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Letter to the Editor: Shasta High French Course at Risk

Editor’s note: The following is an email sent to the Shasta High School Board on Feb. 10 by Tami Bennett, Shasta High School French teacher. 

Distinguished Board Members:

I have been the French teacher at Shasta High for 17.5 years. I will be speaking to you (at) the meeting on February 12.  I requested to speak upon learning that Superintendent Cloney decided to not offer French I at Shasta High School next year. Students are currently registering for their 2019/2020 classes so this inability to request a class they want is time critical. I disagree with this cut.

The Agenda topic (re-worded from my original title) is:

  1. 12.3  Instructional Services
    1. The Board, Associate Superintendent of Instructional Services and Superintendent will discuss the direction of the French course offerings (Discussion)

Because of time limits and my nervousness, I would like to summarize some information for you below. Shasta High’s motto is Tradition, Excellence and Vision.



The reason given by Superintendent Cloney is not enough students are in the program.

Vision ?

Tamra Bennett
Professeur de Français
Shasta High School
Dual Enrollment Instructor
Shasta College