‘Plandemic’ Debunked as Utter Nonsense

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I’ve been banging my head against the wall trying to make sense of the Dr. Mikovits nonsense. The video is such a great piece of misinformation with really nice production value. A lot of people want to believe it. Here are a few ideas bouncing around in my head, and a few from folks much more intelligent than me. Specifically, David Gorski is a surgeon who wrote a fantastic dissection of the video. It is a great read. https://respectfulinsolence.com/…/…/judy-mikovits-pandemic/…

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1. A good conspiracy theory turns the believer into a hero, a warrior with secret knowledge that none of the other ignorant people know, against the powerful forces arrayed against them. A good conspiracy theory almost always has a part at the end in which the people wake up and see what is being suppressed by the powerful forces seeking to keep them ignorant. Conspiracy theories like this make the believer feel special and brave for having secret knowledge and fighting to make it public. It also provides an explanation for bad things happening in the world (respecfulinsolence.com). We all are scared and confused, and this is a way some folks gain a feeling of control over an uncontrollable situation.

2. The data Mikovits published in “Science” was later retracted because no other labs were able to replicate it. It was determined that her claims that a modified mouse virus caused chronic fatigue syndrome and prostate cancer were due to lab contamination of the samples she studied. (Robert H Silverman, Jaydip Das Gupta, Judy A Mikovits et al. Partial Retraction. Detection of an Infectious Retrovirus, XMRV, in Blood Cells of Patients With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Published Erratum Science 2011 Oct 14;334(6053):176)

3. Dr. Judy Mikovits never worked for Dr. Tony Fauci. He has been the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) since 1984, and that institute is one of 27 institutes and centers of the National Institutes of Health. Potentially the NIAID provided extramural grants that funded some parts of Dr. Mikovits’ research at some point in her career, but that doesn’t mean she was an employee of Dr. Fauci. Furthermore, the grant that funded the retracted “Science” paper was actually from the National Cancer Institute (Brooke Wolford worked at the National Institutes of Health and is a current PhD candidate in biomedical research).

4. A little more than one month after firing Dr. Mikovits, the Whittemore Peterson Institute for Neuro-Immune Disease (WPI) filed suit against its former research director. According to WPI, after Dr. Mikovits was terminated, she wrongfully removed laboratory notebooks and kept other proprietary information on her laptop and in flash drives and in a personal e-mail account. https://www.sciencemag.org/…/details-emerge-criminal-charge… .

5. Dr. Mikovits is pushing her new book, “Plague of Corruption: Restoring Faith in the Promise of Science”. The forword was written by antivaccine leader Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

6. Dr. Mikovits agrees with the conspiracy theory that doctors are being pushed to misclassify deaths due to other causes as due to COVID-19. The producers even included a clip of Dr. Dan Erickson making that claim. You might recall that Dr. Erickson made a misinformation-laden video that claimed COVID-19 prevalence was so much higher than estimated and used that estimate to claim that COVID-19 is actually five times less lethal than seasonal flu. Absolutely abysmal and inaccurate statistical analysis.

7. Dr. Mikovits states that a mask causes the wearer to re-inhale our own carbon dioxide- “a toxic gas!” and reinfects you with the virus. Fortunately, it’s not a steel-lined trap. Just as you can suck air in through a mask rather easily, so can you exhale air out through it. If you’d like to feel the difference, clamp your hand over your mouth and nose and take a stroll. Also, exhaled air is about 16% oxygen, versus atmospheric air, which sits at 21%. It’s not pure carbon dioxide, like the clouds on Venus. You cannot infect yourself with your own virus. If it comes out of you (i.e. virus droplets in exhaled breath) putting it back in you won’t make you any sicker. Being exposed to the atmosphere – in fact, leaving its host cell at all- is a very precarious thing for a virus. It risks drying out its protective moisture coat and falling apart. Taking a brief, exciting tour out your nose, into your mask, and back inside does not energize it, but instead risks inactivating it entirely (Jennifer L Kasten MD, MSc).

8. Dr. Mikovits claims that the reason we are being instructed to not go to the beach is because water and sand have healing microbes. If we are exposed to the healing microbes and are cured, then big pharma won’t be able to cure us with the vaccines it will make a fortune on… I have no words for this amount of lunacy.

In summation, this video is complete and utter nonsense. It does not help us find a way forward together. It further creates the rift we feel in society and social media when the far extremes of politics try to divide and conquer. Instead, let me suggest former President Bush’s video that he released last week asking for non-partisan cooperation and courage to move forward together.

Editor’s note: Dr. Van Kirk originally posted his essay on his Facebook page and gave permission for it to be reposted here on A News Cafe.com. 

