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Mistress of the Mix: Spring Will Be a Little Late This Year

Spring can really hang you up the most, ya know? But that doesn’t stop me from loving this season of growth, rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, re-everything, and crazy, crazy weather. Oh how I love spring.

Spring is the time of year when you never really know what to expect from Mother Nature. You might wake up to sunshine streaming through the windows and birds singing their come hither melodies, experience a torrential downpour with lightning and thunder accompaniment during the lunch hour, and find yourself seduced outside in the afternoon by a double rainbow that quickly fades when the hail starts falling. And then the fog rolls in.

Spring. A good time to dress in layers.

After a long, dreary winter, along with fresh sprouts and longer days, spring has a way of bringing with it a renewal of hope. An understanding that there are sunnier days ahead, both actual and metaphorical. When spring has sprung, it’s the release of a tightly wound coil. Suddenly, I can breathe. (And then the pollen stuffs me up again, but let’s just pretend it doesn’t for a moment.) Because it’s also like a Vitamin B-12 shot for creative individuals.

Spring has been inspiring artists for eons. Poets, painters, and musicians. I don’t know a lick about poetry or watercolor, but I’ve been a fan of music that pertains to the changing of the seasons for about as long as I can remember, and not an equinox nor a solstice is allowed to pass by without at least a small dedication to the changing of the season on JPR’s Siskiyou Music Hall. Usually it’s more likely a rather large dedication.

By the time you read this, the first official day of spring will have already come and gone (this year it was March 20th). No matter, I’m celebrating spring a little late this year, dedicating today’s column to all the glorious music that’s been written in its honor. And there’s a lot. In fact, below you’ll find two playlists of music inspired by all things a la primavera, fruhling et printemps; one that’s for classical music lovers, the other for the rest of you.

Additionally, listeners are invited to tune in to JPR’s Classics & News Service on Monday, April 8th, when I’ll share a number of selections from the classical playlist during a special edition of Siskiyou Music Hall. Listeners in Shasta County can tune their radios to 90.9 FM. If you’re anywhere else in between Roseburg, Oregon and Mendocino, California, you can either find the appropriate spot on the dial using our handy online map, or stream directly from the JPR website.


Spring – The Classical Playlist


Vals de Primavera
– Agustin Barrios
Last Spring
– Edvard Grieg
Appalachian Spring
– Aaron Copland
from The Seasons – Mark O’Connor
from The Four Seasons – Antonio Vivaldi
Rondes de Printemps
– Claude Debussy
Spring Morning
– Frederic Delius
Spring Blossom
(Sakura) – Traditional Japanese Melody
Symphony No. 1, Spring – Robert
10.  Spring
– Jean Sibelius
11.  Spring
from The Seasons – Alexander Glazunov
12.  Violin
Sonata No. 5, Spring – Ludwig Van Beethoven
13.  Ocean
In Springtime
(Haru No Umi) – Michio Miyagi
14.  Voices
of Spring
– Johann Strauss, Jr
15.  Primavera
– Astor Piazzola
16.  Pluie
de Printemps
– Django Reinhardt
17.  Spring
– Felix Mendelssohn
18.  Der
from The Seasons – Franz Joseph Haydn
19.  String
Quartet No. 14, Spring – W.A. Mozart
20.  Fruhlingstraum
– Franz Schubert
21.  Spring
– Sergei Rachmaninov
22.  The
Rite of Spring
– Igor Stravinsky

Spring – The Rhythm Playlist


March (A Prelude to Spring) – Jon
Spring Wind – Jack Johnson
Spring – Heidi Happy
Printemps – Coeur de Pirate
Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most
– Norah Jones & Marian McPartland
Spring Blossom – Oi Va Voi
They Say It’s Spring – Blossom Dearie
Spring – The Innocence Mission
Spring – Saint Etienne
10.  Spring
Will Be A Little Late This Year – Ella Fitzgerald
11.  I
Love Paris In The Springtime – Frank Sinatra
12.  Y’a
Pas De Printemps – Edith Piaf
13.  La
Primavera – Manu Chao
14.  Spring
Rain – The Go-Betweens
15.  Spring
Thaw – Bela Fleck
16.  Spring
Buds – Keller Williams
17.  Swing
Spring – Joe Henderson
18.  Springtime
– Donald Fagen
19.  Spring
– Dori Caymmi
20.  Joy
Spring – Clifford Brown & Max Roach
21.  Spring
Haze – Tori Amos
22.  Spring
– Tracy Chapman

Valerie Ing-Miller has been the Northern California Program Coordinator for Jefferson Public Radio in Redding for over a decade, and can often be found serving as Mistress of Ceremonies at the Cascade Theatre. For her, ultimate satisfaction comes from a perfect segue. She’s the mother of a teenage daughter and an adorable West Highland Terrier, and can’t imagine life without them or music. 

She’s often spotted driving around town singing at the top of her lungs to new wave hits from the 80’s, but at work Valerie hosts the afternoon classical show Siskiyou Music Hall (at 90.9 FM in Shasta County or streaming at ijpr.org).