Shasta County Supervisor Les Baugh, Media Critic

Fledgling media critic Les Baugh. From Facebook.

The following is an open letter in response to Shasta County District 5 Supervisor Les Baugh’s Dec. 23 Facebook post maligning my journalist colleagues Annelise Pierce and A News Café publisher Doni Chamberlain in a deliberate attempt to harm Pierce’s reputation and Chamberlain’s business. The behavior of this elected public official is so crass, I felt compelled to respond.

Dear Les,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I was wondering what I was going to write about this week when two days after Christmas I ran across your Dec. 23 Facebook post attacking the journalistic integrity of my colleagues Annelise Pierce and A News Café publisher Doni Chamberlain.

It may be the nicest gift I’ve ever been given by an elected public official, and I wanted to express my gratitude. It’s not often I’m granted the opportunity to give someone an education in journalism, especially someone with your stature. Thank you!

First of all, you posted your critique of Annelise’s recent essay, “Redding Cops Kill Again” at 9:52 p.m., so if you happened to be drinking at the time, I forgive you. People say stupid things on Facebook when they’re drunk, especially during the holidays. Believe me, I’ve been there. Apologize and take the post down, and you’ll be fine.

But I think it’s far more likely you’re one of those strait-laced sober guys, given you’re the pastor of Anderson Community Church, and also given your unceasing efforts over the past decade to ensure Shasta County collects as little tax revenue as possible from the medical and recreational marijuana industries.

If you were sober, Les, that’s problematic, because your post is the most uninformed, mean-spirited and dishonest attack on a journalist and a news outlet by an elected public official I’ve seen during my 30 years in journalism, including President Donald J. Trump’s mocking of a disabled reporter. I dare say your words are not only un-American, they’re un-Christian. Punching down is never a good look.

Since you didn’t get the gist of Pierce’s essay, perhaps purposely, it concerns the euphemisms used by law enforcement PR officials when police officers in the line of duty shoot and kill civilians, and how they can shape media coverage of such fatal encounters. This is not a new topic; it has been covered by journalists and scholars nationwide for at least the past decade, here and here, for example.

The ubiquitous “officer-involved shooting,” which headlined the RPD press release reporting the latest civilian killed by a police officer in Shasta County two Sundays ago, and inspired Pierce’s article, is just such a euphemism. If you haven’t been counting Les, that’s five civilians killed by Shasta County law enforcement officers this year, and 38 since 2000.

Last April I wrote an article documenting fatal encounters with Shasta County law enforcement since 2000. At the time, Shasta County ranked No. 2 in the state for the number of civilians killed by police per capita. Obviously, this issue is of great concern to law enforcement and the community at large, and a worthy topic for Pierce’s journalistic skills, which are abundant.

Sadly, you lack such skills, and your attempted media critique goes wrong from the very beginning, with the headline, “Yellow journalism at it lowest.”

First of all, “yellow journalism” is a singular subject requiring the singular pronoun “its,” not “it.” Secondly, I’ll wager you know nothing about the origins of the term “yellow journalism,” nor do you understand that today it applies more to the media I’m guessing you consume—Fox News, right-wing talk radio, Drudge, don’t deny it—than it does A News Café. Like most folks in Hannityville, you probably believe “yellow journalism” is synonymous with “fake news,” which is synonymous with “news I don’t like.”

All in all, not an auspicious beginning. Thirty years ago, my journalism 101 professor would have flunked you right out of the gate.

Unfortunately, it gets worse. Your first sentence mislabels Pierce’s essay as “sensationalism” and makes a fact-free claim that A News Café’s readership is declining. Surprisingly, considering the nationwide hostile environment local journalism currently exists in, A News Café had a great 2019, in no small part thanks to the addition of Pierce as one of its primary writers. Upon what did you base that comment, Les? Wishful thinking?

In your second sentence, you call my colleague Pierce’s work “cowardly,” which is rather bold talk for someone who, according to his own bio, never served in the military or in law enforcement. I’ve coined a phrase for politicians such as yourself who’ve never served yet who wrap themselves in the flag and pledge their unconditional fealty to the military and law enforcement, no matter how many civilians they kill: borrowed valor. You’re puffing yourself up like a banty rooster, but it’s all show.

Your third sentence, in which you say, “the author admits she doesn’t know a darn thing,” is classical right-wing evangelical projection. In other words, you’re talking about yourself. Remember, when you point your finger at someone else, you’re pointing three fingers back at you!

From Les’s Facebook page.

Then we get to your real problem, that Pierce used the word “kill,” which implies intent, in the headline of an article about the use of euphemisms by law enforcement public relations officials in so-called officer-involved shootings.

I get it, Les. You’re probably frightened by the idea that a law enforcement officer might intentionally take the life of another human being he or she perceived as a lethal threat. Kill them, in other words. Perhaps you should stick to pastoring.

Anyway, neither you nor the platoon of right-wing trolls you sicced on A News Café complained about the “Redding Record Searchlight” article concerning the same officer-involved shooting, which came out the day before Pierce’s story, titled, “Redding Police Officer Shoots and Kills Man.”

Incredibly, you ramble on with your bullying tirade. You repeat Pierce’s true claim that there’s no evidence because the killing just happened, then you accuse her of “hating cops” because there’s no evidence. This bogus assertion is circular in its reasoning, categorically untrue and potentially threatens Pierce’s well-being should she have to call upon law enforcement in the future. As we’ll see below, the sheriff already knows her name.

Proving my borrowed-valor hypothesis may be close to the mark in your case, you then put yourself in the shoes of the cop on the beat. It’s embarrassing, coming from a public official who’s never served. Listen to yourself:

“This lower-than-low, biased ‘editorial’ used enough disgusting words for people like me, who both admire and appreciate law enforcement and the tough job they face day-in, day-out, to speak up and declare this kind of tilted, rock-bottom reporting as beyond unacceptable.”

You’ve got to be kidding me, Les. Disgusting words for people like you? Rock bottom? That’s not Pierce’s department. It’s mine. I feel slighted! What are you campaigning for, fascist goober of the week? We have a winner!

Perhaps this is who Les gets his rhetorical ideas from? White House photo.

You end your Facebook diatribe with a link to Pierce’s article and instruct your followers to read it, for which I commend you. Some 328 people commented on your post; last time I checked, my comments were the last two. The post was shared 58 times! No doubt we gained more than a few new readers, thanks to your efforts. But in the interest of Christian charity, you could have stated it a little more nicely.

“Yes, I want you to read it as the LAST thing you ever read from @anewscafe. Shame on you Doni Chamberlain!” you wrote.

