Valentine’s Day With Pete Buttigieg in Downtown Sacramento CA

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I got the email from a friend at about 9 a.m. on Valentine’s Day telling me that Pete Buttigieg would be at a rally in Sacramento. I quickly sent out this information to a bunch of local “Pete For America” fans to see who wanted to carpool.

The decision to go was easy. Valentine’s Day was basically a blur. All the candy was distributed to friends, so what else was there left to do?  Yep, head to Sacramento at warp speed to hear this person I regard as the 21st Century reincarnation of  JFK (that’s John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th U.S. President, for any unenlightened young folks).

Perfect weather, right downtown in Cesar Chavez Plaza, parked across from the venue, and folks were already lining up at my arrival time of 2:45 p.m. for the 4 p.m. rally. I had registered, so it went real smooth for the entry. There were lots of friendly volunteers, lots of free political signage and the excitement was nearly palpable.

Then I noticed the staging area, and being about the 45th person in line, I imagined a front-row position for great photos of Pete. When the time came to let us move to the stage, I was quickly elbowed by several earnest – but friendly – women. Was it my duty to knock them to the ground and beat them to my desired spot? Well, yes, but the better half of my brain took over and my roughshod manner was shelved, maybe until the next political showdown.

I became friends with the aforementioned ladies from Nevada, as we had lots of time while Pete was being interviewed by state and national media in a large tent nearby.  Then the chants began. “We Want Pete! We Want Pete!”

All of a sudden a voice from nowhere said, ‘To introduce the next President of the United States, please welcome the Lt. Governor of California, Eleni Kounalakis!” There was wild cheering as Kounalakis gave her reasons for supporting Mayor Pete.

The crowd chanted, “President Pete!” and then Pete Buttigieg himself sprinted from the large media tent and pole-vaulted upon the stage, or so it seemed. With microphone in hand, he thanked everyone for being there, and then launched into why he wants to be President of the United States.

This Mayor from South Bend, Indiana, dressed in his signature look — white shirt, sleeves rolled up, blue necktie, about 5’10” — began with how he met his husband Chasten and how they formed a loving bond. The crowd was silent, and you could see the tears rolling down countless faces as we heard a touching story that illustrated just how human it is for two persons of the same gender to find love, respect and a way of life.

Then Pete was asked questions that folks submitted while we’d waited for his arrival. There were questions about the economy, about what he’d do on his first day in office, how he’ll earn the votes of all persons of color, how he’ll work to heal the world leaders’ images of the U.S. after they’ve been left with an uneasiness by our current president; so many points of information that we simple folks out here in the world at large have on our minds on a daily basis.

His delivery was honest and well-researched, not just as a policy wonk, but one whose education and world-travel brought him to the point and desire to be the leader of our wonderful country.

Not only does he speak five languages, and he did speak to the crowd in Espanol, but his time serving in the military in the Middle East gave him the knowledge that it’s all about diplomacy that’ll keep us and them out of destructive warfare.


His firm grip, not only by his handshake, but knowledge of national and international affairs, is what brought me to support him early on.

I’ve already voted for him, and there’s a group of more than 200 Pete supporters in Shasta County who will likely vote for him, and we’ll see how he and the other Democratic candidates fare at the National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in July 2020.

I end with suggesting you ask yourself this: Why wouldn’t you want this 35-year-old person with all the attributes formerly mentioned to be our next president?

If you want to know more about “Pete For America” and his clear message, go to his site:

Frank Treadway
Frank Treadway: Some say baker extraordinaire, some say, 'What is that?' Born in Mt. Shasta with a special sugar sensor, raised in Anderson, Frank has lived in Redding for the last 25 years. He's proud to say that he's found a fine bakery in more than 30 countries. Bon Appetit !
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30 Responses

  1. Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

    Frank, thanks. I feel Mayor Pete is what this country needs for a president, Youth. Enough of billionaire old people. And it seems a lot of billionaires have the same sentiment as it seems Pete’s fellow candidates are attacking him because of his fundraising.

  2. Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

    I’m in wait-and-see mode. There isn’t a single Democrat who I won’t enthusiastically support to overthrow the toxic Trump regime. Mayor Pete has been one of my favorites since the day I saw him charm the pants off of a “town hall” type forum sponsored by Fox News, where the audience was made up of your typical Fox News viewership (older, white, lots of trucker hats). They gave him a standing O at the end. It was remarkable.

    My #1 criterion is electability—who can beat Trump? Right now I think the best bet is Amy Klobuchar running with Kamala Harris or Corey Booker.

