This is part of a very recent statement from CMSAF Kaleth Wright which can be found on his fb page: “As I struggle with the Air Force’s own demons that include the racial disparities in military justice and discipline among our youngest Black male Airmen and the clear lack of diversity in our senior officer ranks…I can only look in the mirror for the solution. I, the CMSAF must do better in ensuring every Airmen in our ranks has a fair chance at becoming the best version of themselves. While this is a complicated issue…I, along with every other leader across the force, am responsible for making sure it becomes a reality.” Source:

          • Avatar Doug Cook says:

            OP…nowhere did I say that black people have been kept out of Redding. Never said it, don’t believe it. If you actually read my comments, you will see that I said it is unfortunate that Redding is not very diverse…you will see that I praised Bethel for bringing in people from all over the world, of different ethnicities to enjoy Redding. Why did you accuse me of saying that comment?

            “…It’s just amazing they have a place to vent their views here at ANC”

            So you are amazed that someone with a different political viewpoint can post comments on here? You would much rather censor opposing views? You want to limit free speech to one, and only one perspective? Interesting.

          • Avatar Doug Cook says:

            Oops, I posted the other comment in the wrong place, that one was a reply to Old Pretender further down.

            Annelise, Nowhere did I say there was no racism in the military. There certainly is. Military members are reflective of the civilian population, so there will be soldiers and Airman from all walks of life, yes…including racists. However, I believe there is a lot less racism in the military, at least in the Air Force that I have experience with, and acts of racism are not tolerated as much as in civilian life.

            What I said in my comment is that there are great opportunities for poor minority kids in the Air Force. I have seem it first hand where inner city kids heading down the wrong path join the AF and turn their life around. It is not easy for some…but it is an excellent way to leave a harmful lifestyle and put poverty behind them.

            Now…I haven’t been in the military for many years now, so I don’t know how the recent increase in racial tensions that started during the Obama administration in this country has affected the military. I do know that in the Air Force, they have no tolerance for racism and are very proactive in maintaining racial harmony.

      • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

        Doug sez: “The bigger privilege than white privilege is the Two-Parent privilege.”

        Or in the case of the Trump kids, the one-dad-three-moms-multiple-mistresses privilege.

      • Avatar Ann E Pierce says:

        Doug: have you tried the unpacking the invisible knapsack exercise? Would you try it and let us know what you think?

        • Avatar Doug Cook says:

          I think I’ll pass on that Annelise.. For the sake of argument, let’s say after doing the exercise, I determine my life is chocked full of white privilege, then what? What do I do next? Feel guilty about being white? Umm, ok…then what? Do I then apologize to black people for being white? I’m not sure what you want me to do with the information I glean from my knapsack. To me, in reading the questions on the knapsack…the creator of the knapsack is confusing class privilege with racial privilege.

          Look… I currently work for a large corporation, where it is my guess that half of workers are black. As I travel up and down the the west coast working with and interacting with these fellow employees…guess what, we don’t talk about race, or privilege..we talk about our families, our job, sports, politics. The moral of the story is, that this white privilege idea comes from guilty white liberals, or college academics. Most black people don’t care.

          I found this Pew poll interesting from a year or so ago, “…According to a Pew survey, 79.2 per cent of white liberals agree that “racial discrimination is the main reason why black people can’t get ahead these days,” with only 18.8 per cent agreeing that “blacks who can’t get ahead in this country are mostly responsible for their own condition.” Among black Democrats, by contrast, 60 per cent agree with the first statement, compared to 32 per cent who agreed with the second.”

          • Avatar annelise says:

            Doug: I have to say this comment causes me to lose some respect for you. First you say that white privilege is a myth invented by guilty white liberals. Now you say that you don’t want to find out if you have white privilege because you’re not sure how that would make anything better. Which is it? What black voices are you listening to to help inform these positions? What books by black authors are you reading? How do you know that “most black people don’t care?” because your coworkers haven’t discussed it with you?

          • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

            I’m so sick and tired of conservatives dismissing the concept of “white privilege” as feeling so liberal “white guilt.” It’s an intentional distraction, just as “All Lives Matter” is the intentional co-opting of an important message with the aim of diluting its power.

            Doug says that when he works with his black colleagues, they talk about work, sports, politics. They don’t talk to Doug about race issues.


            Does Doug actually believe that? It’s hard to know what he actually believes, because his self-identity seems to be based almost entirely on contrarianism. He most often believes the opposite of what *you* just said.

            “White privilege” refers to the privilege of not being afraid when a cop pulls you over. It refers to the privilege of your kid not going to prison for years if he gets caught with some cocaine in his possession. It’s the privilege of getting to do your job without being detained because you’re “acting suspiciously.”

            It’s not about you, Doug. Nobody is blaming you, or asking you to feel guilty. Nobody is asking you to do a goddamned thing about it. All anyone is asking is that you be a decent human being and stop pretending that we all live with the same foundational assumptions of being treated with dignity and worth by the authorities. Some among us don’t get to assume that, and it costs you absolutely nothing to admit it.

            But you can’t, because you can’t turn any such concept over in your head without making it about you—about something that they want to take away from you, or blame you for, or demand that you do differently.

          • Avatar Doug Cook says:

            I’m asking you Annelise what I should do with this information if it proves I have white privilege. What am I supposed to do differently? Should I act differently around my black fellow employees? What is the purpose of the exercise? How is me admitting to white privilege going to help anyone?

            Perhaps because I have been fortunate to not have grown up in lily white Redding, that I come from a mixed race neighborhood, that I spent many years in a non racist military atmosphere, and now work in a blue collar industry where I am able to work side by side with POC, I have a different perspective. It is my perspective that my black colleagues are the same as me. They aren’t having the vapors and clutching their pearls over white privilege, they are too busy making a living and providing for their family…same as me. The company is based on seniority, so no white guy is going to get a better schedule, or get a raise ahead of a black person. I strongly believe that it white privilege is more of an issue with white liberals than black people.

            Now…as I explained before, when I dove into the foundation I volunteered for, We came across plenty of roadblocks of well meaning folks dismissing our cause, doubting we could do any good, holding up the victim card. We ended up helping a LOT of kids over the years, 100% of the kids that saw the program through to the end, graduated high school with the vast majority going onto college or the military. A LOT of kids that became part of the middle class. We didn’t do that by giving them hugs and apologizing to them for being white. we did it by hard work, by educating them, teaching them to read and write, by giving them pride…not by allowing them to be victims.

            So I’ll ask you one more time…you requested that I participate in an exercise to show that I have white privilege, What am I supposed to do with that revelation? What good is it going to do?

          • Avatar Annelise Pierce says:

            Doug: “So I’ll ask you one more time…” Always a conversation ender for me.

          • Avatar Doug Cook says:

            I don’t mean to end a conversation…I am just confused on what is the purpose of the test you asked me to take. What is the end point? What good will it do to prove to someone that I have alleged white privilege.

  7. Avatar Dan Greaney says:

    Thanks, Annelise. Another informative (and devastating) read on government sponsored racism that has deepened black poverty is The Color of Law, by Richard Rothstein. Focuses on housing/loans.

    • Avatar Annelise says:

      Thanks Dan. Just added it to my list. I have a lot of reading to do. I appreciate your input. The specificity of the book you mentioned I think points to the systemic nature of the injustice in our country.

  8. Barbara Rice Barbara Rice says:

    I’d like to add this Racism Scale. (May be necessary to download in order to read it.)

  9. Avatar Beverly Stafford says:

    From my cousin, a published author:

    Gasping For Air

    He tweets, and George Floyd can’t breathe.
    He scribbles out another executive order, and George Floyd pleads for his life.
    He stokes the flames of discord as George Floyd is dying in the street.
    He labels as “Thugs” those who only want justice while George Floyd goes limp under the knee of a policeman.
    As George Floyd lies cold and bruised on a coroner’s exam slab, the entire country is collectively gasping for breath against a tenacious virus, and still he tweets and lies and spews hatred under the cover of executive privilege.
    Surrounded by a gang of enablers, he continues to tweet, and the spirit of George Floyd shrouds the country.
    As we burn, he tweets. As we die, he tweets. He tweets, and the country is under his knee gasping for air.

