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Rollin’ in the Fast Lane

Nature is serving up a buzz of fresh energy as it reawakens from its months-long hibernation state… and we should all take note! Winter provides the perfect opportunity to move out of the fast lane and into a space of reflection and planning, which sets us up to shift back into high gear come spring. The fact is we’re not the most creative or productive when we’re trying to race 120 miles an hour all year-round. We need variety. We need rest. And it doesn’t have to be dramatic shift, but even just prioritizing other aspects of life or business during the winter can set us up to be full of new energy and ideas as spring rolls around.

This is exactly what I did with my blog; I shifted my focus. I didn’t stop working on it, I just moved into more of a reflective mode of gathering ideas and topics that I found inspiring, then I began writing rough drafts for a bunch of pieces that I can polish up and post over the next several months. I didn’t want to lose the momentum I had this past fall, but I knew I needed to give myself some space to generate new ideas and get ahead of schedule. As a result, I don’t just have new blogs for the Spring; I’ve actually generated enough ideas to carry me through most of 2016. Talk about feeling productive!

But, this isn’t just about seasons, it’s also about giving yourself time to rest and shift focus each day, each week, each month. Having periods of intense work can be hugely fulfilling, but, if you’re spread too thin and too often running around like a crazy person, you’re actually not as productive as you could be, nor are you most likely delivering the level of quality that you could with any given project. So, mix that s*** up! Take a couple of things off your plate and proactively plan some periods to shift your focus. You’ll find yourself happier, more centered, more present, and (believe it or not) more productive.

Let’s get this spring poppin!