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Surge in Gonorrhea Prompts Public Health Warning

Gonorrhea reports have surged in Shasta County, and public health officials are encouraging people to protect themselves from sexually transmitted infections.

From January through July of this year, 81 cases of gonorrhea have been reported to Shasta County Public Health, compared with an average of 21 cases for the same time period in 2007-2011. An increase in chlamydia has also been reported, with 350 cases from January through July of this year, compared with an average of 261 cases for the first seven months of 2007-2011.

People who have had unprotected sex are encouraged to be screened by their doctor or at a clinic.  If they test positive, any sexual partner within the past 60 days should also be tested.

Gonorrhea infection in women and men often carries no symptoms, so people are often unaware they are infected. Alarmingly, the disease is now resistant to a number of antibiotics, so it is critical to control the disease through screening, prompt treatment, partner notification and follow-up.

If you have questions or need testing, treatment or preventive counseling for sexually transmitted diseases, go to www.shastahhsa.net, click “Health and Safety” and choose “Sexually Transmitted Diseases.”

-from press release