  10. Avatar bruce vojtecky says:

    When I lived in Wyoming there was a study that showed 90% of African Americans in Wyoming had a high school diploma. Obviously this was not done by attending Wyoming schools, they moved to Wyoming, usually for military, Warren Air Base. I worked at Burns Elementary School, about 100 students, one summer and there were three Black teachers. They had retired from the Air Force and received their teaching credentials and stayed in Wyoming.
    The military is the best opportunity for youth, of any ethnic, to better themselves.

  11. Avatar Ed Marek says:

    I consider being alive to be a pretty useful privilege:

    “…As more data about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic becomes available, it is increasingly clear that the disease is hitting the most vulnerable and disadvantaged populations in the U.S. the hardest. Although racial and ethnic information is currently available for only about 35% of the total deaths in the U.S., even this limited sample shows that Black Americans and other historically disadvantaged groups are experiencing infection and death rates that are disproportionately high for their share of the total population. For example, while Black Americans represent only about 13% of the population in the states reporting racial/ethnic information, they account for about 34% of total Covid-19 deaths in those states…”

  12. Annelise, once again, thank you for being a voice of reason and intellect; and for being such a skilled conversation starter and facilitator. You’re a thoughtful and fair uniter, and I appreciate that so much, especially in these tumultuous times.

    • Avatar Annelise says:

      Doni: thank you for creating and maintaining a forum where we can have these discussions and for supporting my writing.

  13. Avatar bruce vojtecky says:

    Arizona Governor Ducey has declared a state of emergency because of the riots and implemented a curfew from 8PM tonight to 5AM Monday. No one is allowed on any public street except LE, National Guard, or healthcare. He has indicated that the curfew may last a week.
    Redding, tell me how you feel our pain again.

  14. Avatar Patrecia Barrett says:

    Trump has just announced his plan to declare Antifa a “terrorist organization”. Of course he and his racist ilk make no mention of all the White Supremacist groups who are showing up at protests around the country to commit violence and mayhem, in an attempt to discredit Black protestors and their cause.

    What kind of monstrous president declares people who fight against Nazis, other white supremacists, and their agenda “terrorists”, but praises Nazis etc. as “very fine people”?

    • Avatar CHRISTIAN Gardinier says:

      To be clear, I personally think the Antifa people are kind of pathetic jokes…. Dressed up in ninja costumes, carrying their sticks, looking like somthing off the set of the old TV show Kung Fu… they are not an organized political group, there is no “group” to label a terrorist organization and David Carradine they’re not.

      That said, this county is filled with well organized disgustingly camoed up and very well armed white nationalist organizations, looking like a white version of ISIS, many with 501 status or money making business licenses. And to be honest, an Anitifa vs. a pro nazi stand off would be like taking a nail file to a gun fight. Please, Antifa, just stay home.

      But we can can count on disgusting tRump, some in his family and administration like Steven Miller, to try and distract from his utterly shameful failure of his so called presidency with more unsupported innuendo, conspires and lies, while trying to swagger his white nationalism in order to drum up more division, hate and posable more, “they’re good people” violence. Clorox, or anyone else, has no factual information that Antifa is leading anything, especially the massive and now world wide anti police violence demonstrations.And in fact, there could well be white tRump supporting supremacist doing some of the instigation for all we know. And of course, the nazis and or white supremacist orgs aren’t labeled terrorists by Clorox, he needs every vote he can get.

      I know, some will say just because someone is in an organized white militia, armed up, carting confederate flags and saying stuff like, “if they don’t open the country back up, we will…” doesn’t mean your a white nationalist, just like some would say there were lots of good, decent people that supported Hitler but weren’t nazis… I mean wow… What do you do with that?

