Freedom Week Has A Winner: Megan Rapinoe

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And the winner is … Megan Rapinoe! From her Facebook page.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Declaration of Independence, excerpt, 1776.

Freedom Week started early for me, on the Friday before the 4th of July, with an interview on Free Fire Radio with co-hosts Carl and Linda Bott.

Their show on KCNR 1460 AM/96.5 FM is done in the community radio format with a conservative bent, and I was happy to be invited back for a second time, since Carl and Linda had treated me fairly the first time and it was an enjoyable experience.

The subject I was ostensibly invited to discuss was, once again, Bethel and the separation of church and state. It’s kept me quite busy the past year-and-a-half, including my past two columns.

As a Navy veteran I’m granted some cache by Carl and Linda, and Carl surprised me by asking on air if I had a problem with Bethel practicing their peculiar (my term) form of Christianity, as many of my critics have suggested.

Absolutely not, I told him. The free exercise clause in the First Amendment guarantees Bethel the right to be as whoo-whoo as it wants to be. It’s only when Bethel seeps through the picket fence separating church and state that I get interested, which is the truth.

That was good enough for Carl, and we went on to different subjects, for which I was grateful.

But what really stuck with me throughout Freedom Week was a question Linda asked me during a commercial break. More or less, she asked what I think about when the national anthem is played at a sporting event, me being a veteran of the armed services.

My military service rarely occurs to me when the anthem is played, I told her.

She then asked what I thought about Shasta County native and women’s soccer superstar Megan Rapinoe’s comments that she wasn’t going to the “fucking White House” if United States Women’s National Team won the World Cup in France.

The comment, said months ago, had gained a new life online as Trump supporters attacked Rapinoe, who joined Colin Kaepernick’s “bend the knee” national anthem protest in 2016, as a traitor to her country and a hell of a lot worse.

I answered that Rapinoe probably shouldn’t have used the F-word, I only use it rarely myself. But Kaepernick, Rapinoe and the hundreds of athletes who’ve been taking a knee have legitimate grievances, and the First Amendment permits such free speech.

That was good enough for Linda, and the subject didn’t come up on air. Again I was grateful, because her question — what do I think about when the anthem is played — rang in my ears for the rest of the week and I didn’t really know the answer to it.

Hate Rears Its Ugly Head

Sports are the opiates of the masses in the 21st century, so when a sizable number of locals turn their backs on a homegrown sports superstar with the magnitude of Megan Rapinoe—who as I write this just led the USNWT to victory in the World Cup finals several hours ago and was awarded the tournament’s Golden Boot, and the Golden Ball —the rest of the country takes notice.

Have these naysayers discovered a drug more powerful than professional sports? Anyone objectively examining the hundreds of negative comments made about Rapinoe on the Facebook pages of the Record Searchlight, KRCR Channel 7 and even A News would have to conclude they have: hatred of the LGBTQ community, wrapped in the false flag of Christian nationalism.

I will be blunt: this is a direct result of the influence of right-wing evangelical Christianity on Shasta County. It’s not just Bethel—in a sense, Bethel joined the club late. In this club getting raped by your cousin and having the baby is a blessing, being gay is a curse and openly lesbian hometown hero Megan Rapinoe is a threat to our children.

Needless to say, the club has thousands of chapters nationwide.

How else to account for hundreds of local posts denouncing Rapinoe as a he-she, a man, a rug-muncher? Sure, some of this hateful rhetoric came from out of the area, but it’s quite clear the Shasta County family values coalition, or what passes for it, has been flooding local social media pages with their misogynistic, homophobic rants. Who else teaches people to do this?

I know of only one source, and it’s killing any progress in Shasta County. No one outside of religious zealots will want to come here if this continues. Perhaps that’s the plan.

Land Of The Free, Home Of The Brave

So, what do I think about when the national anthem is played?

If I were standing in the stadium in Lyon after the USNWT’s 2-0 victory over the Netherlands Sunday and the anthem was playing, I’d marvel at the freedom in this country that permits a scrawny little working-class kid from Palo Cedro to rise to the heights Megan Rapinoe has attained.

I’d thank the Founding Fathers, who knew they touched off a revolution 243 years ago when they wrote “all men are created equal,” some of them with the grim understanding that their white male privilege would one day be usurped by this universal human value.

