ANC Online Auction: Hand-Made, Hand-Painted Double-Sided Bird House — Kitty Conners

It seems fitting that someone named Kitty would love to make designer bird houses. That’s exactly the situation with ANC subscriber Kitty Conners of Anderson, who, with help from husband Kevin, makes one-of-a-kind rustic bird houses. He does the carpentry, and she takes care of the artistic touches, done in acrylic paint and enamel, all sealed nicely with a clear coat of Varathane polyurethane so the couple’s clever creations are weather-proof.

This piece designed by Kitty features a brightly colored flower motif, and has special double-sided access for birds who like entrance and exit options.

This two-sided bird house is made of reclaimed cedar. The roof is cedar bark, and top of the house is Kitty’s favorite part, because the bark is intact, and still has some moss pieces. The bird house’s base measures 18 inches tall and 12.5 inches wide. The little stove-pipe perch is made of brass.

Thank you, Kitty and Kevin Conners, for creating and donating this whimsical bird house.

Value: $69

Opening bid: $40

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About Kitty Conners

Kitty Conners lives in Anderson with her husband Kevin Conners. She was a recipient of  the 1997 National Friends of Public Broadcasting – Special Event “Pork Chops for Lamb Chops”; 1998 NFPB Certificate, Volunteer Coordinator of the Year, and in 2001 was the first recipient of the NFPB Beverly Lundquist Award. She wrote the first grants to build the Cottonwood Community Center.

Click here for a story she shared with ANC in December of 2011 about her life with Guillian-Barre’ Syndrome.

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