Give a Dog a Break

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This little guy was going to be euthanized, so I took him home. However, I have six dogs and three cats and a small home. Isaiah could hardly walk when he came home with me. Now, he runs and plays and gets along with my dogs and cats, but my husband is adamant that seven dogs are too many.
Isaiah is a westie; he was shaved. Typically, westies are curly haired and do not shed.
It would be preferable if Isaiah could be in a home with another dog and not left alone all day.
He is current on heart worm and his rabies is good until 2017.

If you are interested in this great dog, please call Bonnie at 474-3077.


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6 Responses

  1. Avatar pmarshall says:

    I am sure someone will adopt him. We have one old cat, so it would not work for us.

  2. Joanne Snyder Joanne Snyder says:

    That is a beautiful dog! Westies aren’t that common. I have too many dogs now or I would take him. I’ll keep my ears open for anyone looking for a good dog. I’ll share this on Facebook….

  3. Avatar KarenC says:

    Oh my, what an awful shave job on the beautiful Westie. Please let its hair grow back and find someone who knows how to trim a Westie when it is time. Westies are so adorable, but not in this cut.

    May I suggest Best in Show Grooming on Hartnell. Tammie Avendano does my Havanese, she is a sweet gal and a good groomer who concentrates on small dogs.

    Westies are fun dogs.

    • Avatar EasternCounty says:

      My guess is that this little guy was dirty and badly matted when found. A very close clip is often the only answer in that case. Never fear, his coat will grow back. One of my saddest days was when we had to take two dumped puppies to Haven Humane because we couldn’t keep them since we were headed out for a two-week vacation. Here in the sticks, dog dumping is all too common; then we are forced to make good on other peoples’ irresponsibility.

  4. Avatar KarenC says:

    Oh, I had not thought of that. Yes, in that case, one needs to start over and grow out the coat.
    I cannot imagine dumping out an animal in an unfamiliar area…how frightened they must be. Very sad.

    • Avatar EasternCounty says:

      Seeing those two puppies in my mind still haunts me. One was a Shepard mix and the other was much smaller, Heinze 57 variety. They were so little and just sitting off the road a bit, looking so pitiable. I had no trouble getting them into the car. The little one immediately sat on my lap. I took they to our local vet hospital, but the staff didn’t recognize either of them; so they were either from out of the area or had never been to a vet. The vet guessed their ages at four months and two months. After a week of placing ads and flyers with no results, we had to take them to a shelter since we were leaving on vacation. A sad day for us both.