    It’s distressing that the party of diversity seems to be doing its best to make this a race between a trio of 78-year-old straight white males, one of whom is a multi-billionaire attempting to checkbook his way to the nomination. But again, any one of those three is a better option than the Twitter-addicted, compulsively lying, bullying, self-worshiping, tantrum-throwing Orange Führer.

    • Avatar Doug Cook says:

      Kamala Harris or Corey Booker.. .lol, good one

      • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

        Right? They’re both black! LOL. I don’t know what I was thinking!

        Actually, that’s exactly what I was thinking: The Democrats need to mobilize the African-American vote. That’s key in the upper Midwest swing states, and could even tilt 1%-margin Florida in their favor.

        I suffer no illusion that any permutation of POTUS/VEEP candidates is going to sway fearful, authoritarian, angry white guys from the rust belt away from Orange Mussolini. He’s their guy, no matter how hard he hoses them.

        • Avatar Doug Cook says:

          Harris and Booker had no black support. Both of them had less than 5% support from the black community, well behind Biden, Sanders and Warren. Black voters that supported Obama ended up disappointed in his lack of concern for the black community.
          Your thinking is exactly what is wrong with the Democrat party. All the Democrats have to do is check off the proper box to get support of a certain bloc of voters. Need black support? find a black VP. Who cares if their platform goes against the community you are campaigning for. Meanwhile, it is the current president that has helped the black community. The Opportunity Zone program is driving investment to the communities that need it the most….and it is working. he has supported and signed executive orders to help historically black colleges, he has sent federal resources to help curb violence in Chicago. The prison reform, record low black unemployment…and so on.
          Again, all the president has to do is pull another 10% of the black vote from a Sanders or Bloomberg to make it tough for the Democrat.

          So tell me,Steve…what has the Democrat party done for the black community other than pander to them?

        • Avatar Kathryn McDonald says:

          Steve, what about Doug? He isn’t from the rust belt.

  3. Avatar Richard Christoph says:

    Good write up, Frank, and like Esteban Torres above, I will gladly vote for whomever ultimately gets the nomination. Just one minor quibble— Mayor Pete is 38, not 35.

  4. Avatar Linda Cooper says:

    Thank you for the article, Frank. Bravo to you and your pals for actively supporting a candidate! Below is a link to what I thought was an interesting read about Buttigieg. I’m not endorsing him at this point, however, the article made me feel warmer.

    I’m in the anybody but Trump camp, along with the anybody but LaMalfa camp, and have sent money to Amy McGrath who is running against Moscow Mitch in Kentucky.

  5. H A Silliman H A Silliman says:

    Another corporate candidate is not what our country needs, despite his youth, charisma and language abilities. He and Biden and Bloomberg are toddies for the elite, that’s why they support him. I was at first impressed with how he speaks, but the. He started taking the money, using Democratic bundlers. And tbat was it…his strips were shown.

    • H A Silliman H A Silliman says:

      …but then he started…

    • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

      Agree/disagree. We don’t need more corporatists, and Biden and Bloomberg are the worst of those. I don’t think Pete has enough of a track record to predict where he’d go once in office, but he speaks as a centrist. I’m okay with that—it’s arguably a reasonable long-term strategy. The alternative is Warren saying that she’s going to vet her nominee for Secretary of Education with a transsexual high school student, who will have veto power. That’s red meat for Trump—he’d broadside her repeatedly with that in the debates, and it’s pretty much an idiotic and indefensible position.

      Trump needs to go, and so does Mitch McConnell. Neither has any use for the norms of our constitutional government. Both behave as if this is 1930s Germany. Those two rotten apples need to be tossed onto the compost pile of history. I give the nod to the candidate with the best chance of defeating the incumbent.

    • H A Silliman H A Silliman says:

      Paul Krugman today: on this topic.
      Pete might be a good VP choice, though.

  6. Avatar The Old Pretender says:

    Nope. Done with corporatists and apologists of greed. “Medicare for all who want it”…piss on that nonsense. He’s bought and paid for by the same charlatans who brought you Bloomberg. Republican light is no longer of interest to me. Go big or go home…and that aint Mayor Pete. Besides, spending enough time in South Bend will convince you it is not the result you want for this country.

  7. Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

    Prediction. Trump has already won Shasta County.
    Another prediction. I will not attend the Trump Rally in Phoenix tomorrow though I am sure ANTIFA, Proud Boys and all kinds of other idiots will.

    • Avatar The Old Pretender says:

      If you’re not anti-fascist, then you are fascist. There is no longer a middle ground.

      • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

        I don’t know that I’d put it exactly so, but I do believe that we’re surrounded by a lot of proto-fascists who don’t realize (yet) that proto-fascists is what they are.

        And then there are those who absolutely do realize that they’re yearning for fascist, one-party, authoritarian, white supremacist rule. It’s alarming that there are so many of them.

  8. Avatar Sam says:

    Mayor Pete will not get the Democratic nomination because he is not addressing the needs of Americans under the age of 40. Most Dems under the age of 40 are on the Bernie wagon. Why? Because younger Dems want the same benefits that the boomers had. Boomers benefited from the high taxes that set up the post ww2 boom and then gradually cut the taxes. Boomers profited from LOTS of social programs and benefits that they now say we can’t afford to continue. But yeah, we millennials are lazy socialists who eat too much avocado toast.

  9. Avatar Candace says:

    Bruce, barring some miracle, your prediction about Shasta County and Trump is a foregone conclusion. People like myself and many others here in Shasta County would love that that weren’t true. We’re not all made from the same cloth. As far as a Trump rally goes, I would’t attend one no matter who was expected to show up and I think you’re a wise man to stay away.

  10. Avatar Candace says:

    While I respect the author’s enthusiasm and support for his candidate of choice, so far Buttigieg does not have the black vote. That matters immensely. In that sense, he’s no JFK.

    • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

      The “peaceful” protestors and supporters have already started lining up for the 3PM rally. I won’t go near downtown Phoenix and the businesses have started boarding their windows. Why don’t these “peaceful” protestors, who most are not from Phoenix, stay home and tear up their own communities?

  11. Joanne Snyder Joanne Snyder says:

    I was so very wrong on my prediction for the last presidential race that I don’t even want to try to guess how this election is going to go. Thanks for this great article Frank.

  12. Avatar christian gardinier says:

    First, any of our candidates are better then a lying, criminal white nationalist, who clearly flaunts his want-to-be dictator authoritarianism at least 4 or 5 times a day, even rubbing it into his flunkies faces, like Barr and all those that came before him. Hell, I would even vote for Frank T any day before tRump! But, that said, I’m not so sure a small-time mayor is our best option.

    I came across this, “America has elected inexperienced presidents before. Weirder things have happened, even just recently, but, when the former mayor claims that his service in South Bend has prepared him for the presidency, one can only wonder whether he’s been spending too much time at the Linebacker…”

    For those who want information on why Mayor Pete might not be the best option, take a look at

    Whatever we do, at least register to vote and vote BLUE!

  13. Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

    What is it with the Black Vote? Biden didn’t do well in Iowa and NH and is waiting for the Black Vote? Blacks don’t support Mayor Pete or Bloomberg?
    The fact is the Black Vote will go to the Democratic candidate, whomever it is, unless they don’t vote like in 2016. And it will take the Black Vote to defeat Trump.
    Biden is the Democrat Mitt Romney, his time has come and gone, only difference is Mitt knows it. Warren didn’t run four years ago, despite urging from many Democrats, because she knew outside New England she wouldn’t do well. Sanders is the front runner but, like 2016, the DNC is trying to sabotage his campaign. Amy, like Pete, lacks the experience voters want.
    2020 will come down to a battle between two old white billionaires from NYC.

    • Avatar Doug Cook says:

      I believe President Trump will increase his black support. Of course the vast majority will go to the Democrat. But all Trump needs is another 15% which he can do easily. Democratics have historically disregarded Black Americans, championing the issues Black people face and then disappearing after the election.

      I said a year ago that Biden was going nowhere, this is his third time running for president, and he has never come in better than fourth in any primary election. He needs to get out after S. Carolina. You already see the Democrat elites turning against Sanders…heck, even MSNBC has turned against Sanders.

      If Bloomberg gets the nomination, which I believe is getting more likely, what will that do with voter turnout? The young vote will certainly stay away. How many progressive Democrats will be motivated to vote for another NY billionaire? Will Sanders endorse Bloomberg and campaign for him if he wins the nomination? Not likely. The smartest thing the Democrats could do right now is put all their support behind Klobuchar. I’m actually looking forward to watching tonight’s debate. Could be entertaining.

  14. Avatar Randy says:

    Dem’s turned into a 3 world brown skins party run by white rich racists.

    Time is running out for the white man in America !

    • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

      Randy, time is not running out for the white man in America. Most of us white men, not all, are adapting to ethnic changing of the neighbors.

  15. Steve Steve says:

    I so wish I had known about your carpool.

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