I’d think about President Donald Trump’s “Salute to America,” which I forced myself to watch on the 4th of July, and his proclamation that “we’re all made by the same almighty God.”

It was one of the few bones thrown to his right-wing evangelical base in a rather dull speech that also managed to mangle the “Star-Spangled Banner’s” War of 1812 origins with the American Revolution sparked by the Declaration of Independence.

As the anthem continued playing (it’s an intolerably long song), I’d think about this almighty God of the right-wing Christian evangelicals, who in the Old Testament condemns one-third of the USWNT to death by stoning, and I’d thank my lucky stars I live in the country that invented both freedom of speech and the separation of church and state.

This is the land of the free, the home of the brave, the song finally concludes. This week, Megan Rapinoe raised the bar on that standard.

Winning means everything in America’s cultural wars, and Rapinoe, under global-wide scrutiny due to her outspokenness, virtually willed the USNWT to victory in the World Cup. In doing so, she cemented her status as not just one of the greatest soccer players of all time but as a cultural icon who transcends her sport, a social justice warrior who’s beaten the bullies at their own game.

You want to know why Rapinoe isn’t going to the “fucking White House” to celebrate?

I suspect it might have something to do with the unholy and un-Constitutional alliance Trump has made with right-wing evangelicals, who seek to justify discrimination against members of the LGBTQ community under the guise of religious freedom. They are succeeding beyond their wildest expectations.

That’s why Rapinoe refuses to sing along with the national anthem. That’s why she doesn’t place her hand over her heart. It’s a warning that something has gone horribly wrong, be it unarmed people of color getting gun-downed by police, religious-based discrimination against gays or unequal pay between men and women.

Whether or not we heed her distress call will determine if we all are truly created equal, or if some of us are more equal than others. That’s the very essence of the project the Founders began so many years ago, and this week, freedom and equality has a winner.

Her name is Megan Rapinoe.

R.V. Scheide
R.V. Scheide has been a northern California journalist for more than 20 years. He appreciates your comments and story ideas. He can be emailed at
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109 Responses

  1. Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

    There are actually four verses in the Star Spangled Banner, but only the first is sung at sporting events. I doubt, in today’s political climate it would have been adopted as the national anthem.
    The third verse contains, “No refuge could save the hireling or slave”, that could be interpreted a lot of ways.
    The fourth verse contains, “And this be our motto, In God We Trust”, that passage has split the nation.

    • R.V. Scheide Jr. R.V. Scheide Jr. says:

      The “hireling or slave” line by Francis Scott Key referred to slaves the British enlisted to fight in the War of 1812, in exchange for their freedom. I think you’re correct, the Star-Spangled Banner wouldn’t pass muster today, in part because of that line in the third verse. Another interesting fact about the anthem is the tune itself actually predates Key’s songwriting by 60 years or so. It was a popular British bar song that revelers made up lyrics to. I’ve never cared much for the tune itself, and would be happy to see it replaced by “America.”

      • Adrienne Jacoby Adrienne Jacoby says:

        I have LONG held that our National Anthem SHOULD be America the Beautiful. The Star Spangled Banner is about war and set to an old English drinking song that is difficult (at best) to sing. Danny Thomas started such a movement back in the late 50’s and early ’60’s. I bought into it at that time and have continued to express that wish over the years. He did get it to congress but it died there.

        • R.V. Scheide Jr. R.V. Scheide Jr. says:

          Adrienne, I watch way too much European motorsporsts, where they play the anthem of the winner after every race, and one interesting thing about the national anthems in Spain and Italy is that they too are war songs, even though musically, they sound more peaceful. I don’t think they’re a rule that anthems can’t be updated, and we should update ours, frequently.

  2. Avatar Randy says:

    R.V. Scheid, Thanks for the great letter.

  3. Avatar Tim says:

    I don’t care that Rapinoe is a lesbian, but I am mildly put off by her damping my bread & circus time pushing Democratic politics and bitching about how unfair it is that she – a genuine 1%er – is not making enough money. I would have had a similar reaction to Michael Phelps had he refused to meet Obama and spent his Olympic limelight pushing GOP talking points. Watching US National teams should be a brief reprieve that reminds us of our commonalities; it is not the time to drive wedges & divide.

