Lassen Park Via Motorcycle With a Helmet Video Camera: ‘Feel the Wind in Your Hair’

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Having been born and raised in Redding, I, like so many others of like heritage, have traveled through the Lassen Park area dozens of times. It’s something I never get tired of, or take for granted.

Recently, I took a motorcycle ride through Lassen with some friends. Since this was my first time through the park on a motorcycle, I thought it might be fun to attach a GoPro camera to my helmet and document the ride.

Now, even though you may have taken this road a time or two, I invite you to journey through Lassen from a different perspective many don’t get to experience: on a motorcycle.

So set up a fan to feel the wind in your hair, and let’s go!

Andy Ooley is a local musician and Redding native. When not building ultrasonic medical equipment for a local manufacturer, he can often be found playing music with The Lou White Band and occasionally doing a solo gig around Redding. He and his wife Bernie enjoy traversing the north state hiking, biking, kayaking, snowshoeing, motorcycling- and most anything else that involves exploring the beautiful North State we live in.

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