Anderson City Manager Accepts Position in American Canyon

Dana Shigley

Anderson Mayor Norma Comnick and City Manager Dana Shigley announced this morning that Shigley has been offered, and has accepted, the city manager position in the City of American Canyon, California.

Shigley said, “I am honored that the American Canyon City Council has selected me to be their next City Manager. My husband and I are absolutely delighted with the chance to serve this wonderful, growing community in Napa County.”

Mayor Comnick said, “Dana has been a tremendous asset to the City of Anderson for many years and we will miss her. Nonetheless, we understand that she has chosen to do what is best for her and her family. We wish them nothing but the best.”

Shigley has served the City of Anderson for 11 years, serving as Finance Director, Grants Manager, Redevelopment Agency Executive Director, Assistant City Manager, and currently City Manager. “This move is bittersweet for me. Although I’m excited about the opportunity in American Canyon, I will miss Anderson tremendously. Anderson is such a great, welcoming town and I’ve enjoyed being a part of this community for so many years.”

Shigley expects to remain in Anderson through the end of the year and start her new position in American Canyon on January 2, 2012. During the next two months, Shigley will assist the Anderson City Council develop a plan to select her replacement. According to Mayor Comnick, “The City is very fortunate to have excellent managers and staff to keep operations flowing smoothly during the next several months. I am confident that the transition to a new City Manager will go smoothly.”

Shigley concluded, “Anderson is a wonderful city, and I am proud of everything the City has accomplished in the last decade. However, my husband and I find ourselves wanting to be closer to family in the Sacramento and bay areas. The American Canyon City Manager position is a tremendous opportunity for us both personally and professionally.”

-from press release
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