    • Avatar Anita Brady says:

      No, Tim, the time to wedge & divide is every single day with your President. He says untruths in his role, he bullies from his pulpit and spews hate from his soul. If there is one person in this country that should respect their “uniform” and act accordingly, it is Trump.

      • Avatar Anita Brady says:

        and YES, I an incensed when Trump pretends to be holding a Presidential event but it is actually a political campaign stop (which he has done since the day he was sworn in).

      • Avatar Tim says:

        Our President (and no, I did not vote for him).

        • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

          Our president has repeatedly proven that he’s not our president, just his base’s president. A fatal flaw.

          I voted for him, as you know.

    • Avatar Patricia Barrett says:


      In a civilized society it is NOT acceptable that female athletes of this caliber are paid a fraction of their male counterparts.

      And the “wedge” dividing this country is most definitely your president, and the anti-gay, anti-woman religious extremists he has placed in charge of the highest levels of government, and to serve on numerous federal courts.

      • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

        Patricia, what civilized nation are you talking about? The civilized battle between Pelosi and “The Squad” will reelect Trump. Four more years of Trump are coming because what the Democrats are doing to their own party.

        • Avatar Patricia Barrett says:


          I think you’d be amazed at how many Americans are now ready for their government to do something for the actual citizens with their tax dollars (like every other developed country, many with great success), rather than just continuing to pour trillions of dollars into third-world corporate imperialist expansion and exploitation, and so-called “humanitarian” aid to protect corporate interests abroad.

          I also think we’ll be seeing a fairly moderate Democratic ticket. It’s by no means a given that Trump will win the next presidential election.

    • Avatar Larry Winter says:

      Tim, I think it’s time to quit telling exceptional athletes who have achieved the bully pulpit due to media attention what they are allowed to say. I also don’t see her talking Democratic talking points, I see the Democratic party jumping on the inequality issue as political parties do. She’s expressing her point of view from what she is experiencing, not reciting some talking point.

    • R.V. Scheide Jr. R.V. Scheide Jr. says:

      Tim, I might agree with about the White House visit if Trump hadn’t changed the rules on what passes for presidential civility nowadays. He’s earned the disrespect.

    • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

      I may be a girl’s soccer fanatic but if I remember several other winning sports stars have said, and haven’t, visited the White House. Why the big deal about Rapinoe?

    • Adrienne Jacoby Adrienne Jacoby says:

      If you’ve listened to her at all you know she’s speaking for the equal rights of ALL female athletes, both present and future. . . . not just her 1% self. And, BTW, I don’t think she’s QUITE into the 1% yet.

  4. Avatar Denise Ohm says:

    YES!!! All of your words, RV.

    As part of my duties on a couple of local boards, I recite the Pledge of Allegiance fairly regularly. I transcend back to the school year I learned it; I’m a little girl in a pinafore with all my classmates.

    That was written, it turns out for the World’s Fair. It didn’t contain the phrase, Under God until ultra conservatives forced the issue sometime in the early 1950’s.

    I don’t have a problem with God, at all. She’s at the very center of me.

    I’ll always recite the Under God part but now that I’m older and have the information, I’ll always pause at that part just to muse about how invasive the phrase is.

    Megan, thank you for using your status to make points. #notsorry

    • R.V. Scheide Jr. R.V. Scheide Jr. says:

      “One nation under God” was added to the pledge in 1954, as the Cold War cranked up, politicians and the powers that be needed something to oppose godless Communism, and the obvious choice was the Judeo-Christian G0d. As a substitute teacher, I occasionally have to recite the pledge along with the students, and sometimes I say the “god” part and sometimes I don’t, depending on what mood I’m in. If I’m in a bad mood, the whole notion of “pledging allegiance” to a country founded on freedom of conscience rubs me the wrong way.

  5. Frank Treadway Frank Treadway says:

    Tim, you’re apparently fine with the male soccer players making $1 million vs female players making $200k. It’s all about pay equity. What form of discrimination have you ever faced ? Megan is not driving the wedge, it’s our current POTUS who daily tweets invectives that is dividing this country. But, then again, I see a quiet rallying around an eventual Dem candidate that will pull this country together for 2020. And remember, Phelps continues to make millions off sport sponsors, while Megan has been basically black-balled. Why don’t you folks who demand the hand to the heart or salute jump all over JWs or other religions who aren’t inline with your Uber-Patriotism. It’s all about what a person does and accomplishes in life. And Megan does just that.

