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What’s Holding You Back?

Note: Please join me in welcoming John Kalinowski and his insights to A News Cafe.com. Redding raised, he is now a New York-based life coach, speaker and columnist. We’re glad you’re here, John. Welcome.  – Doni.

What do you want to finish by the end of the year? If you hadn’t noticed, it’s September, and that means it’s crunch-time.

You know all those goals you set, and vision boards you glued to together to inaugurate 2015? Well, it’s time to pay the piper. The great thing is that if you’re committed, there’s still a lot of time to make some serious progress. You could still get that article published, you could still lose 10 lbs, you could still write a business plan, or you could even still meet a new love interest.

But, if you’re struggling to motivate then it may require you to ask yourself what’s holding you back.

For almost everyone the answer lies in their thoughts. Most people are completely unaware of what they’re thinking on a regular basis, and most of what they’re thinking is straight-up unproductive-broken-record-negative-bulls***.

One telltale sign that your thoughts have taken over is that you often feel angry, stressed out, or sad, and you don’t have energy for much more than managing your fundamental responsibilities.

Another indicator is that you spend most of your free time watching television or scouring the Internet. Of course it’s important to relax sometimes, but in excess it’s likely you’re escaping from your thoughts, and your life.

4 Steps to Get Unstuck:

Granted, this is not a cure-all, and there may be some deep-seated stuff that you still need to address, but just challenge yourself to try it out for 30 days and see what happens.

Fast Company Magazine lists this practice as the first of 4 Habits of the Most Resilient People, and if you’re diligent then 2015 will become the year that you learned how to get out of your own way and be the resilient bad-ass you’ve always wanted to be.

Have a beautiful week!