      These are crazy times and we sure have evidence of that by the nut job in the white house!

      Please,Please let’s stop with the violence and destruction!

  15. Avatar Rod says:

    Some very interesting points of views.

  16. Avatar bruce vojtecky says:

    The protestors have stated they will leave Scottsdale alone and come out to Surprise tonight meeting at the Bell and Grand shopping center. Already local Surprise residents are there armed with weapons to protect the area. If those rioters and looters show up some will be shot. Arizona residents are locking and loading.

  17. Avatar bruce vojtecky says:

    The mayor of Surprise came out and thanked the armed locals for protecting the city. I am glad my neighbors are lock and load and not apologists that say take what you want we owe it to you.

    • Avatar Chad Magnuson says:

      The mayor of Suprise sounds like it fits in well with the small thinking gun humper wingnuts.
      Glad a mayor like that is considered an anomaly in California.

      • Avatar bruce vojtecky says:

        And why is Redding, with it’s proven racism, not burning? Because Blacks have been kept out.

        • Avatar chad magnuson says:

          bruce, are you claiming Redding is systematically keeping blacks out?
          Help us identify those who live here that are promoting this plan.
          Oh silly me, you live in AZ and base your belief on your own experiences and your own acquaintances from years ago.
          Is that why you are so fond of AZ?

        • Avatar The Old Pretender says:

          “Because Blacks have been kept out.” I’m surprised anyone is still comfortable saying this sort of thing out loud. Doug and Bruce may be the most brilliant spokesmen for what is truly wrong with the Redding area and older priviledged caucasian Americans in general. It’s just amazing they have a place to vent their views here at ANC. Full respect for your tolerance Doni and Annelise.

          • Avatar Doug Cook says:

            OP…nowhere did I say that black people have been kept out of Redding. Never said it, don’t believe it. If you actually read my comments, you will see that I said it is unfortunate that Redding is not very diverse…you will see that I praised Bethel for bringing in people from all over the world, of different ethnicities to enjoy Redding. Why did you accuse me of saying that comment?

            “…It’s just amazing they have a place to vent their views here at ANC”

            So you are amazed that someone with a different political viewpoint can post comments on here? You would much rather censor opposing views? You want to limit free speech to one, and only one perspective? Interesting.

  18. Avatar CHRISTIAN Gardinier says:

    Bruce Vojtecky… What are you saying here? “Because Blacks have been kept out” is hard to understand. Are you saying that because “Blacks have been kept out” Redding has a lower crime rate? Are you saying that because the local armed up confederate – don’t tread on me flag waving white nationalist tea party movement spews it’s white nationalist agenda and because there is a noticeable undercurrent of white nationalism here within the Redding population (I would agree) that some African Americans don’t feel welcome, thus Redding is not burning and that if we had more diversity there would be burning?

    Please understand this and understand it well. The thousands and thousands of people protesting the racial oppression of minorities, and in this case the modern day lynching and shooting of African Americans, are peaceful! We make up all colors, not just Black! We don’t dress up in camo and war paint. We don’t pack our AK 47’s. We don’t swagger white or any other power, We don’t wave confederate flags. We do support peace and diversity!

    We, the thousands and thousands, are totally and completely against destruction and violence that is displayed by a small number of lawless anarchists, who in no way represent the thousands of peaceful, law abiding protesters, that come out after the peaceful events are over! In fact, right now we don’t have a clear picture of who all the instigators of this destructive lawlessness are according to some law enforcement officials. but we sure have a lot of pictures of people killing African Americans!

    But Clorox drums up hate with unproven allegations, conspiracies and accusations, ““Sleepy Joe Biden’s people are so Radical Left that they are working to get the Anarchists out of jail, and probably more,” Trump asserted. “Joe doesn’t know anything about it, he is clueless, but they will be the real power, not Joe. They will be calling the shots!” really…. AND THIS COMING from the nut job that tweeted, “the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat….” F— him!

