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Stress Anyone?

It’s not a surprise when we hear that we have high levels of stress in our modern world. It’s kind of a ‘No Kidding!’ moment. So finding good ways to de-stress is important. My favorite stress-reducer? Laughing at the absurd things we sometimes do as stressed human beings.

I was reminded of this recently. It started like this. After a long day, I was falling asleep watching television. So I paused the program, turned off the TV, and went to bed. Unfortunately, I forgot to turn off my sound bar, which plays the sound from the television programs even if the TV is off.

At 12:38 am I was shocked awake by an “EMERGENCY ALERT” klaxon. I was in Full Adrenaline Alert. Jumped out of bed. We are in “high fire danger” weather after all.

But I couldn’t find the source. I even called the police department to make sure there wasn’t an evacuation alert I had missed. No. Thank Goodness!

Finally I realized it had been a ‘test of the emergency broadcast alert system’ on my television, which had played through my sound bar. Whew! Double Whew! Crisis averted.

Any guesses about how long it took me to fall back asleep? Yep. You know it.

So, of course, this morning, I was tired. It registered how very tired I was when I nearly tossed my nightclothes into the trashcan instead of the laundry hamper. Oh, good grief!

At that point, I started laughing at myself. Totally absurd. (Bad joke warning: Of course, putting your dirty clothes in the trash would dramatically cut down on the amount of laundry you need to do.)

Why was I able to laugh about nearly throwing away my nightclothes? Because a few years ago, my sister and I decided to make ourselves a ‘life tips’ list of the silly things we have done or nearly done when stressed. Now, rather than getting upset, we laugh about it. My latest of course is ‘Dirty clothes belong in the laundry hamper, not the trash.’

Hoping this might bring you a smile, I’m sharing a few ‘life tips’ you may have experienced, too:

You get the idea. So when the inevitable happens, and we do something that demonstrates that yes, we are stressing, feel free to join me in laughing at ourselves being human. Create your own list to share. It’s a delightful way to de-stress. Laughter truly is the best medicine.