    • Avatar Tim says:

      The average women’s national team player will make around $400k this year. Rapinoe will make at least $500k before endorsements and likely more than a million after. Fact: the women’s national team salary & bonuses are HIGHER then the salary & bonuses of the US men’s national team — and have been for both 2018 and 2019.

      Yes, the best male soccer players earn more than the best female soccer players, but they’re also much, much, much better players. The US women’s national team couldn’t even beat a team of 14 year-old boys from Dallas:

      If Rapinoe thinks she is deserving of a >$1 million salary, she ought to try out for the top level team to see if she is truly capable of doing “equal work” to the men.

      • Avatar Larry Winter says:

        OMG Tim, bring up the U14 loss as some sort of bearing on the quality of women’s soccer? From your link
        “The U.S. surely wasn’t going all out, with the main goal being to get some minutes on the pitch, build chemistry when it comes to moving the ball around, improve defensive shape and get ready for Russia.”

        I would think it’s called good sportsmanship (are you listening Doug?) to let these young players win.

    • R.V. Scheide Jr. R.V. Scheide Jr. says:

      The World Cup only comes around every four years. In between time, national team soccer stars have to play and hopefully get paid. According to the lawsuit filed by the USWNT earlier this year, professional women player on average earn 38 cents on the dollar compared to men, even though the women’s team has surpassed the men’s team in popularity, because they win a lot. More here from Market Watch.

      • Avatar Tim says:

        Globally women’s soccer has not surpassed men’s in popularity. The last World Cup brought in $6 billion in revenue. The women’s world cup? A mere $131 million.

        And that $0.38/dollar figure in the lawsuit was entirely hypothetical and based on pay scales before 2016. The US men *could potentially* have earned that much more if they had been good enough to win.

        The men’s team is not good enough to win the world cup, but neither is the women’s team. That’s why the women play for their own women’s world cup – in a league that discriminates against male athletes (there is no such rule forbidding a woman from playing on the men’s team!)

        But hey, we’re all about equality in the socialist democratic party. Rather than fighting for equal protection under the law, we celebrate diversity by pretending everyone is actually the same. Those who wish to be paid based on productivity and output are evil fascist ableists! And after we win this fight, we’ll next demand equal pay for those in AAA and AA minor leagues. It’s only fair right?

        Participation ribbons for everyone!

        • Avatar Larry Winter says:

          Here’s the last paragraph from RV’s link and a rebuke to your snarky participation ribbon put down.

          “From 2016 to 2018, U.S. women’s soccer games raised approximately $50.8 million in revenue, compared with $49.9 million for the country’s men’s side, according to the U.S. Soccer Federation’s audited financial statements, the Wall Street Journal reported last month. In 2016, the women’s team generated $1.9 million more than the men’s.”

          • Avatar Tim says:

            You’re confusing US Soccer with FIFA. Men brought in $6 billion for the last World Cup, from which they divied $400 million in bonuses. The women are expected to bring in $131 million, from which they’ll divy $30 million in bonuses.

            That means the men are paid only 7% of their FIFA revenue while the women are paid 23%.

          • Avatar Larry Winter says:

            I’m not confused (famous last words). The lawsuit is against US Soccer Federation, not FIFA.

            “Other issues on the table in the lawsuit include equal playing and travel conditions, promotion, and development. For example, women often play on artificial turf, which is considered less safe, while the men do not; women say the men get chartered flights more often, while women fly commercial.”

            These are issues that are a part of the National Women’s Soccer League of which the members of the National Team have to be participants in order to qualify for the National Team.

        • R.V. Scheide Jr. R.V. Scheide Jr. says:

          U.S. interest in women’s World Cup soccer is decidedly in favor of the women’s team, for one simple reason: They win, and the men lose. America loves a winner. Slightly more than half of the soccer gear purchased in the U.S. for youngsters is for girls. Nike has recognized this, and is rewarding athletes like Megan Rapinoe for her athleticism AND her outspokeness.

          Nevertheless, the claim that the USWNT is being financially rewarded on par with the men’s team is ludicrous. Anyone who thinks different should immediately write letters to the editor to Market Watch, The Washington Post and criticize them for printing fake news.

