Recreating Landmarks

These former Promenade columns have been dismantled in order to make way for the Yuba, Butte and North Market Street rejuvenation in downtown Redding, CA. The 2’ x 19’ colored glass panels have been retrieved and are being stored by the City of Redding.

Viva Downtown Redding, in partnership with the City of Redding, will make the panels (64 of them) available to artists, contractors or interested individuals and groups, with the ultimate goal of repurposing the raw materials.

First preference in distributing the panels will be given to projects that have a landmark or art in public places component located within Redding’s downtown cultural district boundaries. Second preference will be given to projects located in the City of Redding and third preferential locations will be Northern California.

The cost of these raw materials is zero… as in free. Proposals for use, arrangement for viewing and pick up appointments are to be sent to  Guidelines for proposals and requests are available at this same email address. August 28th is the new extended deadline for all proposals and requests. Bring these glass panels from our collective memory into our evolving downtown culture.

We encourage projects that celebrate community identity, inspire civic pride, respond to the local environment or invigorate public spaces. Think outside the box! Create an aesthetic or practical enhancement to serve as a legacy for future generations.

These glass panel raw materials will be distributed at no cost to individuals, groups or entities
who submit a request using the following guidelines.
August 28th, 2018 is the new extended deadline for proposal submissions.

Individuals, groups or entities who work in all visual and interdisciplinary media, including but
not limited to sculpture, crafts, folk art, installation art, architecture or design are eligible to
participate. Applicants may submit as individuals or as creative teams.
Let your creativity flow and bring us a unique proposal.


1. Contact information: Name, Phone, Email Address, Web site (if available)
2. A one-page description of your reason for acquisition and description of the ultimate
end product utilizing these raw materials. If there is a location proposed for the project
please include those details and contact information for that location. If the project is a
community effort, please describe it. How many panels do you want to acquire?
3. A one-page resume including any past projects completed.
4. Develop written and visual materials that illustrate the proposal. Please send your
image(s) as attachments rather than in the body of the email.
5. If your proposal is in the public realm, determine how your project will be maintained
after it is installed.
6. Who or which organization will benefit from the end result of the use of these raw
7. Post completion narrative and photos shall be delivered to Viva Downtown Redding
upon completion of your project.
8. If you represent a team, how do you propose cooperating with groups or organizations
in your community? Please describe how and why you feel you will be successful in your
outlined goal.

Entities or individuals are responsible for picking up and transporting the panels.
Viewing and pick up arrangements to be made at
Entities or individuals are responsible for organizing the projects, seeking funding source and
maintaining the end result.
Viva Downtown in partnership with City of Redding is allocating these glass panels for
repurposing projects. There are no funds available to finance project proposals or installations.

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