Dr. Samuel Van Kirk
Samuel Van Kirk, M.D. OBGYN is a board-certified physician with nearly two decades of experience. He proudly provides compassionate, personalized care for women of all ages at his private practice in Redding, California. Dr. Van Kirk studied mechanical engineering and achieved his undergraduate degree at the University of California, Santa Barbara before receiving his graduate degree at Stanford University. After studying mechanical engineering, Dr. Van Kirk earned his medical degree from the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. He then completed his residency in obstetrics and gynecology at the Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Van Kirk grew up in Colorado and enjoys an active lifestyle, including backpacking and spending time outdoors.
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36 Responses

  1. Thank you. So disheartening and frightening to see how many people will buy any kind of nonsense because they saw it on the internet and it makes them feel powerful in a terrifying situation. Sigh. The facebook “unfollow” button got a good workout this week — but I’m not hopeful about the analytical skills of the voting public.

    • Avatar Matt says:

      My guess will be that she will be vindicated based on her rapport with others in the industry. She’s definitely collaborating with others in elaborating on her story to sell it and it may back fire. However, I do believe there is truth to what she is saying. Hundreds and thousands of us who have been personally impacted with verifiable vaccine injuries, that are well documented can attest to the fact that their are injuries and they cannot be overlooked. Thankfully we do not rely on Dr. Mikovits. We do rely on those Doctors who have witnessed these injuries first hand and can testify under an oath. We hope that the rest of the population will help us make vaccines safer and reduce adverse reactions.

  2. Avatar christian gardinier says:

    Dr. Van Kirk, thanks for the interesting read. What is depressing is that a lot of folks in the anti government, anti education, anti science and alt-right conspiracy movement, right here in good ol River City Redding, will latch on to this bunk and preach it as fact. The social political link to this movement is heightened, and will be used by Trump, as another twisted fact to bolster his base.

    Sadly, people still think the moon landing was staged, that the government is run by a “deep state,” and that a little bleach might do you good, all as Republicans try their hardest to dumb us down by cutting education and critiquing health science as not factual, all while trying to kill Obama Care, a program need desperately today in the Covid 19 crises as people lose jobs and health benefits. In fact, the Covid 19 death count and other information now seems to be obstructed by the Trump administration and by two or three Republican governors and many health professional thing the count is higher… but that would be bad for business, no? It’s kind of like Trump and his tRumpublicans in their attempt to obstruct democracy by making it harder and harder for people to vote.

    Dr. Van Kirk, thanks for helping shed light on all the Covid 19 stuff and of course, thank you to a News Cafe for keep the light on and shining brightly!

    • Avatar SB says:

      You just outlined perfectly, why I travel to Sacramento or Chico for any medical needs. Unfortunately, my home town has no shortage of conspiracy believing MDs, and it’s not a chance I’m willing to take.

  3. Avatar Mark Twitchell says:

    My brother-in-law seems to glom onto every conspiracy theory that comes along and he bought the Mikovits video lock, stock, & barrel. Of course, when it was pulled from You-Tube, that just meant that “somebody up there” doesn’t want us to see the truth. He’s a state of California employee who rails about the “deep state” all the time. (I find that interesting, anyway).
    I enjoyed this you-tube video, from another Dr. about “Plandemic”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHeg9DDrjMs

    • Avatar Randy says:

      No amount of fact will remove the conspiracy hook once they take the bait. It is all about protecting ego from there.

  4. Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

    I haven’t watched her video yet, but from what I’ve read Dr. Mikovits is a highly intelligent sociopath. For reasons that I haven’t seen explained, she was allowed to co-author the paper that retracted the original findings published in “Science.” (She’s the third author in the paper that’s cited at the conclusion of item #2 in Dr. Van Kirk’s essay above.) I have to wonder if that was to allow her to preserve her career, which still existed at that time.

    I’ve seen claims that her findings were the result of lab contamination, but others have accused her of outright fudging the data. She definitely fudged an important figure in the Science paper, which suggests that she’s capable of peddling bullscheisse to make her case.

    At any rate, now that she’s unemployable she’s found a new gig—tapping into the “Conning America’s Mouth-Breathers” rich vein of opportunity. Like I said, she may be a sociopath, but ain’t dumb.

    • Good points, Steve. I think as as society we place a high value on people with intelligence, and we sometimes forget that smart doesn’t necessarily mean correct, or truthful.

  5. Avatar Ed Marek says:


    Why waste ANC effort reporting on this BS?

    Unfortunately, their are many sick and twisted people on our planet.

    Do you really think giving them more exposure, even in this way, is productive?

