Meet us at the Makerie!

What, exactly, is a Makerie? It is a place for craftsmen, designers, agrarians, and brewers alike to showcase their locally made wares.

We are honored to share their stories of inspiration with you. The Makerie is a one-day event that gives us the opportunity to celebrate and honor these makers, who put hours and hours into their craft, often usurping space in their garages and on their dining tables to perfect their creations. At Enjoy, we want to make our space their Makerie, giving them a chance to move their art into the forefront, to be admired by an excited buying public. Consider the Makerie a launching pad for local talent.

For the last nine years, Enjoy The Store has been the location where makers can bring their products to gain exposure local shoppers. We have encouraged makers to tell their stories right here at home, as shoppers always delight in the who, what, when, where, why and how that inspires them in their creativity.

So, this Saturday, October 21st, from 10 am to 5 pm, in the storefront right next to Enjoy the Store – Redding, we are honored to present the following local makers in an intimate art display:

Willow Branch Furniture by Corey Bunton
Plush Creations by McMullen & Company
HerStory Vintage Handcrafted Jewelry by Kimberly Nicole Bonéy
Hand-Dipped Silk Scarves by Beej Femmel
Wooden Cheese Boards, Cutting Boards and Furniture by Ross Nanfito
Leather Goods and Journals by Twin Sparrows

And while you are here, enjoy delicious samples of local edibles and drinkables by:

Chico Honey
Sohnrey Nuts
Ancient Fire Coffee
Cedar Crest Brewery
Shasta Cider Company

We’ll see you at The Makerie!

Guest Speaker

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