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Seeing is Believing – photography exhibition, part of Redding Cultural Cruise, opens January 10

Seeing is Believing – photography by James Canter, Harvey Spector and S.J. Luke.

It’s the 21st Century. There are literally millions upon millions of photographs taken every year. Some impulse, some essential instinct, perhaps, dwells inside human beings that makes us want to record, to preserve even the most mundane moments of our fleeting time on this earth.

Then there are those of us who make photography into an all-consuming hobby or even a profession. We take the “seeing” and spend a lot of time and resources converting it into something material, even going so far as to hang it on a wall and hope that others might eventually “believe”.

Let us take you along on our journey. Come, see.

Show runs: January 10 – February 22.
This exhibition is part of the Annual Redding Cultural Cruise on Friday, January 31.