Petition Seeks to Save Magnolia Park From Demolition

Magnolia Park is the public park visible from Placer Street behind Schreder Planetarium in the Magnolia Neighborhood of west Redding. It is a well maintained, grassy park and is used often by families and children for play and recreation, sports teams for practices, and school groups for celebratory events.

Magnolia Park is the public park visible from Placer Street behind Schreder Planetarium in the Magnolia Neighborhood of west Redding. It is a well maintained, grassy park and is used often by families and children for play and recreation, sports teams for practices, and school groups for celebratory events.

Recently Shasta County Board of Education officials quietly voted to demolish Magnolia Park and build a new building and parking lot in its place.  Construction is expected to begin in March, 2017.   

Several of us who were at an informational meeting about it on Thursday night were extremely disappointed that the public had not been notified, nor public input sought, before the Board made this decision.  Magnolia Park is a well-loved park and is frequently used by families, school groups, and youth sports teams.  

It is located in the Magnolia Neighborhood, one of Redding’s oldest neighborhoods, and has served the community as a public park for 41 years and as a school yard for decades prior to that.  

It is the only park within walking distance of hundreds of residences, many of which are on small lots or are apartments with no yard.  We feel it was inappropriate for a public, taxpayer-funded organization to make this decision and rapidly move forward with its implementation without having first involved the public, when it will clearly have adverse and long-lasting impacts on the health, well-being and economy of the community.

We wrote this petition to the Shasta County Board of Education with the hope that they will consider these points and change their decision.  We invite you to add your name to the petition.


Citizens for Magnolia Park

Click here for the petition to save Magnolia Park.

-from press release
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12 Responses

  1. I have fond memories of playing at Magnolia Park, both during and after school, when my sisters and I were kids and lived on Chestnut Street. Later, I took my children there when we lived on Butte Street. We could walk there, which is park of the charm of a neighborhood park.

    It would be such a shame, on so many levels, to see this park demolished to make way for construction.

  2. Avatar Donna Ayres says:

    I signed the petition. I live around the corner from that park and so many families take their young children there. It would be a shame to lose it.

  3. Avatar Patrick Donovan says:

    Thank you for picking up this story. In the last few days nearly 500 people have signed the petition. I’ve been sharing it wherever I can and asking others to do the same.

    This is where all of the kids play while they wait for the bus to Whiskeytown in the summer, and the only one on this side of town not overrun by drug users and urban campers.  My kids love it.

    I hope we are not too late.

  4. Avatar JeffG says:

    Before signing, beware that is a for-profit website and that your personal information will be sold unless you take additional steps.

    • Avatar Allie Figura says:

      Thanks for bringing that up.

      Fortunately, they have made it easy to opt out of your information being shared with advertisers.

      Just un-check the box that asks for your permission for to share your information.  If I remember right, it is below where you enter your name into the petition.

      From’s privacy policy: “Only at your election and if you specifically consent, we may share information about you with our advertisers, including your email address, mailing address and the petition you signed.”

  5. Avatar Tod Lundberg says:

    With the demolition of Kids Kingdom and the fencing off of city schoolyards this is the last place left where I took my kids as a single dad. The interlocking hammock trees are cool even in the heat of July.

  6. Avatar Barbara N. says:

    A couple of years ago we were in Pendleton Oregon and I was amazed at all of the small neighborhood parks they have. They were nice, with bathrooms, small playgrounds and walking trails. They were just small parks, but a lot of them. They even allowed dogs on leashes. I hate to see any park in this town be demolished…we really have so few.

  7. Avatar Richard Christoph says:

    After having read the R-S Speak Your Piece written by Rhonda Hull And Superintendent Tom Armelino explaining the legitimate reasons for relocating the Medical Therapy Unit from Buckeye School, it would seem that pressure would be better directed at the Gateway School District rather than SCOE. Gateway states that it needs the MTU facility for a different use, but perhaps if that use could be addressed nearby, the MTU could remain at Buckeye, and moving it to Magnolia would no longer be necessary.

  8. Avatar Russell K. Hunt says:

    Things change. That was my playground from 1st Grade to 6th grade. But its just an excuse to run off the homeless who are now banned from Library Park and under the Cypress St. Bridge. The SCOE had no problem buying up numerous houses on the block for other uses. Petitions rarely are effective right after people have been re-elected to the Board. But good luck.

  9. Avatar Jason Schroeder says:

    A large part of Tom Armelino’s justification for the Magnolia Park demolition is the imminent danger presented by crime on the west side of Redding, stating in a January 18, 2017 email: “Sadly, as much as we’ve tried to ensure we provide a safe environment, I’m afraid it’s not a matter of if, but when; someone will be accosted trying to simply get from their car to the office.” Yet, Mr. Armelino is willing to put special needs children in what he perceives to be a very dangerous area? Does that seem like a sound decision? Either Mr. Armelino doesn’t really think it is that dangerous of an area (why would he put special needs children in such a precarious position?); OR, this relocation of the SELPA facility to Magnolia Park needs to be re-examined on those grounds. Perhaps a safer campus elsewhere in the County would be a more responsible place to build the MTU facility?

  10. Avatar Russell K. Hunt says:

    BUT… the City could give  land on Buenaventura Blvd. to SCOE and save the park.

  11. Avatar Save My Park says:

    It’s do or die time for Magnolia Park.  February 15th at 1:30 PM, we are on the agenda at the SCOE board meeting.  If you can be there to help us show support for the petition and the effort to save the park, please join us.  Map, details, and a link to the petition and latest information is at: