SHASCOM Cell Phone Emergency Notification Registration

Over the last month quick moving fires have devastated areas of Napa, Ventura and Los Angeles Counties, further highlighting the need for emergency notifications. Although FEMA does have a mechanism in place to notify all cellular devices in the event of a National emergency, these systems are not well suited to fire evacuations as they are indiscriminate and notify everyone within reach of a cell tower to evacuate, which could reach several miles in all directions. This could cause gridlock on the roads as thousands of people would be notified to evacuate, even though their neighborhoods may not be in immediate danger.

To address this issue, your Shasta County public safety agencies have invested in a Community Notification System (CNS) that can send notifications to specific streets, neighborhoods or communities without alarming those areas not in the path of danger.

Although the CNS will automatically reach all hardwire phone lines to your house, it does not automatically alert cellular phones unless they have been registered in advance. You may register your cell phone to receive text and voice notifications by going to and click on the Code Red icon at the bottom of the page.

Registering your cell phone for emergency notifications is a free service that can be done by computer or smartphone. If you need any assistance with the process, please contact SHASCOM at 530-245-6512 and leave your name, home address or address you want notifications about, cell phone number and wireless service provider name.

Your Shasta County law enforcement and fire protection officials urge you to register your cell phones now to help ensure you and your family’s safety.

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