    Please understand that when as Doug says the right to be responsible is in the eye of the beholder, we get anarchy. Our rights as defined by law, as well as the social norms of ethical and moral reasonability that most peacefully people have, are the bumper guards for idiots that think they can decide what is right and wrong.

    Again, Clorox is milking as much off the situation as he can because he knows that we know he completely failed the Covid 19 response, because we know he instigates racism and violence, because we know he has crashed the economy putting 40 million out of work, and because we know he is a pandering and philandering lying white nationalist, and he well do anything to keep power.

    • Avatar bruce vojtecky says:

      Christain, I’m saying Redding hasn’t a clue about what is happening elsewhere because there are no Blacks in Redding.
      And Surprise was not looted last night because the local residents were locked and loaded and posted on Facebook. That armed response was to a Facebook post from the looters that actually stated, “We are giving Scottsdale a break tonight and are meeting in Surprise at Bell and Grand”.
      The worst thing that happens in Redding is a council meeting is protested by Trump voters who do not riot and loot.
      Police in Scottsdale have arrested and posted 11 mug shots of looters from Saturday Night and have said there will be more arrests made off of CCTV footage from that night.
      That is what is happening in the real world.

      • Avatar CHRISTIAN Gardinier says:

        Well, thank you for clarifying your point. That said we certainly have African Americans in Redding and we are concerned about what’s going on! We also are very well informed from all social media and news outlets. We have had one very peaceful protest that totaled about 2 to 250 people already with no problems. Additionally, we are having another peaceful protest on Tuesday evening, that has been sanctioned by the Reading Police department as far as notification and presence to help the peaceful protest transpire without problems and the only people who will have arms are peace officers, people who have been trained and designated by our community to do so. Yes, Reading is very very white in many regards. That said, diversity is growing and one day Redding will be a beautiful diverse City.!

        • Avatar Patrecia Barrett says:

          I just discovered that Bethel Mega-Church is behind Tuesday’s protest (although they aren’t officially acknowledging that fact). This is a PR and recruitment gimmick on Bethel’s part, as is everything it does.

          Bethel leaders and their followers delivered countless votes to the most racist president in the country’s history, and will deliver many more. Their no-holds-barred political campaign to re-elect Trump is already well underway. In addition, Bethel leaders have admitted they are in favor of slashing housing programs, nutrition programs, and other survival programs, which will disproportionately affect the Black community.

          In my opinion these right-wing fundamentalists are racist to the core, yet they have the audacity to exploit this tragedy to serve their harmful agenda.

          • Avatar Chad Magnuson says:

            Not so sure bethel is organizing Tuesday’s protest.
            Having been to several gatherings lately, the bethel prescience is not significant.
            If they are organizing this march, and they feel police brutality, white privilege, racism of our president, and a call for immediate reform, body cams, citizen overview of LE, and observance of hate and racism in our own city and surrounding areas, I will still attend.
            It will be easy to tell what this planned March is about tomorrow night.

          • Avatar Patrecia Barrett says:


            I don’t believe Bethel has been involved in any previous local protests. The only one I’ve seen hard evidence that Bethel is behind (and attempting to disguise its involvement) is the upcoming Tuesday protest. If you attend, be prepared that this event will begin with a prayer meeting (per local media accounts).

            And I can promise unequivocally that the people running this protest will NOT admit that Trump is racist. Neither are they likely to admit to the existence of white privilege.

  19. Avatar Annelise Pierce says:

    I wrote to RPD and my council members today re: body cameras. What about you all?

    • Avatar CHRISTIAN Gardinier says:

      Excellent idea!

    • Avatar Doug Cook says:

      Body cameras come at a pretty hefty cost, Redding is still struggling with budget constraints where they can’t hire the necessary number of sworn officers. At this time, I rather spend the money on man power than body cameras. With that being said, body cameras protect the officer from frivolous lawsuits filed against the police department, more than helping civilians. I think body cameras would be a good idea, but we have other priorities.