  6. Adrienne Jacoby Adrienne Jacoby says:

    R.V. I just ordered 20 shirts that say,
    I’ll save you one!!

    • R.V. Scheide Jr. R.V. Scheide Jr. says:

      Size large, please!

    • Avatar Linda Cooper says:

      Adrienne, I hope you post a picture of you wearing the t-shirt at Jack’s! Still laughing here. As an aside, have you heard about the Carr Fire “anniversary” event in Shasta? Thought you mentioned you thought there should be one.

      • Adrienne Jacoby Adrienne Jacoby says:

        Believe me . . . . THERE WILL BE PICTURES!!! And no, I wasn’t the one who mentioned the Carr fire anniversary. Maybe Joanne . . . Or maybe I just agreed with someone who said it. Good idea, though. All things that might help some with healing.

    • Joanne Snyder Joanne Snyder says:

      May I go with you? x-l if possible..

      • Adrienne Jacoby Adrienne Jacoby says:

        I have 15 shirts left. I ordered a range of sizes. I’m asking $10@. Not making anything on then, just keeping the losses at bay. I didn’t post anything.I’m a rather timid entrepreneur. Not a good combination. LOL!!
        contact me at 515-2852. Leave a message.

      • Adrienne Jacoby Adrienne Jacoby says:

        Now we just have to decide when. I don’t care if we have to wait in the bar for three hours . . . just more time to sow off our shirts!!.

    • Avatar Randy says:

      Are these shirts a personal special order or is there a place where we can buy shirts showing support for Megan? I have searched but cannot find anything. Thanks

      • Adrienne Jacoby Adrienne Jacoby says:

        RANDY . . . . did you see my answer to your question above? Some times these replies don’t line up where I think they are going to show up.

    • Avatar Janette Brockmann says:

      Can I buy one of these shirts?

  7. Avatar Patrick says:

    Wondering…did he ever release his promised tax returns? Asking for a friend!

    • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

      Not yet, but Trump is losing the battle in court to prevent their release, and when they do come out, it will be game over, because he will be revealed as a fraud businessman.

    • Avatar Beverly Stafford says:

      And wasn’t it he who raged long and hard about Obama’s birth certificate? A bit hypocritical, methinks.

      • Adrienne Jacoby Adrienne Jacoby says:

        You know up above where I said: “How do you spell PATRIOT? M-E-G-A-N R-A-P-I-N-O-E!! . . . . Maybe the other side of the shirt should read: “How do you spell HYPOCRITE? D-O-N-A-L-D T-R-U-M-P!!
        But, of course, that doesn’t matter to a narcissistic sociopath. Whatever their pathology tells them is the truth, is, in fact (to them) the truth.

  8. Avatar Peggy Elwood says:

    Right on R.V.! Megan is an inspiration in many ways…deserves our support and respect.

  9. Avatar Larry Winter says:

    I stand and take my hat off and place it over my heart whenever I’m in attendance during the National Anthem. I was most moved during these times while I was an assistant BB coach for Hayfork HS and we would travel around to the small school gyms around the northstate listening to a student sing. I would always get choked up. Small town America at it’s best.

    • R.V. Scheide Jr. R.V. Scheide Jr. says:

      Same thing here. I always stand and put my hand over my heart. Sometimes it makes me feel like Pavlov dog.

      • Avatar Linda Cooper says:

        R.V, I so appreciated what you wrote. And, yeah, I always get misty. Can’t control it.

        • Avatar Patricia Barrett says:

          For the right-wing “Christians” who control Shasta County and now our federal government, patriotism is the blind, superficial worship of symbols, with no substance to their beliefs. Those who truly love our country and its citizenry care enough to want to improve it.

          • R.V. Scheide Jr. R.V. Scheide Jr. says:

            The flag symbolizes the abstract ideals the Founders based their writings on, and freedom of conscience, as expressed in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, is the base on which they built this country on.

          • Avatar Patricia Barrett says:

            I worded that poorly. An example of the difference between a right-winger expressing patriotism and someone on the left is that the right-winger will spend time and money placing little flags on the graves of dead veterans (a basically empty gesture), while the leftist is more likely to spend his or her time and money trying to alleviate homelessness among live veterans.

          • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

            I was agreeing with you Patreica!

