Vote your Conscience on Measure D&E

I along with many other community leaders have spent the better part of two years working to fix Redding’s broken criminal justice system to address criminal behavior and in that process restore hope to a deserving community.

After I became your City Councilor, the City, County and law enforcement leaders partnered to come up with a plan (Blueprint for Public Safety) to address the challenges within our current law enforcement system.

After the plan was finished and approved by the Redding City Council, we brought forward two measures (D&E) to fund its implementation.  Measure D if passed will generate approximately $11 million dollars a year for 10 years. Measure E if passed will advise the Redding City Council to spend this money on jail space, police positions, and mental health services to name a few of the big ticket items.

That brings us to where we are today.

I have a real life friend who I’ll refer to as Friend A.  I’ve spoken with Friend A about Measures D&E along with many other topics concerning Redding. This friend comes from a multi generational Redding family, has raised several kids here and truly loves this community. He’s against Measure D&E, and there’s nothing I can say to convince him otherwise.  He doesn’t trust government to do the right thing (Local, State, or National).  While we differ on key issues, we have many other issues we agree on and simply focus our discussions on those items.

I have another friend, we’ll call him Friend B.  He’s also a multi generational Redding resident, has raised kids here and has deep business interests within our community. He is adamant that Measure D&E must pass and worries that are our current public safety crisis will take long term root in our community if we don’t take drastic action immediately.

I appreciate and admire both Friend A and Friend B, and count myself lucky to know them both.  If I’ve learned anything over the past 2 years, it’s that respect and a willingness to see other people’s point of view is paramount to the health of our local democracy.

Friend A certainly has a point. I disagree with some particular decisions our city leaders have made in the past and can see how some of those decisions would cast doubt on future decisions. Friend B, however, is absolutely right that we have a public safety crisis and we need to address it now. For my family and I, if it comes down to the issue of trust, the only thing I know I can trust is that if our community decides to vote down Measures D&E, we can at best expect conditions to stay the same.  That is simply not acceptable.

I’m passionate about Measure D&E passing, I have a vision for a safer Redding that is the model place to raise families, run a business and recreate. If Measure D&E pass I have confidence that this plan will restore accountability and hope to our community. This will result in greater investments by businesses and people choosing to live here.

Regardless of which way you vote, I love the fact that we get to live in a country and community that allow us the ability to vote our conscience. That is assuredly one of the reason’s my grandmother was so determined to immigrate to America and raise my mother in this great land and by extension giving me that same right.

If you have questions or would like to discuss these measures further, I’d welcome the chance to speak with you. Vote YES on Measure D&E!

Brent Weaver, Redding Vice Mayor

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  1. Howard Lucas says:

    Thank  you for the candid, insightful and “get the job done” statement and your thoughtful and effective work with the Redding City Council.

  2. Randall Smith says:

    The status quo is simply unacceptable!  Those believing change will occur without more support for our beleaguered police and other public servants are in denial.  And I fully apprehend very serious judgement errors were made in the past regarding pensions.  Going forward, we need to fix those mistakes as well as provide better means of saving ourselves.  Moving away is the only other rational choice.

  3. CoachBob says:

    Make Measure DE specifically for police….you get my vote. Just going in the Gen fund? No! Never. Just another tax increase we can’t do anything about. And 10 years? Good luck, Redding.

    • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

      If the measure had been made specific to police, it would require a 2/3 vote for approval as a special tax. The probability of getting 2/3 of Redding’s voters to approve a tax increase is approximately zero.

  4. you'reit says:

    Why not try cutting LE pay scale back first?

    • you'reit says:

      Public service should not be making more than 2x the avg. income /pay for this area.

      • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

        Here are some realities, as I understand them, that you need to confront:

        1.  Most public servant salaries & benefits packages are subject to negotiation between city management/city council and unions.  Negotiations are all about leverage.  What do you imagine is the city’s leverage for negotiating the reduction of public servant salaries?

        2.  Redding competes with others for trained and experienced police and other public servants.  Adjusted for cost of living, if our compensation packages fall behind other cities, it will be difficult to attract and retain good public service personnel.

        Maybe we should just disband the various COR departments and subcontract the whole enchilada to Bethel, huh?