As much as I enjoy drinking the tears of crybaby conservative snowflakes, I’m not letting your attempt to torpedo A News Café go without comment, Les. You’re using the power of your elected office and your Facebook platforms to attack a hardworking local publisher and businesswoman, Doni Chamberlain, who through sheer tenacity has kept A News Café up-and-running for more than a dozen years, in your effort to silence any and all criticism of Shasta County’s ongoing epidemic of officer-involved shootings.

This behavior is not only un-American, it’s fascistic, a word I never use lightly. It’s right out of the Nazi playbook. Look it up, under Goebbels.

Furthermore, your vile character assassination of Pierce is not only fake news written by a ham-fisted amateur, as I have shown above, it’s profoundly un-Christian in its dishonesty and tone. You’re not seeking the truth, Les, you’re seeking power, like some sort of tinpot despot. Jesus would not be amused.

Granted, Les, there’s a high probability you don’t know what the heck you’re doing, and if that’s the case, again, you are forgiven. It’s also possible something deeper is going on here. I noticed that recently retired Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko commented directly about Pierce on your loathsome post.

“She was on the grand jury a couple of years ago,” wrote the man who lives in local infamy for not solving the Sherri Papini case before he left office. “You could tell she had an ax to grind with LE even then.”

This makes me think you and your ilk aren’t out to smear just journalists, but any citizen who volunteers for the Shasta County Grand Jury and participates in a report you disagree with. We’re treading deep in fascist waters now, Les.

Bosenko is correct in only one respect. Pierce did serve on the same Shasta County Grand Jury that in 2018 reported Shasta County officials may be mishandling millions of dollars in state prison realignment funding to balance the county budget. You and the other board members may have forgotten that report the second you unanimously dismissed it, but ProPublica recently mentioned it in an article titled, “California Gave Billions in Taxpayer Dollars to Improve Jails. But That’s Not How These Sheriffs Are Spending It.”

Here’s their take on the report:

“In Shasta County, for example, the civil grand jury — a group of volunteers that inspects parts of local government — said the sheriff’s office broke the rules when it tapped realignment cash instead of county funds to pay for its entire jail work-release program.”

Is that what this is all about, Les? I’m speculating, but it seems like you’re afraid someone might take a hard look at Shasta County’s books to see how you and your cohorts have been spending state law enforcement funds, right as the Board of Supervisors is rolling out a proposed one-cent public safety sales tax initiative in notoriously tax-averse Shasta County.

Good luck with that!

To conclude, Les, I again thank you for this unexpected gift during the holiday season. I’d like to appeal to your Christian nature, which presumably you have, being a pastor, and invite you to write in response to this open letter, which A News Café will publish gladly.

Don’t forget you owe Annelise Pierce and Doni Chamberlain a public apology. Trust me, you’ll feel better.

Happy New Year!


R.V. Scheide
R.V. Scheide has been a northern California journalist for more than 20 years. He appreciates your comments and story ideas. He can be emailed at
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125 Responses

  1. Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

    RV, good article. I got on Les Baugh’s Facebook and the comments really show the divide in Redding between people’s attitudes. I know many of those commenting.

    • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

      Thanks Bruce. I was encouraged to see maybe about 20 percent off the people commenting on Baugh’s piece disagreed with him. The rest I suppose are fanboys and girls.

  2. Avatar Beverly Stafford says:

    Like some of the commenters on ANC, Baugh missed the point of Annalisa’s column. She was talking language not facts about the incident. I admit I was startled by the headline, but then she explained she was writing about word usage. Doni intervened twice, reminding commenters of the purpose of Annalisa’s column because many of them misunderstood her intent. If Baugh read the comments, he missed Doni’s explanation and the comments of those who understood Annalisa’s intent. First Jake Mangus and now Les Baugh. Facebook is indeed a bully pulpit.

    • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

      Beverly, I don’t want to overuse the “open letter” gimmick too much, but first Mangus and then Baugh, it seemed the appropriate way to air my complaints. I commented on Annelise’s story early with the usual crowd, and was surprised when I returned the next day and saw how many negative comments there were. That was after Baugh had posted, and I saw quite a few new names in the comments.

  3. Avatar Patrecia Barrett says:

    Anyone with at least minimal intelligence and life experience (and who does NOT have an agenda) had no trouble understanding the point Annelise was making, which had absolutely nothing to do with the imaginary police bashing Baugh is unfairly attempting to credit her with. Individuals and agencies in positions of power often use wording in press releases and other media statements that pre-prejudice the community to view their actions as justifiable and/or minimize their involvement, which are rushed out before the facts of the situation have been determined.

    Les Baugh is running for re-election, and his support base is made up largely of ultra-right-wing law-and-order flag-wavers and bible-bangers. I’m quite sure he saw this attack on the only REAL local source of information (as opposed to other local media outlets that simply parrot what the local power structure tells them to print) as a golden opportunity to pander to his base.

    Good job R.V. Thanks for (once again) telling it like it is.

    • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

      Thank you Patrecia and Happy New Year! I was actually impressed when I checked the Record Searchlight’s headline, which was the day before and used the same offensive word “kill.” The RS, working in conjunction with USA Today, has done some really great investigative reporting on law enforcement in the past few months. I might have been more critical of the RS coverage in the past, say 15 years ago, but they’ve suffered along with the rest of us journalists with the downturn caused by loss of ad revenue from the internet. They’ve gone from almost 50 reporters to 8 in the newsroom. That is not enough people to cover Shasta County, but they keep trying. Thanks for keep fighting the good fight!

  4. Avatar Wade Riggs says:

    Why is it you feel you have to insult someone in order to make your point? The key to effective journalism is to question the action, offer a differing perspective and not diminish the importance of the story by making it personal. I have never hesitated to raise my voice about any topic I feel strongly about, but the difference is I don’t make it personal. I have never stooped to name calling and I certainly would never question someone’s character. A good journalist uses their platform to engage and open a dialogue. While you certainly have the right to disagree with Les Baugh or even me, your insults to his character by eluding to his sobriety was not and cannot be called journalism. Before you ask, yes I agree with Les Baugh and I know him to be a man of good character and I am proud to call him my friend. But as I stated. I support your right to disagree and voice your opinion, but let us debate in a way that keeps the topic on point and not made secondary to personalities.

    • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

      Anger is a legitimate response to a rabid, irrational attack.

      In game theory, “tit-for-tat” is a winning strategy: Someone insults your character, you insult back. You can go back to being civil (cooperation) after that, but you don’t let a damaging attack go unanswered. You hit back just as hard, or harder.