          • Avatar Patricia Barrett says:

            Oh – thanks R.V. (I wasn’t sure).

          • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

            Patricia, A Patriot will spend money and time placing flags in memory of those who fought for this country while the cowardly leftist, under cover of dark, will steal those flags. And the patriot who places flags also helps the homeless while the cowardly leftist, caught on film, steals food left out for the post office on their food drive to aid the poor and homeless.

          • Avatar Patricia Barrett says:


            Those are wild accusations. Stealing food from the poor is hardly a “leftist” tactic (far from it), and I only found a few references to stolen flags. In one case (linked below) it turned out to be groundhogs, in another squirrels, and another involved confederate battle flags stolen by a church because of what those flags symbolize.


          • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

            Bruce, that’s the most ridiculous story I’ve ever heard. Real patriots plant flags, while cowardly leftists pull them up. As if that’s all cowardly leftists do. Good grief.

          • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

            RV, I was responding to the wild accusation that Patricia posted with a wild accusation of my own.

        • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

          Patricia, no more wild than the accusations you post.

          • Avatar Patricia Barrett says:

            Name one.

          • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

            Patricia, Name one. The one you posted about placing flags while ignoring the homeless that I replied to. Not only was it a wild accusation but an outright lie. The VFW in Cheyenne placed memorial flags along roadways and at graveyards. The Cheyenne VFW also contributed money and volunteers, I was one, who refurbished housing for homeless veterans in Cheyenne and northern Colorado. I wrote a LTTE, something you have never done, to Anews about it and it was printed.
            Go back to making wild accusations about others who are trying to improve Redding.

            Sorry Barbra but it needed to be said.

          • Avatar Patricia Barrett says:


            My comment addressed what each group is “more likely” to do. There’s no question that right-wingers as a group have expended a considerable amount of time, effort, and money putting flags on the graves of dead veterans. It’s also true that people on the left feel, behave, and vote much more compassionately toward the poor and homeless as a group. In all the vast amount of hatred I’ve seen spewed against the homeless by right-wingers in Shasta County, I’ve never heard any of them make an exception for a homeless person just because he happens to be a veteran.

  10. Avatar Richard Christoph says:

    Great article, R.V. Our hometown heroine did us proud.

    The pay gap is a complex issue, and this Washington Post piece by Meg Kelly provides some background, facts, and context:

    Sportscaster Bob Costas has stated an on-field demonstration plan that I as a veteran think is a reasonable solution. Wait until the last note of the anthem is played, THEN take a knee.

    • Robert V Scheide Robert V Scheide says:

      That Washington Post article gives a pretty good account of the what the pay actually is.

      Be careful where you say “hometown heroine.” Someone might think you mean something else!

      • Avatar Richard Christoph says:

        Point well taken. “Hero” would have been inaccurate, yet the vital “e” could be overlooked.

  11. Avatar Robert Scheide Sr. says:

    All the hate this simple act has called out shows the effect of these Christian radicals on matters that don’t really matter. It is about time that someone called out the President for his bigoted attitude against just about everybody.

    Coupled with groups like the Nazi’s they run around the country shouting their hate slogans, claiming free speech rights. The site of these fools marching with torches “Screaming Jews Will Not Replace Us” makes me want to throw that free speech argument in the trash can..

    The Right-Wing is attacking every Liberal gain we have made in the last 40 years. It is time to send them back to their churches and lock the doors. Let them rave away inside .

    • Avatar Patricia Barrett says:

      Mr. Scheide,

      I love that thought (sending them back to their churches and locking the doors).

      There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with Christians serving as elected officials. However, when their entire purpose in occupying that office is to replace our Constitution with brutal, hate-filled Old Testament law (as is the case with all the Christian fundamentalists who have been handed our federal government by the Trump administration), then it’s time to get out the figurative torches and pitchforks.

      • Avatar Beverly Stafford says:

        In a previous Bethel column, someone stated that although Winter doesn’t proselytize from her seat on the Council dais, she does visit with city staff, strongly suggesting that they support her views. Any truth to that?

        • Avatar Patricia Barrett says:

          Yes! Winter led a contingent from Bethel Church to convince City Staff members to recommend accepting Bethel’s half-million-dollar “donation” – right before the City Council was scheduled to consider the approval of Bethel’s upcoming 39-acre mega-church complex.