      The reality of today is that with the economic shutdown, Redding is struggling with tax revenue. The city is going to be in real trouble with tax revenue inflow. There will be no money for the cameras and the infrastructure required to run it.

      • Avatar Patrecia Barrett says:

        Doug Cook,

        The Redding City Council allocated money for body cams several years ago. However, then-Police Chief Rob Paoletti came up with one lame excuse after another as to why that program couldn’t be implemented (most of which revolved around a potential future lack of storage space), and all of which other cities have managed to work around .

        When it appeared he was finally going to agree to the use of body cams he demanded so many exceptions for their use that virtually the only time officers would have been required to turn them on was during a formal interrogation of a suspect already in police custody. He claimed that officers might “not have time” to press the button on their collar to activate them during an actual encounter .

        As I recall he also had other equally sorry excuses for why officers couldn’t use body cams in nearly all situations – that it might violate the privacy rights of some poor widow being informed of her husband’s death, that officers had the right to hold private conversations while on duty, etc.

        I don’t know where that allocated money went, but it is apparently no longer being made available for that purpose.

    • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

      I sent the following letter to RPD’s Chief of Police this morning. I’ll copy it to the City Council members.

      Chief Schueller,

      I’m sure you’ve been following the terrible events sweeping our country in recent days, following the death of a man in police custody in Minneapolis.

      This message is to implore you to deploy body cameras on all active-duty RPD officers at your earliest opportunity. I am not suggesting this to say that I believe RPD officers need body cameras as a constraint on their behavior when they interact with civilians. I’ve lived and owned businesses in the Redding area for almost three decades and have never had an encounter with an RPD officer, or witnessed an encounter with another citizen, that was anything less than professional. I also recognize that the use of force is an unfortunate reality of the profession, and that officers have the right to defend themselves.

      But I also think that your profession is in the throes of a crisis. In many ways, it’s a crisis of confidence—a diminishing belief among many many citizens that the police are there to serve and protect. As body cameras become more common in America, LE departments that refuse to acquire them are subject to growing suspicion: What are you hiding?

      I don’t believe RPD has anything to hide. But I also believe that anyone who carries both a gun and the weight of government authority in their job needs to be held accountable if they misuse those powers. The excuse-making for not deploying body cameras is ringing increasingly hollow. More and more, it’s perceived as a desire to avoid accountability. In these troubled times, I honestly don’t think that’s a good look for RPD. Conversely, I think investing in body cameras would send the unmistakable message: We have nothing to hide.


  20. Avatar Randy says:

    Lets compare the tactics and plans of the ‘antifascists’ to the tactics and plans of the ‘white nationalists’. Antifa seems a little weak in their armaments and planning compared to the Boogaloo Bois.

  21. Avatar Patrecia Barrett says:

    The very powerful editorial below does a tremendous job of exposing white privilege. Heavily-armed white mobs are storming state capitals and screaming in the faces of police, yet they are treated with respect by law enforcement. On the other hand, a 12-year-old black child sitting on a swing with a toy gun is shot dead.

    Blatant manifestations of white privilege have gotten much worse under Trump, who constantly encourages that behavior. Black people can no longer jog, patronize restaurants, use their company’s gym, or sit on a park bench without consequences that range from racist white people trying to have them arrested, to being forced from the business, to being murdered – all while engaging in legal, non-threatening activities.

  22. R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

    Shasta County may not have that many African Americans, but you know what we do have a lot of? Citizens killed with absolute impunity by cops. Some 42 people have been killed by law enforcement officers in Shasta County since 2000. We’re No. 2 per capita in California. With not as many blacks to target, our police kill a disproportionate number of Latinos and mentally ill people. Last year for example, two RPD officers detained a mentally ill Navy veteran for no good reason and held him on the ground just like George Floyd and shot him in the back with an assault rifle. The family is suing the city. I hope they win. The only way to stop police violence is to hold police and their employers–the citizens, that’s us–financially accountable. It’s the only language the TPTB understand.