      “You wanna know how to get Capone? They pull a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue.” — Jim Malone (Sean Connery), “The Untouchables”

      Incidentally, Wade, the article above is an opinion piece—it’s meant to persuade. And before you again claim the higher ground, let me point out that your entire post besmirches R.V.’s journalistic integrity—a direct attack on his professionalism and livelihood. You’ll note that R.V. took issue with Baugh’s stand on Annelise’s article, but didn’t go so far as to call him a lousy preacher or an unfit county supervisor. R.V.’s harshest criticism in that realm was to suggest that Baugh, as a supervisor, might not want anyone to shine a bright light on how Shasta County has spent LE funding provided by the state—and R.V. says right out loud that this is speculation.

      So, if we’re measuring the severity of ad hominem attacks….

    • Avatar Patrecia Barrett says:

      Wade Riggs,

      There is plenty of name-calling and character assassination in Les Baugh’s Facebook post.

      This brings to mind Baugh’s unconscionable attack on former Councilwoman Kristen Schreder for her efforts to pull together concerned organizations and members of the community to explore practical, PROVEN solutions to the local homeless crisis. Baugh predictably advocated the status-quo approach of criminalizing all homeless people, with its failed goal of simply driving them all out of the area. How very “Christian” of this so-called “pastor”.

      Finally, I personally (and strongly) disagree with your assessment of Les Baugh as “a man of good character”. Someone with “good character” doesn’t incite hatred and prejudice based on a deliberate misrepresentation of an editorial, or make unfounded accusations as a gimmick to garner votes.

      • Avatar Wade Riggs says:

        My opinion of Les is based on my 20 plus years of knowing him. As far as name calling on both sides, the minute it started both sides diminished their point.

        • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

          Thanks for commenting Wade. I tried to keep the name calling factual except for one paragraph, where I claimed to be slighted because I’m the ANC writer who occasionally uses objectionable language, it’s kind of my trademark. That was the signal I was about to ask Les if he was campaigning for “fascist goober” of the week. Annelise is way, way, way more polite than me.

          Since you know Les, could you tells us, is he a teetotaler or does he have the occasional, say, Bud Lite? I’m being 100 percent serious that IF if Les had a little buzz on, then it’s forgivable behavior, as long as the post is removed.

    • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

      Wade, the only reason I suggested Baugh MIGHT have been drinking was to give an out for writing such a ludicrous post, which reads like a drunken Facebook rant. I definitely said he was most likely sober, which makes the post even more problematic. The fact that you’re commenting means I’ve achieved my goal as a journalist. Thank you!

    • Avatar George Koen says:

      As for your sobriety comment, notice it was a statement in the general – principle – and not a personal accusation. (As was your comment).

      • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

        You’re right George, I meant it as a joke, assuming Les is a teetotaler. I actually have no idea whether he drinks or not. It’s not like I haven’t roasted someone on Facebook when I was roasted and been forced, by my own guilty conscience, to remove it the next morning.

    • Avatar Jo Vayo says:

      Thank you for your comments Mr. Riggs. I agree. Apparently using the word sensationalism is offensive, so although the title was just that I will refrain from using it. You are right Les is a good man and entitled to his opinion which many agree with.
      But let me express my concerns as a loved one of a retired LE. Just try walking in the shoes of someone who puts their life on the line daily, having to make split second decisions to defend their life or the lives of others or in the shoes of his or her loved ones that prays they will never get that call! I was one of the lucky loved ones, mine made it to retirement after 38 years, but not without injury or close calls. These men and women in blue are not robots, they are human beings. When journalists use their platform that could incite anger, hatred or violence only makes their jobs more dangerous. When the facts are unknown, I find it irresponsible journalism.

      • Avatar The Old Pretender says:

        Law enforcement barely makes the top 10 list of most dangerous occupations. This hero worship needs to stop. You’re right, they are humans, and have frailties and make mistakes, but they should pay for their mistakes like everyone else. Protecting them from prosecution or scrutiny diminishes the law.

  5. Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

    R.V. sez: “Granted, Les, there’s a high probability you don’t know what the heck you’re doing, and if that’s the case, again, you are forgiven.”

    I’m less forgiving. Sure, Les may lack the intelligence needed to understand the clearly stated intent of Annelise’s opinion piece. I prefer to think that he understood it exactly, but saw an opportunity to pander to his mouth-breathing constituents by serving up huge slabs of red meat.

    Though, I admit, the Occam’s razor explanation is that he’s just as dim-witted as his hair-on-fire constituents.

  6. Avatar Curtis says:

    RV thank you for a well written rebuttal to Les Baughs attempt to derail anewscafe! There have been more officer involved shootings and killing, it is a FACT. It warrants a full unbiased investigation. Thanks for putting in print how our ELECTED officials mis managed realignment monies, yet it was covered up never to be spoken of again. Now these same officials and department heads want we the people to vote in a new countywide tax for the “safety” of our county and city? Umm NO MORE TAXES, you cannot trust these people no farther than you can throw them.

    • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

      Thank you, Curtis. I wrote about that Grand Jury report back in 2018 for A News Cafe. I planned to do a follow up right after the Board of Supervisors meeting where they unanimously said the Grand Jury didn’t know what they were talking about. I was interested in the Grand Jury report because I’d written several previous stories in ANC trying to figure out the Sheriff’s Office budget, which still seems fishy to me. Perhaps the Record Searchlight, which has way more resources than ANC can look into this. I got a feeling we may be looking into it anyway, so if you’d like to see more hard-hitting local journalism (this goes out to everybody) support A News Cafe!

  7. Avatar Pat Karch says:

    News cafe is gone over the line

  8. Avatar Derral Campbell says:

    Great reporting, R.V., about Mr. Bosenko throwing shade at Doni, when there’s already a cloud over his actions. Thanks.

    • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

      Thanks Derral. Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko threw shade at Annelise Pierce, outing her as an “anti-law enforcement” member of the 2018 Shasta County Grand Jury. I believe jurors are supposed to be anonymous, and that Bosenko made his comment before he officially retired. Not sure if that’s illegal yet, but I’m looking into it.

      • Avatar Kirsten says:

        RV: Please do look into that! The Grand Jury is important and it’s members should not be “outed”.

