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Redding Officials Teaching ‘Local Government 101’


The City of Redding is partnering with local school districts to expose middle school students and high school students to local government.

The program – called “Local Government 101” – gives students an opportunity to learn more about the topic by interacting directly with Council Members and other City officials. The students also participate in a mock City Council meeting where they debate and act on a hypothetical community issue. Students serve as Council Members, staff members, and concerned citizens that may support or oppose a particular idea.

Students tend to study the federal government and, to a lesser extent, state government in middle school and high school. They rarely study local government, which includes counties, cities, school districts, and special districts. The purpose of Local Government 101 is to educate students in this area and discuss the importance of community involvement and community service.

The eighth-grade class from Mountain View Middle School was the first class to participate in Local Government 101 on March 18, 2016. Approximately 100 students from the school met with Vice Mayor Brent Weaver, City Clerk Pam Mize, and City Manager Kurt Starman at City Hall and participated in a mock City Council meeting.

The eighth-grade class from Boulder Creek School is scheduled to participate in the next Local Government 101 session on March 22, 2016, at 9 a.m. in the Redding City Council Chambers. The media is invited to attend the Local Government 101 session on March 22nd.