        • you'reit says:

          Almost 5/8 of our police and fire personal have moved from other places in the state to take a lower paying job here in Shasta county why?   Some will even move back to the higher paying places for a few years to bump up their retirement disability pay.  Thanks CALPERS for 90% highest year TAX FREE retirement.

          • cheyenne says:

            As I am a CALPERS retiree I would like to know about this TAX FREE retirement as I pay taxes on it.  Please inform me.

          • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

            The reasons LE and others move here will vary from person to person. It’s possible to move here from the Bay Area or SoCal and take a pay cut, but realize an increase in standard of living because the cost of living is lower here. There are other lifestyle reasons to move here as well.

            Still, people are not going to move here if it means going substantially backwards economically. Your proposal would go a long ways towards persuading the talent we need not to move here.

  5. you'reit says:

    Let’s not fool ourselves, Shasta county has a major METH & HEROIN addict problem.  Get on the welfare or SSI disability and sale drugs on the the side seems to be plan of the day in Shasta county.

  6. K. Beck says:

    “…if it comes down to the issue of trust, the only thing I know I can trust is that if our community decides to vote down Measures D&E, we can at best expect conditions to stay the same.”

    And probably get worse.

    “That is simply not acceptable.”

    Thank you Vice Mayor Weaver! And Randall Smith.

    RE: the pay rate for Law Enforcement (and by extension the FD, because I am sure you think they are also over paid). How about YOU getting a job as a police officer or fire fighter. Then you would have a right to complain about them being over paid. I have a close family member who was in law enforcement for nearly 30 years. Not one day went by that I was not worried about her safety. I also have a friend who was a firefighter for 30 years. Once he fell from the second floor down to the first floor of a burning house because the fire burned through the floor he was standing on. His back was never the same. These are hazardous jobs. And for someone who is sitting in their comfy chair watching TV to complain they are over paid, think about this: When your house is on fire will you call the FD? Or will you risk your own life trying to put out the fire to save YOUR personal possessions?

    • Benjamin says:

      Truck drivers, Warehouse workers, delivery people, these are all people that put their lives, and health on the line on a daily basis as well, and the majority of them make minimum wage. Do I think public safety employees should make good money? YES! but it is because they are helping the community, not because they are at risk.

      I worked warehouses for 15 years, my back will never be the same again either…as well as my shoulders, knees, etc… I made about $7.50 an hour, $11 just before I quit because my body couldn’t take it anymore.

  7. you'reit says:

    When you have over 1,500 police/fire cadets applying for one opening in Redding that should tell you something.  So a fireman making $100./ hr. will put out a fire better than a fireman who makes $50./hr. ?

    WE NEED MORE WELFARE/SSI DISABILITY fraud investigator in Shasta county to crack down on all these liar, fakers, get over types who have moved to this area because of our lower cost of living.


  8. cheyenne says:

    Very interesting letter to the editor in Coos Bay the World newspaper.  It seems Coos County is pushing a tax levy for more law enforcement.  The letter supposedly is from a property owner there in Coos County who is against the levy because he already pays too much in taxes.  The interesting part is the letter is from a man in Redding.  I won’t say his name but you can look it up in The World.

  9. Virginia says:

    I do feel a good pay for police and fire be good, but not break the bank!  Years ago, for city,county, state, & feds, your pay was less because of your benefits.  Now you get both, and more!

    Make retirement payout as Social Security does:  62 & 65, with Hillary wanting to raise that.   Or just go to Social Security.  That will help.

    If you want to retire early, then get another job.

    • Benjamin says:

      Actually anyone joining into CalPers now it is 62. And the benefits are only better than average not anywhere near as good as they used to be, and the City employees pay into insurance, it isn’t free. Thanks to Obamacare though it is mandatory.

  10. Kent Wakefield says:

    Anyone that wants to see what CalPERS retirement is can go to: “Transparent California.”. I think you’ll be amazed at what California public employee retirees make.

    • Rod says:

      Yeah, I did find several retirees who receive more than $1 million per year!

      Our highest paid salary is Sheriff Bosenko  more than $300,000 annual.

      On and on and on and………..


    • cheyenne says:

      Kent, thank you for that link.  I found myself and my wife on there and it was interesting seeing what some of my ex coworkers get in retirement.  And for the most part we low grade classifieds don’t even get poverty level retirement from CALPERS.  Thank goodness for Social Security.  And those million dollar pensions are all ex fire personal in Los Angeles.  I could spend all night on that link, Thanks.