    • Avatar Doug Cook says:

      RV, I have in the past taken my own little survey of police officers I know. I ask how many cops out there shouldn’t be cops. The number I get almost universally is 20-25%. That is a lot of bad cops working the streets. My point being, everyone assumed the death of Floyd was a racial incident. Maybe it was just a bad cop. The death of a white victim by cop is that he was just a bad cop. Why do we automatically go to race if it was a black victim? In this case we don’t know for sure, do we? Everyone assumes it was race based, but we don’t know that as a fact. I haven’t read any news reports that supports the idea that it was racially motivated.. maybe he is just a bad cop. Now, if it comes out that the dozen or so complaints about him are all from African Americans, then that would support the racial claims. But we just don’t know that as of yet

      • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

        It is by definition a “racial incident.”

      • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

        I hypothesize a sizable coefficient of correlation between “bad cop,” “power-tripper cop,” and “racist cop.” So strong a correlation that I think you could most often safely substitute one term for the others.

      • Avatar CHRISTIAN Gardinier says:

        Doug, your denial is appalling and concerning. If you truthfully and absolutely believe there’s no racism involved, then I would state you have a psychological block of some sort that is shorting out reason; could be a psychological trauma that happened in the past. That’s sometimes happens with folks who have PTSD.

        However, I’m guessing that you are choosing to be in denial because you need to believe white supremacy has nothing to do with raceism or something strange like that. Additionally it could be that you really need people to believe that Trump is not a racist, that people in his administration aren’t racist and that their policies, statements and fanning of the flames are not doing so out of a racist motivation.

        After all, if you stretched it to some twisted logic, you could say that Hitler wasn’t a racist, he was just misunderstood. He just thought white people needed to be separate from people of color, or orientation, or nationality, or culture, or different religion or ethnicity.

        But I guess you do have the constitutional right to define your
        reality, as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody.

        As Anneliese said, denial is definitely a symptom or ” heartbeat ” of racism.

        • Avatar Doug Cook says:

          Christian, I am not in denial about this incident.

          “… If you truthfully and absolutely believe there’s no racism involved”

          That is not what I said or believe at all, I clearly said that at this time, we do not have any evidence whatsoever that this cop murdered this man because he was black. You just assumed it was. Why? I also said that this cop had a over a dozen complaints about him from citizens and if these complaints were mostly from African Americans, that will bolster the claim that he is a racist. That is what I said and believe, please don’t put words in my mouth.

          I try very hard not to jump to conclusions and have knee jerk reactions. Maybe if more were like me, there wouldn’t be as much looting and rioting.

          Why do you want to blame Trump? It’s my guess that you didn’t blame Obama for the Michael Brown death and subsequent riots, did you?

  23. Avatar bruce vojtecky says:

    I agree with the protestors at the White House, that is where it starts but why target local businesses in Phoenix. The mall in Scottsdale that was looted and burned is closed and may never reopen according to reports. That is the loss of many minority jobs.
    I agree with the Black college student with a bullhorn protesting downtown in front of the Phoenix Police Station. She stated to reporters that she wants the police to treat Black people the same way they treat White people. She wasn’t looting and burning.
    And as National Guard are deployed in many cities, including Phoenix, I remember that I posted how my son was given an essential worker letter by CR England to show if stopped by National Guard a couple of months ago. A couple of posters on here doubted that was necessary. Looks like CR England was proactive.
    This is the new normal, get used to it.

    • Avatar Chad Magnuson says:

      Bruce, “this is the new normal”.
      Not even close. The riots, the arson, the looting, is as American as apple pie.
      This behavior goes all the way back to the pilgrims.
      To the pillaging of our native people, the large corporations back in the day hiring Pinkertons to fire upon workers striking, to,the Boston tea party that include massive burnings, and looting, burning of church’s, synagogues, killing of students on university campuses.

      No, the kind of violence we are witnessing today is not the new normal.
      It is the American way that has been happening for ever in our homeland.

