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All about Animals: When the One You Love Smells like an Old Shoe

It’s winter, but I guess you already knew that. It’s cold and wet outside, but you probably already knew that, too. Your dog, your buddy, your pal is right by your side, out in the rain, getting wet, and in the house he troops. That wet dog odor becomes hard to ignore. You’ve tried the expensive “Odor be Gone” shampoos. You’ve bathed him and bathed him again, but still that “odor” returns. First, let’s be clear that you have ruled out any medical problems that could be causing this odor. Could it be mouth odor? Time for a dental exam. Ear odor? A possible ear infection. A fruity urine odor could indicate diabetes. All clear? Well, back to the doggy odor.

Surprisingly, frequent shampooing is not the answer. Too much bathing causes the oil glands to increase their output, causing overly oily skin. The more you bathe, the sooner your dog will need another bath. But don’t despair! I do have a few quick, easy and inexpensive home remedies that will make your best friend huggable again.

Now, after trying all of my home remedies, and the one you love still smells like an old shoe, it’s time to see the vet. Remember, please spay and neuter your family pets!