  9. Avatar Jeremy says:

    RV, your argument would hold more weight if you or your colleagues were journalists or if anewscafe were a news organization. It is a platform for opinions. There is nothing wrong with that but the description is what it is.
    I think the sooner everyone realizes what they will get from anopinioncafe (new name?) the better. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs. The claim that the original article was simply an educational piece on language seemed flimsy. Using a real-time incident where it looks as though the officers were completely justified was a very poor decision and unprofessional.
    Anewscafe is a well-read blog post of local citizens but not a news outlet. If there was any doubt about the validity of this being a professional outlet it was proven to not be one when you left snarky Facebook comments, and this piece where you let your anger show through personal attacks (what you accuse Mr. Baugh of doing).

    • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

      Jeremy, sometimes I write straight news, sometimes I write straight opinion, sometimes it’s a mix. I call A News Cafe a variety magazine, because we’ve got a little bit of everything. Next week, sports!

    • Avatar George Koen says:

      There is more integrity in this outlet than any other outlet in Shasta County. This outlet does not pander to corporate required limitations. If toes need to be stood on, that is in fact what will happen.

      • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

        Thanks George! This is the perfect time to remind folks, if you enjoy hard-hitting news and commentary, give generously to A News Cafe!

        • Avatar The Old Pretender says:

          Alright, you got me. I only poke around occasionally, but your columns are always a breath of fresh air. I’ll subscribe to support voices that may be the only thing left after the fascists, morons, and evangelical heretics take over. You got me to cough up the cash, R.V.

  10. Avatar Viki Twyman says:

    Wow. This is so far from professional journalism that it boggles my mind. To insinuate that Mr. Baugh must have been drunk to write his Facebook post is inexcusable. R.V. You have just done what you are accusing Mr. Baugh of doing, only you amped it up ten fold.

    I do not know Mr. Baugh, R.V. or Annalise, so I have no personal stake in this. I am just an outside observer who is reading very sensationalist, and disappointing journalism. As Annalise stated “words matter” .

    If this is the kind of “journalism” that is going to be put out by A News Cafe, I will no longer be counted as one of it’s readers.

    • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

      If you read it again, you’ll see that R.V. concluded his rhetorical whimsy with the conclusion that Baugh almost certainly wasn’t drunk. It sets up the premise that he’s got no excuse—he’s fully responsible for the nonsense that he wrote. Your outrage is either false, or you’re just unable to follow along.

      The degree to which people of a certain political bent are unable to distinguish between journalism and commentary is astounding. There are millions of Fox News viewers who don’t seem to understand that there’s a difference between what Shep Smith does and what Sean Hannity does.

    • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

      Is that where you stopped reading? Because after that I said he was probably sober, which makes his post even worse.

    • Avatar Larry Winter says:

      It’s an opinion piece Viki. Your opinion misrepresents what RV has written. You’re holding it to a journalistic standard that isn’t required in an opinion piece and then shooting it down because it doesn’t meet that standard?

      • Avatar Jeremy says:

        That is the problem in this whole mess. R.V. Said himself he writes opinion, news and sometimes a mix. There should be no “mix”. Just as Annalise’s article should not still be in the news tab. That is not the place for opinion pieces.

        • Sometimes, an opinion piece can be about news, and that’s when they blend.

          • Avatar Gracious Palmer says:

            Exactly, Doni.

          • Avatar Jeremy says:

            Then. It. Should. Still. Be. In. The. Opinion. Section. Good grief…how can I make that any more clear. Claiming to be a “premiere news” source and having opinion tainted “news” articles defeats that. That is my point. Your opinion piece can be about news but don’t claim it’s news. Period.

          • Barbara Rice Barbara Rice says:

            Thanks for your opinion, Jeremy.

          • Avatar Jeremy says:

            If you can’t see why posting an article such as that in the “news” section so close to the first posting of the press release, and basically saying that “this is what really happened and what they want you to believe with their fancy words” without any proof, that is when you stepped in it. That is when you lost the credibility as a journalist. It’s simply not ok. A piece such as that written critically in the days to follow would be welcomed…but not presented as some sort of fact? It sullied the officers involved (oops, there is that phrase again). Give me fairly investigated pieces and I will be one of the first to applaud. This mess? No. It shows a lack of news judgement.

          • Barbara Rice Barbara Rice says:

            We’ll definitely take your opinion under consideration.

          • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

            Jeremy — R.V. opened the piece with a sentence stating that it was an open letter to Mr. Baugh. If that doesn’t tip you it’s an opinion piece, maybe you can’t be helped.

            Few things in this world come in well-defined, sturdy wooden boxes, separated by space sufficient for you to walk between. ANewsCafe isn’t exclusively news—it’s a mixed bag. Some of it might even be what used to be called “gonzo journalism,” where the writers place theirselves in the action and don’t pretend to be impartial. Deal with it.

          • Avatar Jeremy says:

            Steve. Follow closely. I’m talking about the very first article that started this whole ridiculous kerfluffle. Not R.V.’s response. The opinion article by Annalise that is STILL in the news section. Deal with it.

          • Barbara Rice Barbara Rice says:

            As Doni said above,”Sometimes, an opinion piece can be about news, and that’s when they blend.”
            Thanks for your input. We’re done discussing this. It stays where it is.

          • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

            Jeremy why don’t you address the real issue here, Les Baugh’s fascist behavior? Anyone with 12th grade or higher reading level who read both stories easily understood their intent. You are distracting people from the real problem by complaint about a non-issue based on your belief on how ANC should present its material.

        • Joe Domke Joe Domke says:

          The highlighted “OPINION” tab at the top of the page indicates that it’s in the opinion category.

          On the homepage it shows the “COLUMNS” category above the headline, “COLUMNS” is a subcategory of “OPINION”.

    • Avatar George Koen says:

      Read it again. Then read it again. Then read it again.

    • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

      Do you know Les, Viki? Does he drink or is he a teetotaler? Honestly, it’s forgivable if he was a little tipsy and wrote a nasty Facebook post he regretted in the morning.

      “Fascist goober” didn’t bother you?

      • Barbara Rice Barbara Rice says:

        The Fascist Goobers would make a great punk bluegrass band name.

      • Avatar Viki says:

        I stated in my comment that I do not know Les, but I guess you didn’t read my whole comment. Actually every slanderous comment you made bothered me, but the one about being drunk was just way over the line. I see from your other comments now that you are trying to pass it off as joking, and I call B.S. oh, but you did state at the end of your very long rant that he probably wasn’t drinking, and I assume you feel that makes up for the very slanderous “drunk” comment in the beginning part of your rant.

        This entire thing is just ridiculous. What Annalise wrote was written for shock value and to get attention, and she accomplished that. But if she is going to write articles like that, she had better be prepared to take the heat from it.

