Shasta College Student Essays: Churn Creek Bottom Mall

(Editor’s note: This is a Shasta College student essay that’s been submitted for extra credit as a letter to the editor.)

Redding, California is home to an estimate of 177,223 people and has grown over the years (U.S Census Bureau). Within the city of Redding lie many controversial issues such as the proposed Churn Creek Bottom shopping mall center. There are many pros and cons along with this issue but in the end, the shopping mall center proposition is something Redding should definitely consider.

This 92-acre shopping center will be located along Knighton Road and Interstate 5, between Redding and Anderson, and is said to possibly “bring millions of dollars to the local economy” (Longoria). Also, the Churn Creek bottom mall could be beneficial to the city by potentially “bringing 1,647 jobs to the county and generating at least $2 million annually for the county” (Shulman). The United States is in a recession, which means that in terms of economics, there has been slower activity. With that in mind, it can be presumed that bringing in a mall can lower the city’s unemployment rate of 17.10% (Sperlings Best Places). Bringing an estimate of 1,647 jobs to the city can vastly affect our economy in many positive ways. Ever since local concern has arisen from this project it has been announced that 300 construction jobs will be opened; 75% of the construction workers should be from Shasta County. (Shulman) This project has many positives and negatives attached with it but the project is a risk; it is a risk that needs to be taken.

People against the shopping mall proposition might argue that the 135 million dollar project is a waste of money, not including the additional 7 million dollars that would go toward traffic improvements. However, in the long run the mall could become a potential success and generate millions of dollars and boost the local economy of Redding, as well as keeping the people of Redding from being jobless. Another argument is that Redding already has vacant space available. But, with a location such as along Interstate 5 many more people will be attracted to the location and bring in money to the local economy.

It is also argued that constructing a mall in the area will affect local farmers. The farmland component of this project has been huge and extremely controversial. Local farmers are determined to not let go of their valuable land for a mere shopping mall. But according to Mary Ocasion, (a member of the Churn Creek Homeowners Association) “the mitigation measures in the environmental impact report for the project do enough to outweigh the impacts it would have on farming in the area”(Longoria). The company in charge of this proposition is even trying to find other agricultural land to give to the local farmers in replacement to the land in Churn Creek Bottom.

Although the people of Redding may have some valid reasons for why we should not construct a new shopping mall such as cost, vacant lots, and the agricultural impacts, Redding should consider this proposition because there are so many long lasting benefits to it such as helping our economy, attracting more people and lowering our city’s unemployment rate.

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Hi, I am a Shasta College student in Dionne Soares Palmer’s English 1C class and I am submitting a paper as a letter to the editor. Thank you for your time.

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