      • Avatar bruce vojtecky says:

        Chad, exactly so why is President Trump being blamed for this? Is this how to Make America Great Again?

        • Avatar Patrecia Barrett says:


          Trump’s racist rhetoric, many incitements to violence, and defense of white supremacists was directly responsible for massive violence committed against minorities.

          When he was finally forced to address the vast amount of violence he deliberately inspired, all he said was “Stop it”. Of course his insincerity was recognized, and the violence continued.

          • Avatar Doug Cook says:

            I guess the best way to protest systemic racism is to break into a Nike store and steal tennis shoes or load up big screen TV’s from a looted Target.

            I can’t remember, Patrecia…who did you blame for the Michael Brown death and riots? Certainly not Obama, correct?

          • Avatar Patrecia Barrett says:

            Doug Cook,

            As numerous news reports have indicated, much of the violence and looting is being carried out by young white men. There is no evidence linking that activity to Antifa, but there IS evidence that white supremacist groups are attempting to sabotage these demonstrations.

            And it’s been pointed out to you ad naseum that hate crimes and other violence against minorities SURGED during Trump’s campaign and following his election – not to mention multiple mass shootings by his adoring fans.

            Show me where Obama ever claimed that darker-skinned people of every variety are murderers, rapists, drug dealers, terrorists, etc. etc. , or where he told his supporters that he wants to punch his detractors in the face, or see them “carried out on a stretcher”.

            Trump has now even had National Guard troops relentlessly fire tear gas and rubber bullets into a group of PEACEFUL protestors near the White House so he could have a photo-op in front of a nearby church, waiving a bible. More evidence of Trump’s blatant fascism.

  24. Avatar Randy says:

    Who are the real lawbreakers and perpetrators of violence? The Hennepin County Medical Examiner along with county prosecutors are building an off ramp for the murderer in concluding there was no evidence asphyxia was the direct cause of death and said, “The combined effects of Mr. Floyd being restrained by the police, his underlying health conditions and any potential intoxicants in his system likely contributed to his death.”, while an independent autopsy concludes Floyd’s death was “homicide caused by asphyxia due to neck and back compression that led to a lack of blood flow to the brain.”

    BREAKING: Independent autopsy finds that George Floyd’s death “was homicide caused by asphyxia due to neck and back compression that led to a lack of blood flow to the brain.”

    11:56 AM – Jun 1, 2020″

  25. Avatar CHRISTIAN Gardinier says:

    And of course in all the chaos of the day, there was little notice of this… I remember earlier this year a news report about finding some of the graves. You want to talk about what a real riot is? See link below on the Greenwood Texas massacre. Trauma like this is generational. And this is only one of so, so, many incidents inflicted on people of color in our nation.

    From May 31 through June 1, whites killed more than 300 African Americans. They looted and burned to the ground 40 square blocks of 1,265 African American homes, including hospitals, schools, and churches, and destroyed 150 businesses. Whitesand members of the National Guard arrested and detained 6,000 Black Tulsans who were released only upon being vouched for by a white employer or other white citizen. Nine thousand African Americans were left homeless and lived in tents well into the winter of 1921. . .

    Can you imagine what our future would be like if are high school kids were taught the truth in school?

  26. Avatar Jist Cuz says:

    Allow me to interpret: Chief to Steve; “We jist spent $1 Million on a computer system and another $100K for silent mopeds to sneek up on citizens to see what they’re really doing. The city spent $1Million on Christmas lights. We can not afford body cams at this time, sorry.” +!+

  27. Frank Treadway Frank Treadway says:

    It was less than 10 years ago that a Cross Burning took place on the lawn of a Black family in Anderson Heights. The statement that Bethel brings in persons of diversity from around the country and the states is half true. These are the same folks that buy in to Bethel’s bigotry, women in their place, homophobia and this cult of taking over Redding and the country. The older Black citizens of Shasta County are dwindling, but there’s a new arrival of professional Blacks that will make Redding great again, let’s hope this shows up on the census rolls.

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