        I don’t think name calling should ever come into these discussions, nor should personal attracts. I believe Mr. Baugh could have made his points without resorting to name calling, and so could you have. I am just so sick of all the hate and meanness in this country right now, and people’s willingness to attack each other rather than have meaningful dialog.

        • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

          Sorry Viki, I try to reply to every post, and I now see you don’t know Les. All the same, I was indeed joking about the drinking, I have no idea whether Les drinks or not. I wanted to give him an out. I also left open the possibility that he doesn’t know what he’s doing. You say you want the name-calling to stop, I do too, especially by public officials like Baugh who abuse their position.

  11. Avatar Larry Winter says:

    Supervisor Baugh, a Trump supporting Christian explaining how journalists must be true to their calling.
    Shows that even preachers don’t have a higher standard to follow to honor their position. You just need followers.
    As far as Annalise Pierce’s report, I didn’t see it as being off base. I’ve experienced law enforcement torturing the English language in order to persuade first hand. I still remember Doni’s article in the Record Searchlight having a birthday meal with her twin overhearing law enforcement talking about how they were going to manipulate the press during a visit by Pres. Bush during the fires of 2008.

    So it’s not surprising that people can overlook the immorality of our President in their support can also overlook the potential for misuse of police reports in their righteous support of the Blue.

  12. Avatar Jist Cuz says:

    An edit button would be nice-

    • Avatar Gracious Palmer says:

      Thank you RV.
      To correct or update a couple of comments made here: 1) Kristen Schreder currently serves on the Redding city council; 2) Districts 1 (Chimenti) and 5 (Les Baugh) are “up” in 2022. Districts 2 (Moty); 3 (Rickert – unopposed); and 4 (Steve Morgan) elections are this year.

      • Avatar Patrecia Barrett says:

        Hi Gracious,

        Yes, I know – I referred to Kristen Schreder as a “former” Councilwoman (and of course I caught it a second AFTER I hit “Post Comment”!). I’m a bit slow.

    • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

      I jist now got the gist, Jist. Hey Joe, anyway we can fix it so a posted comment can be retracted and edited by the user?

  13. Avatar Peggy Elwood says:

    Thank you R.V…..and Annalise…..and Doni..

    • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

      It truly was my pleasure, and thank you!

    • Avatar Kathy says:

      YES !! Thank you, R.V., Annalise and Doni.
      Your reporting is outstanding and I only wish we had some journalists willing to investigate things here in Tehama County.
      Happy New Year to everyone at anewscafe .

  14. Avatar Candace says:

    Those criticizing R.V. might want to re-read (or read) Les Baugh’s FB post. Baugh has the absolute right to disagree with an opinion piece but his vitriolic FB post attacking Annelise (calling her a “cop hater”) Doni and ANC? That’s an acceptable example to Christians of what being a Christian sounds like? As a pastor, that’s how he leads by example? Shame on Doni Chamberlain? As a pastor and public figure shame on Les Baugh and his personal hate-based public smear campaign of ANC. Finally, Mr. Baugh, if you’re reading this and are a Trump fan? “Be Better”.

    • Avatar Patrecia Barrett says:

      And let’s not forget Baugh’s further name-calling in his use of the word “coward”.

      His inexcusable post is nothing BUT a sleazy attempt to garner support and votes from the right-wing law-and-order crowd at ANC’s expense.

    • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

      Thanks for sticking up for me, Candace. As I stated in “Interview With the Baby Jesus” last week, I’m not sure I’m a Christian anymore. I used to think I was, even though I’m not very religious because we are, in a sense, a Christian culture. The intolerance and political manipulations currently being perpetrated by right-wing evangelical “prophets” and pastors has soured me on Christianity, which is a shame, because it has many good elements in it.

      • Avatar Beverly Stafford says:

        That’s why I am no longer a registered Republican. The party has been commandeered by the religious right who don’t seem at all “Christian.”

  15. Avatar Brandon Rogers says:

    You’re on to something RV; I once spoke to a former accountant working for Shasta County who confirmed they left employment with Shasta County based upon their discovery of accounting irregularities, mentioning Baugh by name.

    • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

      Well Brandon, if your friend is willing to chat with me totally off the record, you or he can contact me through ANC. There’s no doubt Baugh and Bosenko are very close.

  16. Avatar Joshua Brown says:

    You go R.V. We have your back 100%. Look for Elisa Knopf to run for the Supervisors seat in District 5 in 2022.

    • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

      Thanks for having our back, Joshua, and thanks for the heads up on Elisa Knopf. Happy New Year. 2020 is going to be awesome politically!

  17. Terry Turner Terry Turner says:

    RV, this was a brilliant article. You are so right. Apparently Les Baugh missed the point of her article completely. She was talking about how important it is for us to pay attention to how we label things.

    I used to teach communication skills before I retired. And one of my favorite activities was one on how we label people, and the effect that language has on how we think about them.

    For example, do you call someone “cheap” or “careful with money”? Are they “bossy” or “a strong leader”? Are they “hysterical” or “outraged”? One of my least favorites examples was when people call an immigrant an “alien”, to make him/her “not like me”. But what does it sound like if I say “My great grandmother was an alien.”? Yep. It sounds like she came from Mars or something. :-/
    Words have power.

    Annelise was making the excellent point that the way we describe things directs our thinking about them, and that we must pay attention to our language. You are so right, Annelise!

    I recommend Les read George Orwell’s excellent book “1984” to get a sense of the power of language mis-used, and see if it reminds him of what’s happening in outlets like Fox News today.

    Thank you again, RV, for speaking truth to power.

    • Avatar Gracious Palmer says:

      Yes! Thank you.

    • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

      Thank you Gracious and thank you Terry. I’d recommend Les start with a shorter George Orwell piece, an essay entitled “Politics and the English Language.”

      Annelise Pierce is a very clear and concise writer. I was surprised when some of our regular readers found it so objectionable. Then Les set his troll army loose on her. Geez!

  18. Avatar Kirsten Plate says:

    Thank you, RV. Wish I had said that…….and especially the “tongue in cheek ” bit! And what say you: do conservatives lack sense of humour, or am I just off base, laughing?

    • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

      Thank you Kirsten, and thank you for bringing up the topic of humor. I thought everybody, conservatives and liberals, lost there sense of humor as soon as the reality of President Trump set in. I lost mine three months in. But thank the Sweet Baby Jesus, I’ve recently found my sense of humor again, and I can’t wait for 2020. It’s going to be a wild and crazy new year with a happy ending!