    “Facebook and other companies remove viral ‘Plandemic’ conspiracy video
    Thursday, May 7, 2020”


    • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

      Ed — Reporting often entails revealing lies, debunking conspiracies, and countering disinformation campaigns. Trump is a fountainhead of BS. Should the media ignore the lies he spews on a daily basis from his bully pulpit? (Serious question….that was a real debate regarding his COVID-19 briefings, which were so chock-full of misinformation that they were dangerous.)

    • Ed, with all due respect, Dr. Van Kirk’s essay is not BS. It’s crucial information especially important this week because the now-widely discredited Plandemic video went viral on FB (before it was removed) and millions of uninformed people took the conspiracy theories as gospel, then passed them on, and passed them on ….

      We wouldn’t bother addressing this if Dr. Mikovits was, as you describe, just one “sick and twisted” person, sitting in her basement writing wild theories if they weren’t widely disseminated. I don’t know if you’re on FB, but there was a tidal wave of support for and belief in the Plandemic video, and now, as Mark points out above, those who believed Dr. Mikovits now see an even greater conspiracy since the video’s removal.

      Personally, I’d rather know the truth, backed by science, which is exactly what Dr. Van Kirk has offered us here today, and for that, I’m grateful.

      • Avatar Ed Marek says:

        Doni and Steve,

        I wrote “Why waste ANC effort reporting on this BS?” (Note “on”) without even considering it could be interpreted in the way Doni has, that I could be referring to the story as BS, rather than the video, as I stated.

        If someone had posted an approving comment or link to this video-or any other nutty “BS” RE COVID-19 anywhere on ANC, I would hope to see a reply revealing it as the nauseating pack of lies it is.

        And I’ll quote my recent comment (spelling corrected) on that point:

        “..I believe that If you allow anyone to lie to you without reply, you are become a participant in their activity. When the discussion involves matters (quite literally) of life and death, acquiescence is a serious mistake.

        I think our accelerating national disaster under the trump regime illustrates the hazard I am describing.

        While it may seem relatively innocuous to ignore those ANC commentators who post the same false statements over and over again, consider the great harm they cause…”


        My objection is giving “BS”, the video or other toxic emissions from its creators, the equivalent of front-page treatment, on ANC.

        My concern was and is that there are many more important local news stories on the pandemic that will remain unreported, if you feel the need for ANC take on BS like the Plandemic video. Isn’t the supply of BS of this kind basically infinite?

        I did intend my comment to be constructive criticism.

        In retrospect, I regret my post if for no other reason that I’m now wasting more time (yours, mine, and others) on another comment …explaining my first one.

        Keep up the good work, Doni.

  6. Avatar Doug Cook says:

    There are plenty of You Tube videos proclaiming that we never went to the Moon…I ignore those too.

    • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

      Good for you. You’re one person.

      If you spend any time on social media you’ll see that an alarmingly large cohort of your conservative brethren see it as truth with a capital T. Swallowed hook, line, sinker.

      Even more of them see every crackpot theory as equal to those supported by actual evidence—all theories are pretty much equally tenable. And if they see that a crackpot theory is being rejected by academics, experts, and especially liberals, that lends credence to the crackpottery.

      • Avatar Richard Christoph says:

        Check out attorney and former Shasta County Pete Peters’ “Freedom in Action” on KQMS from 7-9 AM each Saturday morning for a full menu of “an alarmingly large cohort of your conservative brethren” and an excellent challenge for one’s critical thinking skills.

    • Avatar Chad Magnuson says:

      The major difference between landing in the moon and debunking COVID misinformation is the human lives that are stake.
      As far as I know no one has died by believing we never landed on the moon.
      Are you willing to make that same conclusion concerning COVID?

    • Hal Johnson Hal Johnson says:

      I tended to buy into the idea that the moon landing was faked, but then I learned that Buzz Aldrin was helicopter rated. So yeah, it probably happened. 🙂

      • Avatar Doug Cook says:

        Hal, the other day as I was sitting on my butt doing nothing…because that is what I do now. I looked at the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter camera mapping of the moon. If you dial in the coordinates of the Apollo landings, you can clearly see the descent stages sitting on the surface. Pretty interesting. As a young kid, I was obsessed by the Apollo program, the astronauts were my heroes. While in the Air Force, I had the pleasure of meeting Pete Conrad commander of Apollo 12 and the 3rd man to walk on the moon. I was starstruck, for sure.

        Do you still fly, Hal?

        • Hal Johnson Hal Johnson says:

          Doug, I’ve been retired for six years.

          I was fortunate enough to meet Pete Conrad at Long Beach Airport in the late eighties. It was a short, but memorable conversation.

