Redding Water Customers Praised; More Savings Needed

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City of Redding water customers continued to conserve water at a higher rate than the statewide average during the month of July, but fell just short of the 36 percent target mandated by state water officials.

The most recent official results – for July – released by the state Water Resources Control Board (WRCB), show Redding customers reduced water use by 32.6 percent, compared to a 31.3 percent rate for California. Unofficial figures for August compiled by the City of Redding show conservation at 31.7 percent. Redding is required to reduce its water consumption by 36 percent or face possible penalties from the state.

City water officials continue to praise residents for their efforts and note that the 36 percent figure – or greater – is attainable with extra attention – particularly during this time of year when less watering is needed.

Residents are reminded to reduce watering duration on lawns and plants and/or reduce the number of times per week they irrigate. Cooler (and longer) nights reduce the amount of irrigation required compared to hot summer months. And with the onset of fall, trees are beginning to go into dormancy, reducing the need for water. Cutting back irrigation accordingly will help the City reach additional savings.

The City of Redding continues to examine its own water use and has reduced that amount by greater than 43 percent (not including the Redding Power Plant), while looking for ways to further increase that savings. Beginning this week, the City’s Parks Maintenance Division began utilizing several grant-funded temporary employees through the Smart Business Resource Center in Redding. The workers are assisting City staff to improve existing irrigation systems to further reduce water usage.

As a reminder, here are the ongoing water restrictions in effect for City of Redding customers:

Even-numbered addresses may water on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday only.

Odd-numbered addresses may water on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday only.

No one is permitted to water outdoor landscapes on any Monday.

Permitted time to water is between 9:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. only.

Overwatering to the point of run-off is prohibited.

Conspicuous watering of streets and sidewalks is prohibited.


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