Abandoned Redding House to be Demolished

One of the vacant houses which the City of Redding Code Enforcement Team has addressed is at 2630 Wyndham Lane. The house has been vacant for a number of years. Over the past several years it has frequently been occupied by transients. They brought an RV onto the property and were also occasionally occupying it. The property has been an ongoing public nuisance for the neighborhood.

 The Redding Police Department Abandoned Vehicle Abatement officer removed the RV. The Code Enforcement Team pursued demolition of the house, as it clearly was not going to be made habitable. The team obtained the owner’s permission to demolish the house. Several contractors have been involved in the process, as asbestos removal was required. The house and outbuildings are being demolished this week, with most of the demolition occurring today.

– Press Release

Press Release

-from press release

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