Bethel Music: A Worldwide Contender

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Dear Editor,

Christian music has been around, well, since Christians. Many main stream singers and groups got their start in gospel music, from Elvis through Amy Grant to Kanye West. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir is known throughout the world. In the Midwest many gospel families have carved out their own local niche.

In Billboard’s top 50 Christian rankings for 2019 Kayne West is #3. Ranked at #10 is Bethel Music, ahead of Josh Turner, #22 and Amy Grant, #49.

Top Bethel songs on Billboard were:;

“You Make Me Brave, Live At The Civic” #10 in 2014.

“We Will Not Be Shaken” #12 in 2015.

“Have It All; Live At Bethel Church” #12 in 2016.

According to Billboard, Bethel Music began as a small local group in 2001 and now has a global reach. Its songs are available on Amazon, Apple and Spotify. Maverick City Music out of Louisville schedules concerts.

The main singer at first was Jean Johnson from Trinity High School. Since then Bethel has added other singers, such as Steffany Gretzinger, who hit the charts in 2014 with “The Undoing”. In 2019 they added Dante Bowe. In addition to being musical artists, these singers are Bethel pastors.

Here in Phoenix we get the BYU network, Brigham Young University. They show a lot of sports but also have music programs, not often, but occasionally Bethel Music will have a spot.

With the Convention and TOT money being put out for bid by the Redding City Council, already some Redding residents are saying Bethel will get the contract. If so, Redding can be assured Bethel Music will be highly promoted.

Is this bad or good for Redding?

I did not use the propaganda-laden Bethel website for any of this. I sell vinyls on Ebay and research prices to sell mine. I have a lot of gospel records, no Bethel, but their name kept coming up, so I searched further. What I found is the investigators who have posted, using Bethel propaganda, have seriously underestimated Bethel Music’s worth. They said, supposedly confirmed by Bethel, that Bethel Music accounts for $60 million income. They are in a multi- billion-dollar industry worldwide that is dominated by minorities. Adding Dante Bowe last year shows Bethel is adding minorities to their clan. So much for God and Brimestone white evangelists. Music is what attracts the flock.

Right now on Amazon a Bethel album is selling for $29.99 and Walmart is selling a Bethel Karaoke song list for $17.99. Are the anti-Bethelites going to boycott Amazon and Walmart? Also, Ebay is loaded with Bethel Music.

With the recent addition of film classes to BSSM curriculum one can expect a Bethel film to debut at Sundance or other film festival.

Redding is turning into Bethollywood right before these investigators’ eyes.

Bruce Vojtecky, El Mirage, Arizona

Guest Speaker

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