Lassen Volcanic National Park to Host Centennial Volunteer and Alumni Event

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Lassen Volcanic National Park celebrates its centennial this year along with the celebration of the National Park Service’s creation in 1916.  Events and programs are planned to commemorate the rich history of the park and National Park Service and celebrate a vision for the next century.  One event will be the Volunteer & Alumni Dinner to be served along with a presentation on July 22.  “We look forward to bringing together both former and current employees, volunteers, and partners for an evening of storytelling, presentations and dinner at the Mineral Park Headquarters,” stated Park Superintendent, Steve Gibbons.

 We are looking to spread the word to as many folks as possible that have had the good fortune to have worked at Lassen Volcanic National Park. So, we cordially invite all prospective attendees to mark this event on their calendars and send us a note, an email or direct call to put you on the formal invite list.  Please send your RSVP to our Volunteer In Park Coordinator, Birgitta Osborne at  or phone (530) 595-6133.

 For more centennial or general park information, please contact the park at 530-595-4480 or

-from press release
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