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Letter to the Editor: State of the Union

I felt it was my duty as a good citizen to watch the State of the Union address.

I make a point of avoiding any horror genre or violence. I am a sensitive person and a truth seeker, so I avoid filling my head with unnecessary crap. I knew there would be lies. I knew there would be posturing. I knew he would use it as a campaign platform for the next time around (if he is still standing). But the cold-blooded cruelty on display and the raucous mob-like support of his loyal party, all transpiring in the great hall of our legislative branch echoed off the walls like the rise of the Fourth Reich.

I am disturbed today. His comments equating Venezuela’s tragic run of ineptitude and corruption with “socialism” and the cheers of “USA, USA!” after his denouncement of socialism having any place in our country may have just officially started our next civil war. My heart goes out to Bernie.

Positive side…. It may be that the Elephant party is shooting itself in the knees. Certainly we’ve known for a while what we’re up against. Seeing the serpent raising its head like this does call for the dragon slayer in us to rise in a calm simple focus and speak truth, love and compassion.

Stephen “Shems” Smith, Redding