          Those were the same City Staff members the City Council can fire at will, and with an election then approaching and several Bethel-affiliated people running, Winter’s actions could be considered a form of intimidation (as well as a violation of the separation of church and state).

    • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

      Exactly right dad. I don’t give a hoot what they say behind closed doors.

  12. Avatar Judith Salter says:

    I vehemently protested against the Vietnam war when I was a Young woman. I marched, I wrote letters, I went to Capitol Hill, I joined rallies – because I wanted my government to change its course —not because I didn’t like America. I feel the same way about MR’s protests. She wants our government to change , our society to change – and she has a platform to make us aware of these needs.#RRP. Redding Rapinoe Proud

    • Avatar Linda Cooper says:

      Judith, it felt good for me to read your comment. I was right there with you and others during Vietnam. And I personally didn’t see people being disrespectful towards the military. I think that’s been exaggerated in the press. I reflect on what Rapinoe has expressed, and I compare it to what the (gulp) president tweets daily, and I hang my head.

    • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

      From Wikipedia: “During their medal ceremony in the Olympic Stadium in Mexico City on October 16, 1968, African-American athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos each raised a black-gloved fist during the playing of the US national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner”.”

      Carlos and Smith’s careers as athletes were destroyed after this protest, which I saw on TV as an 8-year-old. It was 1968, and the country was being torn apart. They were heroes to me, even at that young age, for daring to speak truth to power.

      • Hal Johnson Hal Johnson says:

        The protest also destroyed the career of Australian sprinter Peter Norman, who bested John Carlos for the silver medal. Norman didn’t join in the protest directly, but he did wear a little badge that read “Olympic Project for Human Rights.” The organization had been founded a year before to fight racism in sports.

        It was a small gesture compared to to the raised fists of Tommie Smith and John Carlos, but it was enough that he never raced in the Olympics again.

        • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

          That’s correct Hal. There’s a documentary about this, “Salute,” that tracks what happened to those three athletes after the Olympics.

    • Avatar Anita Brady says:

      I was called unpatriotic by announcers on local conservative radio program when I was vocally against the Iraq War. Well, we know, like Vietnam, we stood on the right side of history. Little consolation with all military heroes killed, maimed and sent home with PTSD, but we have to call out injustice– we cannot be silent.

      • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

        I was an anti-war journalist during the 9/11 time frame and it was sometimes an uncomfortable place to be.

  13. Avatar Greg Lawson says:

    Well-written, thoughtful piece. Am I the only one who looks at Megan as a modern-day Jesse Owens?

    • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

      Jesse Owens is an interesting comparison, because in today’s case, Adolf Hitler is Donald Trump to Jesse Owens’ Megan Rapinoe.

      Incidentally, the Nazis went after the gays first, before the Jews.

  14. Avatar DZ says:

    I kind of hated what Julie Winters commented, about respecing the flag, due to the Freedom of the Nation? imo, it is Freedom of the People..Maybe she’s thinking about her Bethel Global Nation! “Legacy” Starting here in Trump’s Town of Evangelical/Charismatics/New Age critic’s. Where she is against all, (it’s been proven) that’s not on her page or following..

    • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

      Julie Two-Hats is Redding Mayor by default. Her inability to understand public relations will be her downfall.

  15. Avatar Candace C says:

    Adrienne, I think the same thing about America The Beautiful.

  16. Avatar Candace C says:

    Adrienne, although I’d change some words of which I’m not going to mention because I don’t want to be the cause of some people’s head’s exploding.

    • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

      We could lose the “God shed his grace on thee” and it would still be a good song.

  17. Avatar Larry says:

    Last word???

  18. Avatar Jessica French says:


  19. Avatar Linda Cooper says:

    OMG. I should shut up. Overly excited. I just saw two interviews with Megan Rapinoe on TV. I didn’t get tv in Shasta, so I read the typical news mags, and don’t listen much still. I had previously heard the trash about her over the days in clips and pieces, and heard the news in clips and pieces over TV here in Chico.

    This woman is articulate, has humor and is focused. Qualities for being a winner? And, I picked up on this on this during the Anderson Cooper interview. If I could hear it correctly, he was amazed that she didn’t “come out” until her college years. I thought, something to do about living in Redding, Shasta County? Hard to come out there? And appreciated she didn’t “go there.” You know, like attempting to explain Shasta County. Where wonderful folks live, but still. After the fire, and I landed in Chico, buying a home in three hours, I reflect that maybe it was the Denny signs for congress that got me going.

