Once Upon A Brew Pub – Krogh’s Restaurant and Brew Pub

Ever since I was young I have always enjoyed rustic lakeside restaurants. My family and I used to travel to Minnesota for summer vacation, and ever since, these older places have had a special appeal to me. Krogh’s was built in the late 1930s on the shores of Lake Mohawk in New Jersey.

The dark cosy atmosphere and log cabin appearance with white chinking takes you back to a begone era. The chairs and bar stools have the Krogh’s logo wood burned into them. If I lived locally I could see this homey friendly restaurant/brew pub being my local watering hole. They offer decent meals and solid tasty brews. Nothing fancy but always consistent and hearty. I have visited here for the last five years and plan to return. It’s easy to see why so many locals frequent Krogh’s.

Three Sisters Golden Wheat

A smooth wheat beer named to honor the brewmaster’s three daughters. This filtered American style wheat beer is light, crisp, and refreshing. Low hop aroma with light wheat notes. Brewed with Pilsner, Vienna, and wheat malts and utilizing Saaz and Cascade hops imparting mild floral and citrus notes in in the aroma. This wheat beer can be served on it’s own or garnished with a lemon wedge or raspberry syrup. I prefer mine ungarnished. Three Sisters is a pleasing balanced American Wheat. Well worth a try.

4% ABV 15 IBU’s

Krogh’s Gold

This is the first beer brewed at Krogh’s in 1998. Brewed with 2 row, crystal, wheat and Vienna malts with Cascade and Willamette added for bittering flavor and aroma. The aroma is agreeable with a touch of spice, floral citrus and a just a bit of malt sweetness. Medium mouthfeel where the malt sweetness is balanced with hop bitterness. Smooth and well balanced. A very quaffable session brew and worth having another.

4.6% ABV 18 IBU’s

Alpine Glow Red Ale

There is a surreal glow when the sun sets over Lake Mohawk, thus this interesting name. The aroma is a very pleasant interaction between malt and hops. Reddish in color and clear with a moderate head. Medium mouthfeel, hop bitterness and malt sweetness compliment each other well, with additional caramel notes. The finish is a little light. This beer could use just a touch more of both hops and malt. With that being said, I would be very happy if I brewed an amber this presentable. A well made solid Red Ale.

4.5% ABV 12 IBU’s

Brogden Meadow Pale Ale

Brogden was a 17th- century judge who settled in this area and grew hops. Brewed with 2 row, Munich, and crystal malts and utilizing Columbus, Willamette and Kent Golding hops, this beer is pretty much right on the mark for an American Pale Ale. The malt and hop aroma are both low to moderate. The mouthfeel is low to medium. The hop bitterness lingers on the palate, a little more intensity would not be out of place. Overall a decent pale ale, but could use a touch more hop aroma, flavor and bitterness.

5.3% ABV 32 IBU’S

Krogh’s IPA

Moderately intense hop aroma with no malt. The one comment, or call it a complaint, of many craft IPAs is their lack of hop aroma and flavor. Krogh’s IPA, although not as aggressive as some, is definitely delightful. It’s smooth, medium-light bodied with a moderate hop bitterness, and citrus/grapefruit flavor.The aroma and flavor was a little light for this west coast “hop head.” (A west coast IPA would have a much more aggressive hop bitterness and flavor.) A very drinkable and pleasant IPA.

5.8% ABV 48 IBU’s

Log Cabin Nut Brown

Arthur D. Crane was the visionary who developed Lake Mohawk. Krogh’s was the cornerstone of the Tudor style village and was built from logs and field stones. The aroma has a malty sweetness with a rich toffee and caramel character. Some fruity notes of plum and raisins. Moderately dark brown in color with a light tan head. Medium bodied which gives Log Cabin a slight heavy impression. Deep caramel and toffee like malty sweetness lasts to the finish. Low hop bitterness balances out the sweetness of the malt. Creamy and smooth, I will have another.

5.1% ABV IBU”s 22

Old Krogh Oatmeal Stout

Rich roasted malt aroma with notes of chocolate and coffee. Medium to full-bodied mouthfeel with a smooth dry finish. The flaked oats balance the roasted barley bitterness. Brewed with 2 row, chocolate malt, crystal, roasted barley and flaked oats for added smoothness. A very dark, full bodied roasty, malty ale with a compliment of oats. A decent solid oatmeal stout.

4.5% ABV 21 IBU”s

Krogh’s Restaurant and Brew Pub
23 White Deer Plaza
Sparta Township, NJ 07871

Don Williams has been a home brewer since 2002. He is a recognized BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) judge, and has taught brewing classes. Don’s job requires extensive travel, and he enjoys visiting brew pubs in various parts of the country. He and his wife live in Cottonwood, CA.

Don Williams

Don Williams has been a home brewer since 2002. He is a recognized BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) judge, and has taught brewing classes. Don enjoys visiting brew pubs in various parts of the country. He and his wife live in Kalispell, Montana.

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