  11. Karen C says:

    I’d like to know how Calpers retirement is tax free also.  I have been paying taxes on my retirement for 20 years now.  I also paid into the retirement fund while I was working.  It was not free, anyway you look at it. There are a lot of misconceptions about Calpers and  those of you who speak out about things you know nothing about, need to do better research.

  12. Duke K. says:

    How much does a police position cost, including  benefits, overtime, and retirement?

    How much does a community service officer cost, including the same factors?

    How much does the manager for Ms. Shreder’s program cost (same factors)?

    What employment rights do these city employees have after the ten year sales tax expires?

    Increased jail space to alleviate  the  “catch and release” problem for law breakers  has ongoing costs. and  in ten years, where is the money going to come from?

  13. MondoBlondo says:

    What’s broken is the economic management of the state and individual counties.  What’s broken is Governor Brown’s “catch and release” program.  What is broken is the high cost of living caused by inflation and the devaluation of the dollar.  What is really broken is the moral fabric of our society.  It is not going to get any better given the road we are on and when the end of the rope comes, and it will come, the collapse will be unlike anything that has ever occurred on the planet.  Liberal policies compounded by liberal over regulation infused with enough laws on the books to put anyone in jail for just about any reason not to mention Obama’s 2013 NDAA put into law makes one wonder if the powers that be are very aware of a major event on the horizon.

    • chad says:

      Brown’s “catch and release” program,  inflation at the lowest levels in decades,  liberal policies and liberal over regulation,  you know MondoBlondo, you may have already reached the end of your rope.

  14. Kath Surbaugh says:

    How about:  Instead of saying it is either one way or the other, why don’t you on the council address the issue of “advisory committee” by passing a binding resolution that, if the measures pass, the money WILL BE SPENT ON THE SPECIFIC ISSUES?  Rather than just whining about “consciences.”  People distrust the local government because you have, indeed, ignored your own commitments (with and without excuses) a great many times — that’s the rub, right?  So, bind yourselves to doing what you say you are going to do.  You can do that at your next meeting, or at a special one for just this purpose, BEFORE THE VOTE.  That’ll demonstrate you’ve got a conscience, as a Board, and acknowledge how and why your electorate doesn’t trust you (as an elected body, not as individuals.)

  15. Jordan says:

    I have not heard a single person throughout the entire discussion of measures D & E bring up the FACT that earlier this year our city council approved raises for upper management city employees!!! Are you freaking kidding me?!? Wait, I thought we were broke and couldn’t afford to fulfill our civil duties and provide the most basic public service, which is SAFETY! So you want to take more money from citizens in this community because the city cannot afford to provide safety for us, yet approve raises for employees that already make 3 times more than the average citizen in this community! Give me a break! Why does nobody call these city leaders out and hold them accountable. There is no objective accountability in place to protect the citizens from city leaders who are either ignorant to what is actually going on, or they are fully aware of what is happening and are a part of this whole mess.

    • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:


      There is accountability—it’s called “the ballot box.” In the last election, the guy who most closely reflected your worldview was voted out of office, resoundingly.

      People vote for City Council members who will do their bidding. If they don’t do your bidding, it suggests you’re in the minority.

      • Jordan says:

        For the record, the point I was making was not my worldview. Just pointing out the fact that our city cried “poor” when it came to fulfilling their civil duty to provide safety to the citizens who live in our community. Then the next minute approving money to be spent out of the general fund to give raises to city employees that already make triple the average household income of people who live in Redding, with benefits that other people would kill for. This is not my opinion, simply stating facts that I believe speak for themselves. If the priority were really “public safety” they would have approved that money from the general fund to be spent on public safety instead of lining the pockets of city employees. As the saying goes, “put your money where your mouth is.” You will find out what a community actually values and holds as a priority if you follow the money. Their actions clearly communicated that raises to already compensated city employees was a greater priority than keeping citizens of Redding safe. Not really sure how to come to a different conclusion, it seems pretty clear.

  16. Breakfast Guy says:


    Mr. Weaver — Adding jail space does not necessarily lend to a remedy, in all cases.


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