  19. Avatar Anita Brady says:

    I am very disturbed by Bosenko’s comments about the articles’ author having an ax to grind with LE during her Grand Jury duty. Aren’t such discussions supposed to be confidential, so each jury member can speak their mind without fear of retribution?

    • Avatar Larry Winter says:

      I had the same queasy feeling about that also Anita.

    • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

      Bosenko was a member of the nutburger coalition of the West’s “constitutional sheriffs,” who assert that sheriffs are the highest ranking LE officials in a county, outranking federal LE officers trying to enforce federal law (e.g., civil rights violations, kidnapping, interstate and international trafficking, etc.), state LE officials, and all others.

      Apparently, he believes that rank also gave him the right to “out” grand jury members.

      • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

        Thanks for bringing this topic up, Steve. I’ve never been able to actually determine if Bosenko was a rank-and-file member of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officer Association. This is mainly because he’s ducked my phone calls for years. He’s listed as a member on the website, and he sent in his own name the organization’s letter to Joe Biden (not Obama, the chicken shit racists) proclaiming they wouldn’t enforce gun control laws. After doing some research, I discovered that CSPOA added anyone who sent that letter to membership roles. Sheriff Lopey in Siskiyou County is on the list, but says he’s not a member. I don’t know what Bosenko says.

        • Avatar The Old Pretender says:

          I complained to Baugh about Bosenko posting support for that con-sheriff statement on his website a couple years ago. Baugh forwarded it to Bosenko who called me and became hostile when I told him I didn’t want to meet him to discuss it. I felt good hanging up on “Burn it down” Bosenko.

    • Avatar Candace says:

      Agreed Anita. Putting it mildly, that’s very disconcerting to see and even more alarming to see Baugh publicly sharing it. The Good Ol’ Boy’s Club is alive and kickin’ in Redding and Anderson.

    • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

      Anita, I know (because I’ve tried) that Annelise plays by the rules, and doesn’t divulge Grand Jury information that wasn’t in any of the reports. The report on AB 109 funding was damning enough all by itself. I wrote about it, but then the supes dismissed it as fake news with a wave of their hands. I was going to do a follow up … but then the Carr Fire struck! Then the Camp Fire! I guess its time for someone to do that follow up. Record Searchlight, are you listening?

  20. Avatar Alan Ernesto Phillips says:

    Fighting encroaching fascism, religious supremacists with theologized indulgence and usurpers of the Constitution with ‘borrowed valor.’ Fighting their onerous duty one at a time by using the record, logic, facts, decency and truly learned editorial opinions and reporting; You are my FAVORITE local journalists!

    I am SO proud that we have Annelise Pierce, A News Café publisher Doni Chamberlain and you R.V. for boldly going where not many have the guts and decency to go in this sometimes highly retaliatory community.

    Sadly, I strongly believe the truer threats to our Constitution and Democracy do come at us a-carryin’ the flag-n-clutchin’ crosses.

    Sadder still, the Trumpian Fox “News” echo chamber is all these charlatans seem to abide… that is, until they get caught embezzling, misappropriating taxpayer revenue, buggering little boys or outed by a jilted co-adulterous parishioner – then swept under the carpet to protect their overall “image.” You would think most people would use a diverse set of sound informational sources before they act or speak.

    Sadder beyond belief, I know a few good, compassionate Republicans troubled by the behavior and opinions of Trump, Barr, Les, Bosenko, et al, yet fear speaking out against them for fear of retaliation.

    The truth can cause cognitive dissonance in close-minded, low-informational blow-hards:
    But please, DO keep shinning that brighter light! It CAN open up the conversation for safe, positive dialogue and solutions in the land of common ground and higher calling.

    A soul and our Nation are a terrible things to waste.

    • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

      Thank you for your wonderful comment, Alan. Because I follow international affairs more than the normal person, I quickly understood that Trump would be impeached for his activities in Ukraine. He’s working outside the chain of command, a serious no-no for the oligarchs who run our country. Nancy Pelosi, as much as I loathe her, was smart to let the impeachment simmer over the holidays, because there are moderate Republican senators who will turn on Trump as more information is revealed. The Senate trial could drag on for months, and in my opinion, that’s great for Bernie Sanders, who is already building momentum for 2020. It’s gonna be an exciting new year!

  21. Avatar Wade Riggs says:

    My opinion of Les is based on my 20 plus years of knowing him. As far as name calling on both sides, the minute it started both sides diminished their point.

    • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

      The minute it started is when your righteous friend Les started it.

    • Avatar Larry Winter says:

      Wade, I think name calling can cause a distraction as opposed to diminishing the message if the comment has supporting evidence in reaching his point.

      Your comments are an example of that. You only touched upon the main message once by just agreeing with Mr. Baugh’s statement. The rest of your comments deal strictly with name calling from either party without touching on the merits of his argument. That’s the peril of name calling. Distraction. RV’s point is still on target and not diminished by his name calling.

    • Avatar Candace says:

      Wade Riggs, presenting yourself as a defender of fair play and civil discourse here and on Mr. Baugh’s FB page while maintaining that Mr. Baugh unfairly had his character attacked for “simply disagreeing with an opinion piece” on ANC feels off-kilter to me. You say you’re bothered by name calling on “both sides” regarding R.V. and Mr. Baugh and yet you felt compelled to defend the character of the person who lobbed the first grenade which resulted in a rebuttal letter from R.V. Of course it did. He knew full well it would. It was meant to garner attention and it did. That’s not indicative of fairness or civil discourse. Perhaps you might read Mr. Baugh’s original FB post again; it was not in any way civil; in fact it was ugly and irresponsible. Funny how some cry foul over cancel culture until they personally aim it at someone with whom they disagree. Apparently, for some, that makes it then “ok” and worthy of pursuing. Apparently that holds true for Mr. Baugh and those in agreement with his actions. I don’t know either of these men personally (met them both briefly) but if I had known one of them for 20 years and they did what Mr. Baugh is promoting be done to ANC, friend or no friend, I would call them out for it right quick.

    • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

      I commented on your first post above Wade, this may be a duplicate. But in case you’re reading it, I wanted to apologize to you if the name calling I engaged in diminished my argument to point you couldn’t determine who won.

      The answer is, I won, because I’m punching up.

  22. Avatar Common Sense says:

    I think Les spent his “Moral Capital” a while back as a strong Supporter of a President, you know the guy with ZERO Morals/Values! He might want to look up the word Hypocrite in the Dictionary. He is in good company though with half the country right there with him supporting such an illegitimate leader of our Country.

    Impotus the 3rd -Scammed the Charities, one of which was for Veterans! But he is the “Chosen One”…..oh my! The Evangelicals have Drank the Kool-Aid….they might never recover from this!
    They have Squandered their Moral /Religious Capital…..

    I am with Christianity Today! As a PASTOR you should know this IF YOU know and Follow the Bible!

    • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

      CS, that Christianity Today editorial was courageous and spot-on-the-money. I truly think it represents a turning point.

  23. Avatar Janet Williams says:

    Thank you, R.V. , Annalise, and Doni. I love this organ of the free press.

  24. Avatar George Koen says:

    One thing that has become blatantly and even childishly obvious since 2016, is that some who have no logical cause to prove an opinion or action incorrect, resort to insulting the messenger. Unwanted truth becomes fake news. (That’s like calling a Corvette a Yugo)!

    And yet that is what many do. Over the last couple of years I have had many discussions with right-minded folks. If I have spoken to ten people, rest assured that eight of them could only engage in an emotionally driven and biased diatribe. So when there is no truthful rebuttal available, they can only resort to, ‘Well, that’s what I believe’.

    One cannot reason with anyone who no longer has a personal growth mindset; a willingness to abandon falsehood in light of new information. These folks know the page is white, but because they don’t like the words presented, they insist the page is red because their superior has said so.

    It saddens me that some who appeal to the philosophies and teachings of Christ are willing to be selective when it comes to behavior and choices. To them it has become a coin toss rather than a case of WWJD. (Additionally, Matthew 5v22 warns his followers about calling anyone a fool).

    Doni! It is all I can do to bite my ? here.

    • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

      Thank you George for your eloquent comment. On the way home today, I was listening to the Glenn Beck program on the radio. Glenn’s on holiday, so this evangelical, Catholic and millennial trio were hosting the show, and the topic was the “The 7 Deadliest World Views.” I won’t mention the categories because you can probably guess, but all 7 world views were compared to “Judeo-Christianity,” whatever that is, and of course came up wanting. It was a completely fact-free program pretending to serious theology and philosophy. This shit is pumped into the brains of our right-wing friends 9 hours a day on a daily basis. That is why they are so hard to have a discussion with. But keep trying!

  25. Avatar Gracious Palmer says:

    I urge the Shasta County Board of Supervisors create a Civilian Oversight Law Enforcement Commission. There are many such commissions in California and throughout the United States.

    • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

      Great idea, Gracious, and hire an independent auditor to go through the county’s books.

    • Avatar Chad Magnuson says:

      Great idea of a Civilian Oversight Committee.
      Reality is we cannot even get LE Body cams.

      I’ve always believed in Question Authority.

  26. Avatar Patricia Lawrence says:

    A few months ago on a Shingletown Facebook page someone started talking about how fast people drive through Shingletown. And the speeding logging trucks are especially worrisome. So I just mentioned that maybe Les Baugh could do something about it. He answered back that I was too negative. In a private email I told him to take his comment down. the only thing that I have talked it Les about recently is all the trash on the highways. Especially Highway 44. He told me to stop and take a picture. I wonder where he looks when he drives.

  27. Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

    I read LA Times, WAPO, NY Times and they print some articles I take exception with but I don’t condemn them or say boycott them. The news is boycotted in many countries we are lucky in America to have a free press.

  28. Joanne Snyder Joanne Snyder says:

    My head is spinning. First off R.V. I’ve had a couple of beers so I’ll watch myself. People didn’t really read or understand Annelise’s article. I must say that the ability to jump on the bandwagon of misunderstanding and judgement is so much easier with the internet than it was when Hilter was coming to power in Germany and hired Joseph Goebbels, a brilliant Reich Minister of Propaganda. Journalists like you and Doni and Anneliese and teachers like Terry Turner have training in understanding language and how it can be used to sway and influence people. Thank you R.V. for this extraordinary opinion piece.
    Second, I am infuriated by Tom Bosenko’s FB comment that Anneliese served on a Grand Jury. Is there no consequence to this?
    Third, R.V. track the money. The money is gone. Shrug. We made mistakes. So what. Again, great article R.V.

  29. R.V. Scheide Jr. R.V. Scheide Jr. says:

    FYI: It seems I didn’t coin the phrase “borrowed valor” I just invented a new definition for it.

  30. Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

    I have posted Anews articles on other outlets and people have thanked me, the Rancho Tehama shootings, the Carr Fire updates. I just posted, yesterday, RV’s excellent column “Where Did All The Indians Go?” on an Intermountain contact. This article/column/LTTE/rant is going in the delete file.

  31. Good piece, RV. I would like to add, since Annelise Pierce’s intent was to write about the grammar of manufacturing justification for police killings, that you used the word “civilians” to describe the people killed by police. I always find that particular use interesting, since police are also civilians. But, we the media call police “officers,” as though there were some lesser rank within their organizations. Semantically, this places police and their dogs, their K9 officers, above the rest of us people. (I’m often surprised at how the media portrays a person defending himself or herself against an attacking dog as an acceptable reason to kill the person.) I think the only correct use of “civilian” as a word to describe “non-police” is under martial law.

    • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

      That’s an interesting point, Brian. I probably shouldn’t have used the word “civilians” for victims of police shootings. I know cops talk that way about themselves, and that’s why I used it. I also felt justified in using it because police have become so militarized. Still, you’re correct. I’ll be more cautious with my word selection in the future.

  32. Avatar Rob Belgeri says:

    Baugh: Another pharisee-patriot defender of American values, etc., et seq., ad nauseam. Why is it these types always have such thin skin? Here’s a clue for both Baugh and Bosenko: Your mandates begin and end with the will of those who elected you, plus those who didn’t vote for you or who don’t support the positions you take. More importantly, both seem to have forgotten–or never learned–the purpose of journalism and political commentary in a (so far) free society: to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable (see Finley Peter Dunne, esteemed American humorist and commentator from The Age of Muckrake). Neither exist to stroke the egos of “leaders” who forfeit their titles when they react childishly or petulantly to criticism. (See, also, “politics ain’t beanbag,” also by Mr. Dunne. Cowboy up, Baugh, as the good ol’ boys around here like to say.) Shasta County already has fishwrap for that, cf., a daily that isn’t worthy of being named here. ANC is developing as a place to harvest a fresh, non-corporate, non-ruling-class perspective.

    As for name-calling that precipitated much pearl-clutching among those above who value their version of politeness more than the truth, the use of “coward” without foundation is a far more egregious offense against civility than any whimsical musing about the sobriety of a “leader” who calls a journalist or opinion writer a coward but can present no basis for the libel.

    • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

      Rob thanks for standing up for A News Cafe. Now I’ll stand up for the Record Searchlight: They have but a small news staff these days and simply can’t cover everything that’s happening. Not that they would if they could, but if they had a larger staff with real investigative reporters, the RS could do some real damage to the local powers that be.

      • Avatar Patrecia Barrett says:

        With one possible exception a dozen or so years ago the Record Searchlight has never done anything other than print the official propaganda handed to it by local officials and other members of the local power structure – even when it had considerably more staff. It has absolutely no interest in doing any “damage” to the powers that be.

        In fact, more than a few times readers have had to look up papers in other cities to find out about major things going on with local sacred cows those “powers” want protected, because the RS wouldn’t report on them.

        • Avatar Candace says:

          Patrecia, usually I mostly agree with you but I take exception to your RS assessment. Having worked at the RS for 33+years in the Adv. Dept. I whole-heartedly disagree with your assessment. There have been and continue to be very capable, talented and hard-working reporters working there. Trust me, I’ve not always agreed with their editors and/or publishers but rolling the reporters, management and OWNERS into one big ball of wax isn’t fair . They’re doing their jobs within the parameters they’re given while using the skills they’ve acquired. They deserve more respect.

          • Avatar Patrecia Barrett says:

            My assessment was largely directed at local management/local policy makers. I guess I just spent too many years heavily involved in the community in ways that brought to my attention how badly the RS mis-portrayed various issues, clearly at the behest of local officials, etc. I could list countless examples, but this isn’t the place to write a book.

  33. Hal Johnson Hal Johnson says:

    I posted this on Les Baugh’s Facebook page this morning.
    I’m an independent voter, and I could probably walk into a room evenly divided between conservatives and liberals and antagonize the whole dang gathering.

    Me to a liberal: “I’m pro gun rights.”
    Me to a conservative: “I’m anti death penalty.”
    Yep, I think that would do it.

    I write the weekly live entertainment column for, so I have a dog in the hunt, to a degree. That said, I’m kind of on the fence following the poop storm that resulted from Annelise’s article and Les’s subsequent Facebook post. (Did I mention that I can antagonize liberals and conservatives equally?)

    I can kind of identify with both sides. When I read the headline, I had a visceral reaction to it: “My God, what was she thinking?” But, I walked around the room, simmered down a bit, and it then came to me that she was going for the exact opposite of the emotionally distant, passive-language press releases that so often follow an officer-involved shooting. I took it as her going for contrast. When I read the article, I accepted that the piece by Annelise was an examination of the semantics involved with press releases, not an attack on law enforcement. Could I be wrong? Sure. I can’t see into Annelise’s heart and soul. But, I think I’m right, and even my wife says I’m right now and then.

    In the aftermath of this poop storm, I’ve come to feel that Annelise’s effort to contrast the language used in her headline with the passive language of the typical press release was TOO effective; it too strongly colored the perceptions of folks who went on to read the article.

    I wish Annelise had simply omitted the “again” from the headline. There are other headlines that could have effectively contrasted the semantics involved without getting folks so riled up. A headline such as “Redding Police Kill Suspect” would probably still have prompted a poop storm, but I think we could have gotten by with smaller umbrellas.

    • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

      Hal, Annelise might have used “Redding Police Officer Shoots and Kills Man,” the same headline used by the Record Searchlight the day before her article came out. To me, that’s not all that different than “Redding Cops Kill Again.” The RS story, which was straight news, had exactly four comments on it, all from readers who were critical of police. Annelise’s on the other hand was opinion and went viral, in part because Baugh sicced his trolls on ANC. Thanks for letting Les know how you feel as an independent voter, and Happy New Year!

    • Avatar Annelise says:

      Hal, You’ve got it exactly. I intentionally used words that are literally true but that we would typically shy away from applying to the police. Why? To contrast with words often used by the police that are also literally true.

      The police did kill again. This is the fifth killing by law enforcement in Shasta County in 2019. So why was “again” a word I should have omitted? Because there is an unwritten rule that we do not apply the same rules to the police that we do to others. And I confronted that unwritten rule.

      This article riled people up because here in the North State we don’t like to hear that police kill and we don’t like to hear that it happens repeatedly. But they do and it does. Whether or not that killing is justified is another conversation. But the fact is, we expect our officers to kill, we ask them to kill, but we are uncomfortable with someone saying that they do it. That should make us stop and think.

      Until we can acknowledge that we ask and expect the police to be killers we can hardly begin to look at the complexities of use of force and the dreadful responsibility that law enforcement and our society face when we arm our peace keepers.

      Though I should not have to say this, I will. I am not anti law enforcement. I’m not pro law enforcement. Law enforcement is a necessary and often noble profession. I’m pro-questioning in the pursuit of truth and justice – something many law enforcement professionals are committed to as well.

  34. Avatar Jist Cuz says:

    My opinion. Les baugh is defending the proposed police tax in the face of contra facts. The general public can now see right past his subterfuge as County Commissioner for a defunct Sheriff quagmired in civil rights contention. Why is it that the majority worry so much about the starch opinions of the 1% that have run this county into the poor house? I lost all hope for Mr. Baugh when he boldly declared Shasta County a welfare county while they persecute and prosecute the homeless, pitiful.

  35. Avatar Christian says:

    Wow… It’s worse then I thought… Thanks R.V. and thanks anewscafe for investagative reporting!

  36. Avatar J. Haynes says:

    Come on Les, I know you’re reading this? Chirp’

  37. Avatar Jist Cuz says:

    With a little insight into pro police tax or no based on comments in social media; Approx 67% CON/ 33% PRO-
    Thanx to HONEST JOURNALISM, QUESTIONING SO CALLED AUTHORITY AND FREE SPEECH IN AMERICA TODAY it appears that 2/3 of the local voting populous do not support BLIND ALLEGIANCE to GOOD OLE BOUY JUST.US FOR EVERYONE in this valley… GOOD NEWS PEOPLE (no doubt REALITY will antagonize the dupified…). Government is suppossed to be BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE and NOT SERVE the smaller percentages exclusively being mainly THEMSELVES +!+

  38. Avatar Shari Weston says:

    Probably wastes a big part of his life not only criticizing good journalism but trying to walk on water so he can become famous and go on tour. After numerous attempts he should finally realize that he can only float on his back like the rest of us. Unfortunately, no one will pay to see that. I must admit reluctantly that he does make a pretty bold fashion statement!