Riverfront Playhouse Presents Harvey

Harvey, By Mary Chase

Play runs January 17th to Feb 14th, 2015

Directed by Jennifer Levens,  Assistant Director Cameron McFarlane

This whimsical fantasy about a local drunk’s 6’ 3 1/2” imaginary rabbit pal was a smash hit (and a Pulitzer Prize winner) on Broadway and was then adapted into this likeable farce that’s also an allegory about tolerance.  Elwood P. Dowd, a wealthy tippler whose sunny philosophy and inebriated antics are tolerated by most of the citizenry. That is, until Elwood begins claiming that he sees a “pooka” (a mischievous Irish spirit), which has taken the form of a man-sized bunny named Harvey. Although everyone is certain that Elwood has finally lost his mind, Harvey’s presence begins to have magically positive effects on the townsfolk, with the exception of Elwood’s own sister Veta , who, ironically, can also occasionally see Harvey. A snooty socialite, Veta is determined to marry off her daughter, Myrtle to somebody equally respectable, and Elwood’s lunacy is interfering. When Veta attempts to have Elwood committed to an insane asylum, however, the result is that she is accidentally admitted instead of her brother. Then the institution’s director, Dr. Chumley begins seeing Harvey too.

 Cast: Brian Storm, Jonessa Britan, Saralysette Ballard, Bill Siemer, Elsie Ritchie, Nick Brown, Micayla Whitmer, Richard S. Grace, Ed Sulpice, Graydon Fisher, Alexus K. Brox


Ticket Information:  Evening performances start at 7:30 PM, matinees at 2:00 PM, doors open 45 minutes prior to show time. The first Friday Preview show is $10, Regular Friday & Saturday shows are $17 and Sunday Matinees are $15, Closing nights are $22 with two free drinks including champagne and a variety of finger foods. Tickets are available at the Cascade Theatre Box Office, 1733 Market Street, 243-8877 or online at www.cascadetheatre.org.

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