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Health & Wellness from the Inside Out: Love is the Best Medicine

Humans have one important need from the day we burst forth onto this planet. This need is love. Love must flow from our heart to another’s freely, and from another’s to ours in order for us to live abundant, health-filled lives.

Unfortunately, most of us have a story, a story of hate that seeped in at a time in our youth. For some of us it was a peer who taught us about hate, for some it was a boyfriend or girlfriend, and the most despairing of all, sometimes this hate is taught by a mother or a father. When we block love out of hurt or fear, dis-ease results.

Our emotional freedom or our ability to receive and give love has the greatest effect on our human potential, in my opinion. The simple experiment that most of us learned about in Psychology 101 is that of two groups of monkeys. One group is left with a surrogate mother with a terry cloth in which they could snuggle up, and the other surrogate, made of wire. The scientist found repeatedly that monkeys would thrive if they were able to experience touch and feel nurtured during times of fight or flight.

When we are nurtured and loved we feel our best. We find this when we allow ourselves the pleasure of spending time with someone of importance in our lives. We leave their presence feeling like we can accomplish anything. Feeling love makes our cells radiant, experiencing hate destroys our health.

Too often, people visit a doctor for an ailment, maybe it is a migraine headache, or an irritable bowel. The doctor quickly prescribes a medication for these symptoms, but has anyone been asked by their physician, “What is going on in your life that may have triggered this symptom? Is there a violation of love?”

I have helped many clients and students over the years with a litany of dis-eases, and when I probe deeper into their lifestyle, habits and attitudes, I find that there is often an emotional upset driving the pain or discomfort.

Take the example of the headache. We so often pop a quick pain reliever to subdue a headache, but we know the tension is because of the to-do list that is piling up, or the broken relationship we feel will never heal, or the restless hours of night where we cannot sleep. This is similar with many dis-eases. Many feel stress in their heart when they need to forgive. I have found that stress and anger held in the belly will often instigate heartburn or bowel discomforts.

When a discomfort arises and then seems to linger, and you visit your doc time and again for the latest in medicine, I would ask you to look a bit deeper. Take some time to linger with your heart. Be still, as I have mentioned before, and listen. Where does your emotional heart ache? Where is the fear living? Release it and take steps to cleanse your life of emotional residue.

The more you listen to your own intuition in the matters of the heart, the more strength you can find to step out of toxic relationships, and step into healing ones, perhaps with yourself.

Some of us need to learn how to love and some of us just have to remember what love felt like before the buffeting of life began to take place.

I linger often, looking at my children, and think; I can learn so much from them. They laugh, play, smile, cry, eat and sleep with the rhythms of life. They love with a vulnerability that most adults have numbed.

We all should strive to be more like innocent children; open-hearted in giving and receiving love.

Tamara Joy Patterson was raised in Northern California and lives in Palo Cedro with her husband and their two children. She is a graduate of CSU, Chico, and Clayton College of Natural Health with degrees in Kinesiology, Exercise Physiology, and Natural Health, and is a certified mind-body expert and ACSM certified exercise specialist. Tamara has been in the health-and-wellness field professionally for more than 12 years as a wellness expert, college health instructor and yoga teacher. To learn more about Tamara Joy you can visit her website at: www.tamarashealinggarden.com