Goodbye Little Bookstore, Hello Close-out Sale

All About Books, a used bookstore at 1301 Court St, has been a friend to local authors for many years by offering them space to showcase their work. They have been a resource for multiple copies of current books for book groups and have hosted receptions for local authors and artists.

Now however, due to longtime competition from e-readers and online re-sellers, they will be closing their doors mid-November. Beginning October 8, all books are buy one get two free. All bookcases, displays and fixtures are also for sale. Everything must go.

As the final day draws near, the deals will get even better.

There are at least three reasons to go in and buy a few books: supporting this longtime business, even at this late date, reduces their loss; supporting a business that has supported our writing community is a good thing to do; and getting great deals is always helpful for avid readers.

Owners Richard and Abigail Lucas have accepted that the time has come to move on. “I’ve lived the dream of owning my own bookstore, meeting customers and talking books, what a privilege for my day job,” Abigail said. “Every good book comes to an end, so it’s time to start a new one.”

Richard, a local author in his own right, agreed. “At this point, the writing is on the wall.”

Hopefully they’ll get a last flood of customers as a great sendoff for years of service to customers and authors.

Open 9 to 5 Monday through Friday, 9 to 2 Saturdays. Phone: 530.605.4848

1301 Court Street,  Corner of Court and Shasta in Downtown Redding.

Melinda Brown writes for work, for causes, and writes poetry on the side to find out what’s inside and beyond. She recently wrote her own quote, “I find writing a process of uncovering, alligning and shaping which often reveals deeper meanings and connections previously unknown. We writers are Argonauts. After every poem, I feel like I have nothing possible left that I can write about again. But there are always news headlines, politics, and the natural world. I’m usually able to extract something on the day of our poetry group’s meeting, often finishing half an hour before I leave — then sometimes editing on the steering wheel right before I exit the car.” She works well under pressure and plays well with others. Generally.

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