Police Chaplains Wanted

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Recently, the Anderson Police Department started up a Police Chaplaincy Program to offer additional services to the citizens of Anderson.  This new program requires six qualified Chaplains who volunteer their time for the service of others. The program currently has two Chaplains and is in need of four more Chaplains to provide a successful service to the community on a 24 hour basis.

Qualified applicants who meet the standards for this position will be required to complete a five day International Conference for Police Chaplains. This basic course provides required core courses including an Introduction to Law Enforcement Chaplaincy, Death Notification, Stress Management, Ceremonies and Events, Legal Liabilities and Confidentiality, Ethics, Responding to Crisis Situations, Law Enforcement Family, Substance Abuse, Suicide, Officer Involved Injury or Death, and Sensitivity and Diversity. These courses are specialized instruction designed to increase a new Chaplain’s knowledge and abilities.

The goal of the Police Chaplaincy Program is to be a “Ministry of Presence” to assist the members of the Anderson Police Department, their families, and the citizens of our community who are in need. Once a list of interested persons has been developed, an informational meeting will be scheduled to answer any questions about the program and to discuss the program in greater length.

If you have a calling to help others in need, the heart of a volunteer, and are interested in becoming an Anderson Police Chaplain, please contact Lead Chaplain Mark Robertson or Anderson Police Sergeant Bryan Van Dyke at (530) 378-6600.

– Press Release

-from press release
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