    Hey. Megan Rapinoe might have apologized for the “F” word, but she didn’t mention growing up gay in Redding. Take a win too, Redding. She gave it to you.

    • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

      Megan Rapinoe was awesome on Anderson Cooper, and you’re right, she was damned articulate and informed about her issues that I can easily imagine her running for public office.

    • Avatar Doug Cook says:

      I thought the interview was weak…I did find it interesting that when talking about pay inequality with women’s soccer…she was asked what fans could do to help. Rapinoe’s answer was to come out to the games, buy tickets and merchandise. So in other words…it is not sexism that is keeping women’s pay is simple economics and capitalism will raise revenue and income levels. Just the way it should be. More fans showing up equals more revenue and higher salary levels. I think someone who got a free ride to college on a sports scholarship, able to make a lot of money doing what she loves, and is now able to marry whomever she chooses…she probably should be a little more thankful for what this country has given to her. She acted like a petulant child…embarrassing. Thankfully the World Cup is over for another 4 years and soccer will fade into oblivion again…

      • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

        Thankfully the MLB players are going to go on strike for more money. Right now some teams have to give away tickets to put seats in their stadiums. I guess the ability to hit a curve ball isn’t worth what it used to be. Expect to see more soccer, gymnastics, ice skating and even dog shows which are much more entertaining than watching millionaires tank games.

      • Avatar Patricia Barrett says:


        Kindly don’t try to blame pay discrimination and sexism on “capitalism”.

        As more women have entered what have historically been male-dominated professions (outside of sports), the pay in those professions has actually dropped to a notable degree. It’s not that women don’t perform those jobs as well, or are less productive – it’s that work that women can perform is seen as less valuable. It has nothing to do with supply and demand – it’s just plain blatant sexism and financial exploitation.

      • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

        Sorry, Doug Cook, you’re gonna be hearing about Megan Rapinoe and the USWNT continuously for the next year because the summer Olympics in Tokyo is in 2020.

        I saw a completely different person in the interview: A media star.

        • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

          I will be posting the celebrations here in Phoenix of the two members of the USWST when they get back here all year. Maybe, hopefully, Rapinoe will come too. I am going to be ANews sports reporter for all things about women’s soccer.

  20. Avatar Carl R Bott says:

    RV–we always have a great interview with you and you will be invited back. By this time, after 10 years I hope that people realize we are a community radio station that welcomes all aspects of our community on. It doesn’t mean questions won’t be asked but we like to think its people discussing topics over coffee (great coffee, RV?) and then shaking hands and not being angry. There are so many things that can distract us but I believe we can pull it together if we get over this anger that seems to fill the space.

    • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

      Carl’s joking about the coffee he made me drink, the last dregs in the pot, by Navy-shaming me. I have to admit it did taste just like Navy coffee!

      It’s true, we have some folks who like to go at it in the comment section. It’s fun, as long as we all remember to not take things too seriously.

  21. R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

    In defense of Shasta County, I note that Republicans dissin Megan Rapinoe has officially become a thing nationwide:

    • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

      RV, just like here in red Arizona a few attack Rapinoe but most support her, including several veterans. But Phoenix does have two members of the women’s team from here and the overwhelming majority support the whole team. When they come home there will be a celebration, maybe a parade.

      • R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

        Ya know, a lot of people here are excited too, I’d like to say most people. But the size of the negative response here is palpable, at least on social media. Thank god I haven’t gotten in any bar fights over it.

  22. Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

    On ETSY, a new company, 2019, Warriortshirtdesign, shows only 2 sales, has handmade Rapinoe T-shirts, they also have Betsy Ross if you don’t like the flag leave America T-shirts among others. I have the feeling the company is not paying royalties and likely won’t be up long. Could be collector items.

    • Barbara Rice Barbara Rice says:

      Disclosure: I have been an Etsy shop owner since 2011. Etsy will not take down items with copyright infringements unless the copyright holder files a cease-and-desist notice. Periodically large companies like Disney do a sweep of sites like Etsy and send such notices, but it doesn’t do anything to stop those items from being reposted later. Lather rinse repeat.