          I always thought that Pete Conrad had one of the most recognizable voices of all the astronauts.

          • Hal Johnson Hal Johnson says:

            Funny, but I just now remembered that today marks the forty-fifth anniversary of my first solo in a helicopter. Normally, I think of that first solo every May 8 soon after waking. Yeah, this quarantine isn’t affecting me AT ALL.

            Hm. I think I’ll go pick up a growler, bring it home, and celebrate by walking up and down the driveway singing Kris Kristofferson songs.

            Barbara, I apologize, and I’m done with going off-topic. But wait: ain’t there some rule that states that mentioning adult beverages in a comment insulates one from the off-topic rule?

            Just checking. I go now.

          • Barbara Rice Barbara Rice says:

            I assume you brought enough for everyone?

  7. Good morning. Just a heads up that I’m taking the liberty of inserting “Van” in front of “Kirk” here in the comments section where that part was missing in a few of the comments. This is a departure from ANC’s policy to not edit comments (unless requested by commenters).

    Carry on. Thanks for commenting on Dr. Van Kirk’s essay.

  8. Dr. Van Kirk, thank you, once again, for allowing us to share your scientifically based words of wisdom and clarity here today. So appreciated!

    (Points #7 and #8 were my personal favorites.)

  9. Avatar Ann Webber says:

    Thank you for bringing clear assessment to this malarkey. And I would like to say that there is a great deal of value in addressing this type of conspiracy theory in ANC. I have had a few friends who rely upon me to steer them clear of this nonsense. That was how I first learned of this particular video, by a text message asking me if there was anything valid about it. Considering how much information is being spewed forth, it’s helpful to have a source for sanity!

    • Avatar Miguel says:

      The above.
      I don’t spend much time with YouTube (or FB) so I don’t tend to run across a lot of this tripe. What articles like this do is allow me to look my neighbor in the eye and say, “Joe, respectfully that’s a load of nonsense .. and if you want me to I’ll send you some information on why I KNOW it’s nonsense.” Joe usually doesn’t want to be enlightened (or argue the point, once it’s received some push-back) .. but it does provide me with the armor I need in order to go out there and fend of the daily barrage of “nonsense.”

      And actually .. calling this type of thing nonsense is way too generous … Nonsense generally has no intent to harm.

  10. H A Silliman H A Silliman says:

    It’s not the conspiracy theories that’s the real problem. The problem is our new, MASS social media that is not filtered or fact-checked or censored. There’s not really much of a “delay” as for radio and TV.

    • Avatar Anita Brady says:

      I saw that this video was being scrubbed by as many social media platforms as possible but those being duped by the con-men/women keep re-posting it. It is so sad that people keep putting this piece with gigantic misinformation up to viewed by more easily duped. But then, stupid people take conspiracy theories to be truth without actually checking any of the claims. They just adjust their tin-foil hats to a frequency/source that will bring the next conspiracy.

  11. Avatar Tobias says:

    Why disqualifying the claims made by Dr. Judy Mikovits?
    If you want to get objective information about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic you must let all claims be explained extensively in a scientific debate, event that must be patronized by the medical community worldwide – absent of course of any sort of influence coming from the pharmaceutical industry, the World Health Organization or governments – not by some physicians who may disagree with her scientific views.
    Wondering why ANC does not cover the elephant in the room while talking about COVID-19? Hint: Big Pharma

    • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

      I don’t think anyone doubts that Big Pharma is going to try to make hay out of this pandemic. The elephant in the room isn’t just Big Pharma. It’s the entire for-profit healthcare-pharmaceutical complex.

  12. Joanne Snyder Joanne Snyder says:

    Dr. Samual Van Kirk the first part of you article helped explain to me the allur of conspiracy theories and, heck, let’s throw in urban legends. When one of my friends quotes some “fact” I find questionable, I ask where, when and what is the source of this information. I want to know if it’s true or not. I hate the idea of making any decision in life based on shoddy research or misinformation. Thank you so much for taking time to track down all the real information about this pseudoscience production.

  13. Avatar Chris Rodriguez says:

    Yea science, thanks for posting this!

  14. Avatar Kathryn says:

    Read the book find the truth for yourself. Don’t let others think for you.

  15. Avatar Paul says:

    Yes! an impressive point by point refutation of nearly all of Dr. Mikovits’ talking points.
    NOW! if this debunking of this person was really as effective as assumed (along with many many other online post debunking Mikovits—one would almost imagine these debunking posts would serve as an effective vaccine for ‘misinformation’ attempted by this DR/Phd.

    One might think it therefore wouldn’t be necessary to silence her by taking everything she says…DOWN almost as soon as it’s posted.

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